All 50 Scrap Letter Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

Scrap letters, although they are optional to complete, are collectible items that can unlock new missions and reveal mysterious secrets.

There are up to 50 scrap letters to find in GTA 5. Its massive number might be a bit overwhelming for new players to find. Thus, a map and guide are necessary in this case.

Join us in this post to find out all 50 scrap letter locations in GTA 5.

Map of All 50 Scrap Letter Locations In GTA 5

First, let’s take a look at the distribution of 50 scrap letters throughout the State of San Andreas in GTA 5.

All 50 Scrap Letter Locations In GTA 5

Collecting 50 scrap letters is much easier compared to finding Peyote Plants because the letters themselves stand out by glowing and flapping in the wind.

While there are no scrap letters under the sea, some of them are in the air. Therefore, a Cargobob or helicopter is effective for transport.

You can use any of the three protagonists to collect the scrap letters as long as you finish the mission “Repossession”.

Without further ado, here are all 50 scrap letter locations in GTA 5.

1. Hawaiian Snow, Hawick

There is a scrap letter on the skatepark rooftop of the Hawaiian Snow store, which is located at the intersection of Hawick Avenue and Power Street, Alta, Los Santos.

2. Abandoned Mine, Great Chaparral

You can find a scrap letter at the entrance of the abandoned mine in Great Chaparral.

3. Procopio Truck Stop,  Great Ocean Highway

Head to the Procopio Truck Stop on Great Ocean Highway and the scrap letter can be found at the entrance of the men’s toilet.

4. Dignity Village,  Blaine County

Dignity Village is not only the place to find Curtis Weaver but also a scrap letter in the doorway of one of the buildings, next to a health pack.

5. Abandoned House, Paleto Bay

There are some abandoned houses north of Beeker’s Garage in Paleto Bay. Start searching inside, and you’ll find the scrap letter on the floor.

6. Paleto Bay

The next scrap letter in Paleto Bay is located on the deck of a house overlooking the beach at the south end.

7. Paleto Forest Sawmill, Paleto Forest

The next scrap letter can be found near 3 trees and 2 big rocks by the path that goes into the Paleto Forest Sawmill area.

8. Aerial Tramway, Mount Chiliad

Set your foot on the waiting area in the aerial tramway, and you’ll see a scarp letter next to the parachute.

9. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

There’s a scrap letter located in one of the buildings above the Altruist Camp.

10. Raton Canyon

Finding a scrap letter in a vast area like Raton Canyon is somewhat challenging. You must set your perspective on Cassidy Creek and try to find it on a high clifftop.

11. Alamo Sea

You’ll spot the scrap letter in the top-left corner near the shoreline, right above a rowboat in the Alamo Sea.

12. Millars Boat Shop, Galilee

In Galilee, you’ll find the scrap letter on the eastern side of the fishery building at Millars Boat Shop.

13. Union Grain Farm, Grapeseed

In Grapeseed, you can locate the scrap letter within a crop tunnel house situated at Union Grain Farm.

14. El Gordo Lighthouse

There’s a scrap letter at the eastern side of El Gordo Lighthouse in Mount Gordo.

15. Derelict Motel, Sandy Shores

Derelict Motel is an abandoned motel in Sandy Shores, where you can find a scrap letter in a pool inside.

16. Sandy Shores

Southwest of Sandy Shores Airfield, you’ll discover the scrap letter on a big three-level rock.

17. Stoner Cement Works, Harmony

The Stoner Cement Works is located on Joshua Road in Harmony. You need to find a way to reach the top of the highest building, where you can find a scrap letter.

18. Hill Valley Church, Great Chaparral

There’s a scrap letter in the graveyard at Hill Valley Church.

19. Zancudo River

You can find a scrap letter under the bridge on Route 68 near the Zancudo River.

20. Lago Zancudo

In Lago Zancudo, you’ll discover the scrap letter within the swamp, situated along the riverbank that’s nearest to Fort Zancudo.

21. Great Chaparral 

You can spot the scrap letter hidden behind a billboard close to an abandoned farm in Great Chaparral.

