GTA Online: All 50 Signal Jammer Locations (Full Guide 2024)

Spread across the State of San Andreas are collectibles such as Peyote Plants, Media Sticks, and Action Figures. Seasonal ones also appear like the Snowman. All of them give generous rewards, and Signal Jammers are no exception.

Lester’s old hacker friend requires you to remove all troublesome Signal Jammers placed by SecuroServ. We’ll teach you how to do that in this guide while revealing every location and reward you’ll get!

Signal Jammers In GTA Online (Explained)

Signal Jammers are electronic devices that cause a rhythmic two-tone beeping noise while blinking a bright red light, noticeably during nighttime.

The Signal Jammer placed in the Hookah Palace and Safety First signs in GTA Online.

You can find these devices on rooftops, skyscrapers, and metal towers, making them hard to reach with a land vehicle.

All Signal Jammer Locations in GTA Online

There are 50 Signal Jammers in GTA Online. Albeit elusive and challenging to spot, you’ll hear their rhythmic beeping noise once you’re near. Air vehicles with homing missile targeting systems like the Sparrow and Oppressor Mk II can track them easily.

As we want you to have the best path, we created the following map from LSIA to Fort Zancudo. We recommend using the Oppressor Mk II for the best result.

An atlas of GTA V's map with all signal jammers marked.

1. Los Santos International Airport

The Signal Jammer is at the top of the control tower.

2. Elysian Island

At the top of the Northern side of the bridge.

3. Maze Bank Arena

At the top of the northeastern main entrance, between the words “Maze” and “Bank”.

4. Cypress Flats

This one’s at the top of the Gas Company silo.

5. Terminal

On the eastern side of the container ship in the north Terminal, between the words “Safety” and “First”.

6. El Burro Heights 

On top of the water silo in southeastern Murrieta Oil Fields.

7. La Mesa

This Signal Jammer is at St. Fiacre Hospital.

8. La Mesa

On a billboard on Popular Street that says, “Ban windmills.”

9. Strawberry

At the top of the northeastern side of the Central Los Santos Medical Center, between the words “Central” and “Los.”

10. Pillbox Hill

This one’s at the Hookah Palace sign above the Fame or Shame advertisement.

11. Pillbox Hill

This one’s on the antenna at the top of the Arcadius Business Center.

12. La Puerta

At the Vespucci Helipad on Shank Street.

13. Pleasure Pier Amusement Park

At the center of the Ferris Wheel.

14. Vespucci Canals/Bay City Ave

Destroy this Signal Jammer that you can find above the clock of the Clock Tower Building.

15. Richards Majestic

On a Wiwang AC unit at the top of the Elgin House building.

16. GWC and Golfing Society

Above the main entrance of the Richman Hotel.

17. West Vinewood

On top of a yellow crane at the Eclipse Towers.

18. Burton

At the top of the City Hall in Rockford Hills.

19. Downtown Vinewood

Above the large Flow Water advertisement of the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank.

20. Hawick

At the top of the Badger Building, attached to an antenna.

21. Vinewood Hills

Above the stage of the Vinewood Bowl.

22. Land Act Dam

On the left side of the dam building in the southwest.

23. NOOSE 

At the Headquarters, on the western side of the facility.

24. Tataviam Truckstop

At the Bishop’s Chicken restaurant in the Tataviam Truckstop.

25. Palmer-Taylor Power Station 

This Signal Jammer is at the top of the tallest chimney in the facility.

26. RON Alternates Wind Farm

On a wind turbine in the southern area of the farm. 

Note: this one’s a little tricky since the area is filled with turbines. Search for the motionless wind turbine to find the Signal Jammer.

27. Harmony

At the Stoner Cement Works building on the company’s logo.

28. Grand Senora Desert

At the top of the transmission tower located on Mount Haan Drive.

29. Vinewood Hills

On a statue in front of the Galileo Observatory.

30. Kortz Center

Inside the center at the top of the Low Rotunda building on the “O” of “Kortz”. 

31. Banham Canyon

On a pedestrian footbridge at the northern end of Ineseno Road.

32. Tongva Hills

At the top of the main building of the Marlowe Vineyards.

33. Great Chaparral

You can find this Signal Jammer on Route 68 on the north side of the Hill Valley Church.

34. Great Chaparral

This one’s on the broadcasting tower next to the Rebel Radio Building.

35. Bolingbroke Penitentiary

Next to an antenna on the northern side of the facility.

Note: You’ll immediately get four Wanted Level stars once you enter this place.

36. San Chianski Mountain Range

At the company logo of the You Tool store on Senora Freeway above the main entrance.

37. Humane Labs and Research 

At the top of a large white pipe at the Research lab.

38. San Chianski Mountain Range

At the top of a storage silo in Union Grain Supply Inc.

39. Sandy Shores

At the top of the broadcasting tower next to the sheriff’s station.

40. Alamo Sea

At a pier on the north side of the shore.

41. Mount Chiliad

At the aerial tramway station at the peak of the mountain.

42. Grapeseed

At the top of the LSDWP water tower.

43. Gordo Lighthouse Settlement

At the top of a house chimney near the Lighthouse.

44. Mount Gordo 

On a red and white broadcasting tower at the top of the mountain.

45. Procopio Truck Stop

On the fake rocket at the Up-n-Atom Burger restaurant near the Great Ocean Highway.

46. Paleto Bay

At the top of the main building of the Clucking Bell Farms facility.

47. Cassidy Creek

An arch rail bridge that crosses over the river at the Raton Canyon Bridge.

48. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

You can find this Signal Jammer at the top of the radio tower above the Altruist Camp.

49. North Chumash 

At the rooftop sign of the Hookies restaurant.

50. Fort Zancudo

At the top of the control tower near the landing area. 

Note: Like in the Bolingbroke Penitentiary, you’ll receive four Wanted Level stars.

Signal Jammer Rewards in GTA Online

Each destroyed Signal Jammer grants $2,000 and 1,000 RP, totaling $100,000 and 50,000 RP. Moreover, you’ll get an extra $50,000 and Avi Schwartzman as a Hacker for the Diamond Casino Heist. The hired crew member takes the biggest cut (10%) but helps you remain undetected for three minutes and 30 seconds while entering the vault.

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