GTA 6: All Leaked (and Confirmed) Random Events So Far

Rockstar Games’ king of world immersion is Red Dead Redemption 2, offering 150+ random events. Compare that to the iconic GTA 5 at 60, which almost triples the amount.

As for GTA 6, there are 1,300+ confirmed random events, and we’ve revealed some of the best ones in this story!

EDITOR NOTE: Spoilers ahead for GTA 6. Read at your own risk!

8. A New Fishing Mechanic (with Bait & Tackle Shops)

DuPz0r’s latest mapping project shows several bodies of water, including Lake Leonida and Port Gellhorn.

The "theorized" map of GTA 6.
Credit: VIMAP

Although fishing has not been present in previous GTA titles, a 2022 leak in the latest installment proves otherwise.

Users on Reddit pointed out fishing as a mini-game. Its complexity won’t (likely) be at a “simulator” level, but a “collections” section will be introduced somewhere.

As per game files, the keywords “Criminal” and “Gang” are present. Connecting the intel we have from the trailer and player observations means it’s more than a simple fishing mini-game.

7. Commit Reckless Driving or Face a DUI Sobriety Test!

In GTA 4, we have cops arresting you.

GTA 5 LSPD will shoot on sight, regardless of whether you’re playing as Michael, Franklin, Trevor, or the GTA Online protagonist.

Imagine the level of immersiveness GTA 6 will offer with the DUI Sobriety Test!

The leaked random event is theorized to work like this:

  • Jason or Lucia speeding in the city.
  • Car crashes, and the character survives.
  • Cops on sight check the vehicle. Otherwise, cops are notified.
  • Jason or Lucia are then checked to see if they’re driving under the influence.
The driver passing through police vehicles in GTA 6.
Credit: Rockstar Games

Our favorite theory with the DUI Sobriety Test is Jason or Lucia getting detained for some in-game days, affecting the storyline. But everything’s speculative for now!

6. Basketball Courts are Back!

This leaked random event in GTA 6 means playing basketball is available again.

The game files indicate it’s “NIEMC”, meaning it’s a “non-interactable event”. The “MC” could mean it’s reserved for a storyline, but it’s speculative for now.

5. Workout Challenges Might Help the Protagonists

Working out is coming back in GTA 6!

It’s a hopeful sign for eating fast food and weight mechanics’ return after GTA San Andreas.

The gameplay mechanic might also affect Jason and Lucia’s raw strength. Weapon skill leveling may also come back as a bonus perk!

Two armed men breaching a lockup in GTA 6.
Credit: Rockstar Games

4. Backyard Wrestling Ring Sounds Exciting!

This activity is confirmed as per the official first trailer at 0:59:

A person tumbling down in GTA 6.
Credit: Rockstar Games

As Backyard Wrestling Ring is reminiscent of Arm Wrestling in GTA Online, we’re unsure about its implementation. Yet, with the mentioned weight mechanics, the activity will most likely have to do with increasing raw strength.

3. Abandoned Hovercraft in the Swamp?

A Hovercraft looks like the Fan Boat, as seen in the trailer.

It is a confirmed dynamic random event, but no convincing speculations exist for now.

2. Big Cat Mansion Has Many References

This dynamic event could lead to the following:

  • A possible reference to Joe Exotic (Tiger King). Connecting this to GTA Online means Juan Strickler (El Rubio) will come back. In Cayo Perico, he owns a pet panther.
  • A possible reference to Carole Baskin and the Big Cat Rescue (an animal sanctuary in Hillsborough County). Her location is a few hours away from Miami.
Carole Baskin from the Big Cat Rescue foundation and El Rubio in GTA Online as a leaked random event.

1. Bonnie & Clyde Mystery (several locations)

Jason and Lucia’s story has always been associated with Bonnie and Clyde. The latter couple robbed several stores, funeral homes, and banks until their demise in 1934.

The random event’s implementation is most likely like Strangers and Freaks in GTA 5 Story Mode.

How Credible is the GTA 6 Leak?

The September 2022 GTA 6 leak is credible, as Rockstar Games was speedy at requesting content takedown initially uploaded on gtaforums. User teapotuberhacker is later identified as Arion Kurtaj, a member of the Lapsus$ cybercriminal group.

What to Expect Moving Forward?

Since GTA 6 currently has 1368 random events, keep in mind most of them are non-interactable.

Some first trailer references include:

  • A couple jogging with their dog on the beach.
  • NPCs taking selfies.
  • Animals doing unique animations.

In reality, Rockstar Games may even add or cut some random events, and the current count boils down to 300 to 400.

Before you go, here are all the leaks we have so far:

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