22. San Chianski Mountain Range 

You can find a scrap letter inside Coveted Cove, one of the three caves in GTA 5.

23. Redwood Lights Track, Grand Senora Desert

The scrap letter can be found in the middle of the tank in Redwood Lights Track, Grand Senora Desert.

24. Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find the scrap letter on a rocky island directly to the east of Palmer-Taylor Power Station.

25. Vinewood Sign, Vinewood Hills

You’ll discover the scrap letter situated atop the “I” letter in the Vinewood Sign.

26. Lake Vinewood Estates, Vinewood Hills

There’s a scrap letter inside a room of a property in Lake Vinewood Estates.

27. Arthur’s Pass Trails, Vinewood Hills

The scrap letter is situated close to the ‘BIG’ juice stand within the Arthur’s Pass Trails on the northern side of Galileo Park.

28. Tongva Valley

Drive across Tongva Valley until you see the fruit stand. Check out the guide sign nearby to find the scrap letter.

29. Kortz Center, Pacific Bluffs 

Head to the Kortz Center on Kortz Drive in Pacific Bluffs, then enter the maze and search around for the scrap letter.

30. Pacific Bluffs Country Club, Pacific Bluffs

The scrap letter at Pacific Bluffs Country Club is located on the bar stand next to the pool.

31. Hill Valley Church, Pacific Bluffs

In Pacific Bluffs, within the cemetery of the Hill Valley Church, you’ll discover the scrap letter on the island within the pond.

32. Richards Majestic 

Head to the southwestern corner at Richards Majestic and go up the stairs to find the scrap letter on stage 14.

33. Pearl’s Seafood, Del Perro Pier

At Del Perro Pier, you can find the scrap letter on the balcony of Pearl’s Seafood restaurant.

34. Vespucci Beach

There’s a skatepark in the middle of Vespucci Beach, which contains the scrap letter.

35. Vespucci Canals

Find a way to enter the tunnel of the canal under Palomini Avenue, where you can find a scrap letter.

36. Burton, Rockford Hills

In Burton, you’ll see the scrap letter resting on a BBQ in the motel courtyard.

37. STD Construction Site, Alta

The scrap letter is located in a pit at the STD Contractors’ construction site.

38. Vinewood Racetrack, East Vinewood

One of the scrap letters is found on the stands of the Vinewood Racetrack, East Vinewood.

39. Storm Drain Canals, Los Santos River 

There’s a scrap letter located at the beginning of the Storm Drain canals.

40. Vespucci Boulevard Bridge, La Mesa

Drive on the Vespucci Boulevard bridge, and look for the area that connects Downtown and East Los Santos to get the scrap letter.

41. Car Scrapyard, El Burro Heights

A scrap letter in Car Scrapyard can be found in a wrecked bus.

42. Buccaneer Way, Terminal

At the Terminal, the scrap letter is found on top of a container on Buccaneer Way.

43. Cypress Flats, East Los Santos

You have to find a way to enter an underground tunnel under Popular Street to find the scrap letter.

44. Elysian Island, Port of Los Santos

On Elysian Island, you’ll find the scrap letter on a dry-docked tugboat named Olifantus.

45. Davis, South Los Santos

On Grove Street in Davis, the scrap letter is situated in the house’s backyard in this area.

46. Davis Mega Mall, Davis

Get to the Davis Mega Mall parking zone, locate a container nearby, and try to jump in to get the scrap letter above.

47. Los Santos International Airport

At Los Santos International Airport, close to the subway entrance of the LSIA Terminal 4 Station on New Empire Way, you’ll find the scrap letter on the ground.

48. Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, there’s a scrap letter located on an isolated island southeast of the NOOSE Headquarters in the Palomino Highlands.

49. Sightings Bar & Restaurant, Los Santos International Airport

Get to the second floor of the Sightings Bar & Restaurant by a helicopter, then you’ll find the scrap letter in the middle.

50. Mile High Club Construction Site, Pillbox Hill

gta 5 scrap letters location

In Pillbox Hill, specifically at the Mile High Club construction site, you’ll find the scrap letter on the highest platform of the crane.

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