All 27 Peyote Plant Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

In GTA 5, collecting Peyote Plants is a challenging yet exciting feature, as it unlocks a new achievement and adds an unforgettable experience.

Since there are up to 27 Peyote Plant locations in GTA 5, some players might find it difficult to know where they are.

In this post, we’ll walk you through all 27 Peyote Plant locations in GTA 5.

Map Of All 27 Peyote Plant Locations In GTA 5

Below is the GTA 5 map showing the locations of 27 Peyote Plants.

All 27 Peyote Plant Location In GTA 5

In GTA 5, the Peyote Plant is a unique type of fruit. When the protagonist consumes it, they experience hallucinations and perceive themselves as any random animal.

Peyote Plants are distributed throughout the map of GTA 5. One of the challenges in searching for this plant is the lack of clear indications of its nearby presence.

The only clue is the random sounds of an animal that we would transform into upon consumption. So, you need to be very attentive when standing close to it.

In addition, the peyote plant can be located deep beneath the ocean, close to bushes, or scattered among various obstacles. To find them, you must pay close attention to marked locations and their surroundings.

Not to mention that vehicles and equipment, such as helicopters, scuba suit, or submarine are required in some cases.

Without further ado, let’s see all 27 Peyote Plant locations in GTA 5!

1. North Point, Paleto Bay

In North Point, Paleto Bay, go to the middle of the North Point Trim Traick, then look for the bench and the trash bin near the tree. The Pyote Plant is located nearby.

2. Offshore, Northeast of Paleto Bay

Swim northeast of Paleto Bay, then dive until you find the submerged wreck next to a natural archway. The peyote plant is located somewhere among coral reefs or bushes.

3. Top of Mount Chiliad

On the top of Mount Chiliad, look around until you discover 2 sticks with 2 red cloth pieces attached; right nearby, you’ll find the Peyote Plant.

4. Northeastern Face of Mount Chiliad

Starting from the aerial tramway area on top of Mount Chiliad, head northeast and look for hills where you can stand and see the urban area. You’ll find 1 peyote plant near some bushes in that direction.

5. West Of Mount Gordo

Set your foot in Mount Gordo, then locate the small lake west of the yoga mat. The Peyote Plant is located underground, next to the tree.

6. Northwest of the Alamo Sea

At the corner of the Alamo Sea, not too far from the mainland, dive deep underwater and search around the nearby small bushes. The Peyote Plant is located in between the empty space of 2 bushes.

7. Raton Canyon

East of the Alamo View lookout, the Peyote Plant is set underground without any obstacles.

8. Northside of Cassidy Creek, Raton Canyon

Also, in Raton Canyon, reach the outcrop on the north side of Cassidy Creak, and set a perspective until you can see the Raton Canyon Bridge. The Peyote Plant is located near the bushes.

9. North of Fort Zancudo

You can find the Peyote Plant in the valley of Mount Josiah, north of Fort Zancudo.

10. West of Lago Zancudo

Once again, on the lawn near the Pacific Ocean, west of the Lago Zancudo river mouth, and close to a sunken rowboat with some bushes, you’ll find the peyote plant right there.

11. Two Hoots Falls

In Two Hoots Falls, south of the car park, where some people go fishing, The Peyote Plant is right next to it.

12. Grand Senora Desert

In the Grand Senora Desert, you can find the Peyote Plant to the west of the dirt road, near the desert oil rigs. There’s a brown yacht located just to the north.

13. Pacific Ocean

You need to dive deep underwater in the Pacific Ocean, east of Humane Labs and Research, and you’ll find the Peyote Plant.

14. North End of RON Alternates Wind Farm

Head to the trailer park in RON Alternates Wind Farm, search the bushes nearby, and you’ll find the Peyote Plant.

15. East of The Redwood Lights Track, Grand Senora Desert

In the Grand Senora Desert, you can find the Peyote Plant to the east of the Redwood Lights Track, just southwest of the “welcome” alien sign by the farmhouse.

16. East of The Galileo Observatory Tunnel, Galileo Park

At Galileo Park, you can find the Peyote Plant just east of the Galileo Observatory Tunnel, near the hiking trail’s picnic area.

17. West of Vinewood Hills

In the West Vinewood Hills, the Peyote Plant is next to a drain inlet, north of the junction of Hillcrest Avenue and North Sheldon Avenue.

18. East Side of the Beaver Bush Ranger Station, Vinewood Hills

In Vinewood Hills, you can find the Peyote Plant on the east of the Beaver Bush Ranger Station.

19. Gentry Manor Hotel, West Vinewood

The Peyote Plant is located on the top balcony at Gentry Manor Hotel, West Vinewood. You will need a helicopter or parachute to reach it.

20. South Side of The Nikola Place

In Mirror Park, you can find the Peyote Plant on the rear porch of a new home on the south side of the Nikola Place development.

21. East of the NOOSE Headquarters, Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find the Peyote Plant on a small, isolated island to the east of the NOOSE Headquarters.

22. El Burro Heights

In El Burro Heights, the Peyote Plant is situated on the south side of the road, near a parking area that overlooks the south coast.

23. BJ Smith Recreational Center, Chamberlain Hills 

In Chamberlain Hills, you’ll find the Peyote Plant near the cage of the baseball diamond at the BJ Smith Recreational Center.

24. Venetian Hotel, Vespucci Beach

Get to Vespucci Beach and find Venetian Hotel, then reach the rooftop pool balcony area, and you’ll find the Peyote Plant in the flower pot.

25. Del Perro Pier

You need to jump and then search the underwater area near the end of Del Perro Pier to find the Peyote Plant.

26. Los Santos Customs, Greenwich Parkway

On the west side of the Los Santos Customs, Greenwich Parkway, there’s the Peyote Plant next to the bus wreck.

27. East of Los Santos International Airport

peyote plant gta 5 location

You’ll find the peyote plant situated in the underwater area between the airport warehouses and the Port of Los Santos.

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    Did it change location or something else?
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