GTA 6 Map Leak Info: Size, Locations, and More

Rockstar Games’ first-ever third-person shooter, GTA 3, has a map size of 4.38 km2. Twelve years later (GTA 5), the map size increased by almost 1000%.

Jason Schreier (a credible video game journalist) reported GTA 6’s development has started since 2014. We’ve seen bits of the progress when Rockstar released the first trailer.

GTA 6’s map is speculative, but we’ll discuss everything we know on this page.

EDITOR NOTE: GTA-Xtreme’s many commitments include delivering reliable news about GTA 6 without misleading readers. If speculations are confirmed or proven false, we’ll correct them accordingly.

How Big is the Map of GTA 6?

Since the 2022 leak and the ongoing VIMAP project, many speculators have joined the discussion. If Aaron Garbut’s “alleged” son is correct, the map of GTA 6 would be around 150+ km2.

Aaron Garbut is the current development and co-studio head at Rockstar North. Because of that, it’s safe to say that leaks related to him are close to credible.

For context, here are all GTA games and their map size:

GameSize (in km2)
GTA 34.38 km2
GTA Vice City5.62 km2
GTA 48.06 km2
GTA San Andreas31.55 km2
GTA 548.15 km2

Where Will GTA 6 Take Place?

Leonida, which is Florida’s real-life counterpart. The map also extends to Vice City (Miami) and beyond.

As of April 29, 2024, these are all confirmed real-life locations:

Kaseya Center

Home of the Miami Heat.

MacArthur Causeway

Connects Downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

Honda Bridge

Connects Bahia Honda Key and Spanish Harbor Key.

Florida Keys

But there are 800 keys in Florida for Rockstar Games to include.

North Miami Beach

GTA 6 trailer (upper part) versus real-life North Miami Beach (lower part).

Everglades National Park

A new mode of transportation in GTA 6.


A district famous for its beautiful street art and graffiti.

Changelog from the VIMAP Project

DuPz0r’s latest contribution to VIMAP (as of April 12) features a more detailed look at GTA 6’s map. The final output is based on gathered leaks, speculations, and the official trailer.

If you’re curious about the progress, visit the VIMAP project. You can find an insane amount of details there.

There Might Be More Locations Post-Launch

Although not confirmed, adding new maps post-launch can be exciting.

GTAVInewz posted this on X (formerly Twitter):

The highly-anticipated post has since received good and bad engagement from other users.

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