GTA Online: Bargaining Chips (Casino Work Guide 2024)

Bargaining Chips is one of 15 Casino Work freemode missions in GTA Online, unlocked after purchasing the Master Penthouse for $1,500,000. 

Call Ms. Baker from your Contacts list and select “Request Work” to begin!

From February 22 to 29, 2024, all Casino Work will offer a 2x Cash and RP boost. It adds up to another 2x multiplier if you have an active GTA+ membership. We recommend participating in this freemode task during business cooldowns.

Bargaining Chips Mission Brief

Head to a location and recover stolen chips. Ms. Baker authorized lethal force should it be necessary.


  • Avoid violence to finish the mission fast.
  • Use a high-speed vehicle or motorcycle.
  • Read Ms. Baker’s text messages on your phone as they provide helpful hints.

Go to Five Search Areas

Agatha Baker will mark five out of six search locations. Open your map and head in any order:

In-game GTA Online map for all search locations in the Bargaining Chips Casino Work.

Locations vary per run, but it’ll always be the following:

  • Broker Park
  • Mirror Park
  • Fountain Plaza (near FIB and IAA HQ)
  • Del Perro
  • Pacific Bluffs Country Club
  • University of San Andreas

Search the Area for the Vehicle

If applicable, you’ll have to spot the car first.

The target vehicle at a streets corner in GTA Online.

The vehicle could be a Declasse Rhapsody, Dinka Vindicator, or/and Principe Faggio.

Search the Area for the Thief

Check for Ms. Baker’s text message for the suspect’s identity.

The GTA Online Protagonist opening a text message while riding the Oppressor Mk II at the Fountain Plaza.

Since most areas are crowded, pointing your gun will scare off normal NPCs. The thieves, however, will stay unless you approach them.

Recover the Chips from the Thief

Point your gun to the offender, but don’t shoot them. If they run away, pop their legs.

The GTA Online Protagonist aiming at the thieves.

Some will oblige to your request duringΒ Bargaining Chips.

Killing an NPC will result in two Wanted Level stars. If the same NPC starts the fight, there won’t be a penalty.

The GTA Online Protagonist using the phone and contacting Lester and picking the Remove Wanted Level ability in the city.

Rewards for Completing Bargaining Chips in GTA Online

You’ll earn $20,000, 2,500 RP, and 5,000 Casino Chips for completing the mission.

There’s no cooldown for each work. But with 15 total jobs, there’s little chance of repeating Bargaining Chips.

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