All 9 Helicopter Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

In GTA 5, helicopter locations offer players a unique perspective and the ability to navigate the expansive map quickly.

This article will explore the helicopter locations in GTA 5, including their locations and benefits.

Map Of All 9 Helicopter Locations In GTA 5

Let us show you all 9 helicopter locations in GTA 5.

All 9 Helicopter Locations In GTA 5

Here is the list of 9 helicopter locations in GTA 5:

1. Central Los Santos Medical Center

helicopter location gta 5

The Central Los Santos Medical Center in Davis, South Los Santos, has two helipads on its lower section roof where Air Ambulances can spawn. Players can access the roof via stairs or ladders.

Helicopters may or may not be present, but this location has a higher chance of spawning helicopters.

2. Davis Sheriff’s Station

The Davis Sheriff’s Station, a two-story police station located in Davis, is situated near the Central Los Santos Medical Center. This police station also has a helipad on its roof, which can be accessed by climbing through the ventilation system at the back of the building.

3. Los Santos Naval Port

The Los Santos Naval Port in the seaport of Los Santos has a helipad on its dock with a higher chance of finding a parked chopper compared to other locations. However, accessing it can be challenging due to the military presence and a triggered four-star wanted level.

4. Vespucci Police Station

The Vespucci Police Station in Vespucci, Los Santos, near the Vespucci Canals, occasionally has a Police Maverick parked on its rooftop, although sightings are infrequent. Accessing the rooftop requires navigating multiple ladders, which can be challenging to locate.

To reach the roof, head to the courtyard at the back of the building and find a stairway on the right-hand side to begin the ascent.

5. NOOSE Headquarters

The NOOSE Headquarters, aka National Office of Security Enforcement, is located in the Palomino Highlands on the eastern coast of San Andreas, and is a government facility known for its high chance of housing a helicopter.

To reach it, players can climb the ladders on the building’s walls.

6. The Vespucci Helipad

The Vespucci Helipad, situated in Puerto Del Sol near the Puerto Del Sol Marina, is a spacious heliport. While there are instances where NPC-controlled helicopters land or are parked on the helipads, the presence of a helicopter cannot always be guaranteed.

7. Los Santos International Airport

The Los Santos International Airport is not just a hub for airplanes but also offers helicopter opportunities. Located near the northeast gate of the airport, players can find a helipad by entering through the gate and moving forward approximately 200 feet.

It’s important to note that entering the airport triggers a three-star wanted level, which can be avoided by purchasing a hangar inside the airport.

8. Fort Zancudo – Military Base

Fort Zancudo, the military base in GTA V, is a treasure trove of vehicles, including helicopters. Players can find a variety of choppers stationed within the confines of the base.

9. Trevor’s airstrip

Located in the remote Grand Senora Desert, Trevor’s airstrip is a hidden gem. This secluded spot offers occasional planes and consistently provides a convenient helicopter for players.

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