GTA Online: 76 Peyote Plant Locations (Full Guide 2024)

GTA Online’s first 2024 content update introduced the Park Ranger Week. With the snow subsiding in Southern San Andreas, Peyote Plants return!

If participating in the Wildlife Photography Challenge makes you want to be a land or water animal, eating the hallucinogenic plant could help!

This guide will show you all Peyote Plants’ locations with an efficient pathing for convenience.

Peyote Plants in GTA Online (Explained)

A Peyote Plant is a small, spineless cactus with a flower on top. In GTA Online, consuming it induces hallucinogenic effects based on the real-life Peyote.

The Peyote Plant in GTA Online at a closer look.

Peyote Plants grow on the surface and underwater. Sometimes, they’re grown in a garden pot like on the front porch of Lester’s House.

Upon approaching, an animal sound will be heard, dictating what you’ll turn into when the plant is eaten. You can do so in Passive Mode, where no player can damage you. Cops will also ignore your crimes.

The following is a list of all playable animals on both land and water (during the hallucination):

Border CollieFish
CatHammerhead Shark
ChickenKiller Whale
Great CormorantTiger Shark
Golden Retriever 
Rottweiler (Chop) 
West Highland Terrier 
Two dogs and a boar being played by the GTA Online Protagonist, panning at the camera.

You can end the hallucination by pressing “E” on the PC, swimming in head-deep water, or getting hit by a vehicle.

How Many Peyote Plants are in GTA Online?

There are 76 Peyote Plants in GTA Online. Fifty-two are found on land, while 24 exist underwater. Two of the land Peyote Plants located at the foot of Mount Chiliad and the Clinton Residence lets you play as Bigfoot and Chop, respectively.

All land and water Peyote Plant locations in GTA Online.

Important: Peyote Plants respawn after one GTA day (48 real-life minutes). They despawn during rainy and stormy weather.

All Peyote Plant Locations in GTA Online

There is no perfect pathway when finding each Peyote Plant across the map. However, we’ve made one for land and water to avoid crisscrossing as much as possible.

We’ve considered Oppressor and non-Oppressor Mk II users when charting the route.

Land Peyote Plants

Here’s a map guide that starts from Murrieta Heights and ends in Davis.

The map of Los Santos and Blaine County showing all land Peyote Plants in GTA Online.

1. Murrieta Heights

This one’s near a spiky bush on a nearby coast. The site’s near the Murrieta Oil Rig.

2. El Burro Heights

Eat this Peyote Plant in front of Lester’s House. You’ll spot it in a garden pot.

3. Palomino Highlands

This flora is in between two big rocks on the largest island.

4. Palomino Highlands

The consumable is near a Merryweather Gang Attack. You can avoid the conflict off the coast using an air or water vehicle. Afterward, approach the target near a small sea cave.

5. Tataviam Mountains

Two rocks are clumped together, and a nearby bush is present at the target’s location.

6. Tataviam Mountains

This one’s near a small white silo and a red tanker.

7. Grand Senora Desert

You can find this Peyote Plant in GTA Online by approaching a pile of car tires and rubble in a nearby Shed. This location is also highlighted as a point of interest when starting the Weed Farm business.

8. RON Alternates Wind Farm

It’s near two big trees, and a transmission tower should be visible.

9. Davis Quartz

Eat this cactus resting next to a floodlight and a Bulldozer’s detached claw.

10. Sandy Shores

The target is outside a trailer near a decaying sofa. The place is surrounded by razor wire mesh. You can’t miss it.

11. Sandy Shores

This one’s on the front porch of Taliana Martinez’s safehouse. 

12. Grapeseed

You can find the Peyote Plant on the northeastern shore of the Alamo Sea, blending in with bushes and grasses.

13. Mount Gordo

The consumable flora is next to a large tree and train tracks near Braddock Pass.

14. Mount Gordo

This one’s near a small body of water.

15. Mount Gordo

Grab this Peyote Plant in GTA Online resting in the Procopio Truck Drive. It should be on a nearby rock, with five benches and three trash bins visible.

16. Grapeseed

This special Peyote Plant is located at the foot of Mount Chiliad, overlooking a nearby farm. You’ll transform into Bigfoot once eaten, and you can use weapons and swim, unlike other animals. Bonus health and super strength are guaranteed.

17. Mount Chiliad

The target is near the peak of Mount Chiliad. It’s near multiple road signs directing to West Ridge Trail, Paleto Point, Aerial Tramway East Ridge Trail, and Braddock Pass.

18. Mount Chiliad

Consume the plant by going around a nearby transmission tower at the Donkey Punch Family Farm. Trees and train tracks should be visible.

19. Paleto Bay

At one of the houses on Procopio Drive, there’s a garden pot containing the consumable in GTA Online.

20. Paleto Forest

Going to the Paleto Forest Bay area is a peninsula where the plant is blending in with the sand.

21. Paleto Cove

There’s a beach near the Cassidy Creek Bridge. Check between several rocks to find the cactus.

22. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

North of Cassidy Creek, at the end of a dirt path, is a Peyote Plant that blends in nicely. The Raton Canyon Bridge should appear in the background.

23. Mount Josiah

At Mount Josiah’s peak, near a free Parachute.

24. Lago Zancudo

The target is near a small coastal spit with the neighboring Fort Zancudo.

25. Banham Canyon

This one’s inside the mansion’s garden next to the garage.

26. Chumash

This one’s behind a house in Chumash. The closest point of interest is the Convenience Store.

27. Del Perro

The consumable is in a garden pot on the balcony of an orange house.

28. Richman

Approaching the property features a small garden next to a pool where you can find the Peyote Plant.

29. Great Chaparral

This one’s near a small stream of water.

