GTA Online Gun Van: Daily Location, Weapons, and More

The Gun Van in GTA Online holds exclusive items for sale, including the Unholy Hellbringer, Railgun, and Stun Gun. Its selection also consists of weapons, throwables, and armor available for purchase in Ammu-Nation, with all other services for a discount.

Because of Gun Van’s massive discount, we always recommend players to find the mobile business.

For your convenience, we’ve made this Gun Van location guide, updated every 6:00 AM UTC. All items with their price tags are changed accordingly.

New inventory items as of March 14 to 21, 2024 at 10:00 AM UTC. On the other hand, locations are updated every 02:00 to 03:30 AM.

Gun Van Location Today (March 20, 2024)

Today’s Gun Van can be found in LITTLE SEOUL:

In-game GTA Online Map of the Gun Van.
The GTA Online Protagonist and the Gun Van seller.

Gun Van Stocks

The following are all items available:


NameOriginalSold ForGTA+ DiscountCash Savings
Compact Grenade Launcher$45,000$19,440 (40% off) $25,560
Battle Rifle$497,500$447,750 (10% off)$398,000 (20% off)$49,750 to $99,500
Up-n-Atomizer$399,000$359,100 (10% off)$319,200 (20% off)$39,900 to $79,800
Tactical SMG$325,000$292,500 (10% off)$162,500 (20% off)$32,500 to $162,500
Combat PDW$11,750$10,575 (10% off)$9,400 (20% off)$1,175 to $2,350
Assault Shotgun$10,000$9,000 (10% off)$8,000 (20% off)$1,000 to $2,000
Crowbar$8,000$7,200 (10% off)$6,400 (20% off)$800 to $1,600
In-game GTA Online interface of the Gun Van menu showing the Up-n-Atomizer.


NameOriginalSold ForGTA+ DiscountCash Savings
Tear Gas$150 (all sold per piece)$135 (10% off)$120 (20% off)$15 to $30
Pipe Bomb$500 (all sold per piece)$450 (10% off)$400 (20% off)$50 to $100
In-game GTA Online interface of the Gun Van menu showing a Tear Gas.

Body Armor

NameOriginalSold ForGTA+ DiscountCash Savings
Super Light Armor$100$90 (10% off)$80 (20% off)$10 to $20
Light Armor$200$180 (10% off)$160 (20% off)$20 to $40
Standard Armor$300$270 (10% off)$240 (20% off)$30 to $60
Heavy Armor$400$360 (10% off)$320 (20% off)$40 to $80
Super Heavy Armor$500$450 (10%)$400 (20% off)$50 to $100
In-game GTA Online interface of the Gun Van menu showing a Super Heavy Armor.

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