30. Lago Zancudo

There’s a shallow body of water in the Zancudo area and a bridge nearby.

31. Harmony

The consumable flora sits right on the front porch of a house on Route 68 Approach.

32. Sandy Shores

Grab the plant you can find on a dead-end street (middle of Marina Drive). The Yucca Motel should be nearby.

33. Sandy Shores

The Sandy Shores Airfield is in the background if you’re searching for this consumable. Get closer to the abandoned mine to find it properly.

34. Vinewood Hills

You can spot Los Santos and Blaine County if you’re atop the hill near Mount Haan Drive. However, finding the Peyote Plant can be tricky without the image reference below.

35. Vinewood Hills

This one’s at the back garden of a mansion in Lake Vinewood Estates, near one of the delivery spots for Vehicle Export Missions.

36. Vinewood Hills

At the South Mo Milton Drive, enter a mansion’s backyard to find a garden next to a wall of leaves. The consumable’s right there.

37. Rockford Hills

This one’s near a pool in one of the mansions in Rockford Hills. The target is cultivated in a garden pot.

38. Morningwood

This one’s in a garden next to a pool. The Elgin House, Ammu-Nation, and Maze Bank West should appear on the map.

39. Little Seoul

This one’s next to the Little Seoul Church in a pathway.

40. Burton

This Peyote Plant is near the Arcadius Business Center. Its location is next to a dirt road, between two rocks facing a huge rectangular building.

41. Downtown Vinewood

The consumable plant is in an alley.

42. Downtown Vinewood

Grab the consumable resting between two sofas outside a house.

43. East Vinewood

The target is next to a large tree in the Broker Park.

44. Mirror Park

There’s a small island in the Mirror Park lake. The Peyote Plant hides in a bush surrounded by multiple trees. Look for the most tree-dense area to find the consumable.

45. Murrieta Heights

This one’s near a small dam at the end of the Los Santos River. A nearby tower should be visible.

46. La Mesa

Find a red container nearest to Los Santos Customs. You’ll be able to grab this plant in GTA Online.

47. Legion Square

This one’s in the grassy area next to a driveable pathway.

48. Strawberry

This special Peyote Plant in GTA Online rests at the back of the Clinton Residence’s garage. Eating it will turn you into Chop (Franklin’s dog).

49. Chamberlain Hills

At the BJ Smith Recreational Centre is a nearby cactus. It’s right next to two basketball courts and an eCola vending machine.

50. La Puerta

There’s a garden in front of the Viceroy Hotels & Resorts. Binco Clothing and Tennis should be near the surrounding area.

51. LSIA

This Peyote Plant sits next to a tree and several red benches. The Open Wheel series is also nearby.

52. Davis

The plant is near a house on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. A Special Crates Warehouse is nearby.

Water Peyote Plants

Before finding all Peyote Plants underwater, we recommend purchasing Scuba Gear at Ammu-Nations.

Searching for them here is more challenging than on the surface.

The map of Los Santos and Blaine County showing all water Peyote Plants in GTA Online.

Tip: Setting the game at the lowest graphics helps find underwater Peyote Plants easier in GTA Online.

1. Palomino Islands

This one’s off the coast near an islet.

2. Palomino Islands

Travel deep underwater to find bulkheads of a sunken ship with red containers nearby.

3. Tataviam Mountains

This Peyote Plant in GTA Online is easy to spot. It’s on a sandy area of a sea cave.

4. RON Alternates Wind Farm

The consumable is in an unnamed cove lying around. The place is near the Davis Quartz and the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

5. San Chianski Mountain Range

The flora is easy to spot as it’s in a nearby coral (off the coast).

6. El Gordo Lighthouse

Grab this one underwater in a small cove next to rock formations.

7. Mount Gordo

There’s an underwater hang at the coast of Heart Attacks Beach. Grab the plant to play as a marine creature.

8. Alamo Sea

This one’s next to some rocks.

9. Calafia Road

The target’s next to some concrete rubble. It’s also near Stab City.

10. Paleto Bay

It’s on a sandy seabed, resting, and can be grabbed easily.

11. Paleto Bay

The Peyote Plant is next to some corals.

12. Paleto Cove

Go further underwater from the Sonar Collections Dock. The consumable is next to a Pink Coral.

13. North Chumash

The target’s at the sandy part.

14. Lago Zancudo

This one’s underwater west of Zancudo Bridge. You should see a destroyed boat nearby.

15. Chumash

Eat the consumable by going to the third most shallow part of the water. You’ll spot corals and stones nearby.

16. Pacific Bluffs

A large sandy underwater part is off the coast of the Pacific Bluffs. The flora should be near big rocks.

17. Pacific Bluffs

This one’s near the Pacific Bluffs Country Club (off-coast). Go to the deepest part. It’ll be there once you find massive rock formations.

18. Del Perro

This one’s underwater next to a large rock at the Del Perro Pier.

19. Puerto Del Sol Marina

This one’s in Los Santos, near the entrance.

20. Banning & Elysian Island

Between Banning and Elysian Island at the deepest water part.

21. Cypress Flats

At the end of the Los Santos River is a Peyote Plant sitting next to some rocks.

22. Terminal

This one’s between the Terminal and the Elysian Island next to two large poles and some debris.

23. Elysian Island

The consumable flora is underwater next to some debris. You can find it between the Los Santos Naval Port (Merryweather HQ) and the Terminal.

24. Elysian Island

This one’s off the coast next to a tanker shipwreck.

Rewards for Eating a Peyote Plant in GTA Online

Each Peyote Plant gives 5,000 RP after ending the hallucination. Since it’s not a collectible, there’s no special reward. In total, you’ll get 380,000 RP.

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