Predicting The Possible Gameplay Mechanics in GTA 6

The GTA 6 leaked footage from September 2022 might be bad news for Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive. However, for some, it is like a gold mine with lots and lots of information in it.

Join us as we predict all the possible gameplay mechanics for the most anticipated game of 2025.

How Will The Gameplay Mechanics Of GTA 6 Look Like?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the leaked footage that has sparked our curiosity about the potential gameplay mechanics that Rockstar might include in GTA 6.

1. NPC Interactions

According to the leaks, these are all the possible actions you could take with the NPCs in GTA 6 as Lucia or Jason:

A leaked footage of Lucia trying to threaten an NPC
  • Hostage an NPC – You can either rob, restrain, threaten, or throw a melee.
  • Staff NPC – You can also rob them like in GTA 5’s convenience stores.
  • Police NPC – It is also seen that you can surrender to the cops.

Note: You can also switch the interaction menu to Jason or a cop NPC while using Lucia.

2. Prompts and Objectives

For this one, we listed all the prompts and objectives seen in the leaked footage; some of them feel like RDR2 prompts:

Prompts and ObjectivesDescription
Time until cops dispatchedThis is just a prompt for when the cops will arrive.
Cops arrivingThis means that cops are just around the corner.
Rob the dinerThis is likely a prompt from a mission instructing you to rob the diner.
Rob the cash registerAnother prompt, this time as a mission to rob the cash register.
Escape the dinerA prompt showing that you need to get away from the location.
(Vehicle name) discoveredThis is similar to the ability to discover new things, as seen in RDR2.
RobberyWhen robbery is engaged the next prompt will be “CCTV: Recording” / “Door Panel: Locked“.
New Contact: (Name)This is a prompt from which you received a new contact.
Whats Up! message received.Another prompt from your phone tells you that you have received a message from someone.

3. Player Gameplay Details

This section is all about the possible gameplay of Jason and Lucia, as seen in the leaked footage of GTA 6.

We have also included some cool game details below that will surely enhance the immersion of the game:

Name / ActionDescription
During robbery as LuciaTap a specific key to check in with Jason, or hold that key for more options.
Upon entering Police CruiserTap a specific key to access the vehicle controls menu, or hold that key to bring up the quick options. (Possibly a control for the police database)
Open containerCut or open a locked shipping container to steal contents.
Stash cashAn action to put money stack in the Loot Bag.
Jason’s rumored ability “Eagle Vision”An action for identifying valuables and CCTV cameras.
Primary and Secondary weapon slotsTo equip weapons or equipment in each hand individually or ability to swap while holding weapon.
Loot Bag interaction You can inspect, go back, drop item, select, and close using the Loot Bag.
Quick item usageYou can put 4 items in all directional button to quickly use important items. (Possible with the use of D-pad)
Take Assault Rifle or any weaponPick weapon off the ground while holstering sidearm.
Functional holstersPolice officers actually draw sidearm from hip.
Used weapon magazinesAll used magazines remain lying on the ground.
Ability to stand, crouch, go proneThis is similar to all shooting games. Now, in GTA 6, you can crouch and go prone. You can even shoot over cover while standing.
Crouch height depends on coverWhile in cover, your character will adjust depending on the height of the obstacle.
Face coverArms or long weapon are used to cover face while taking fire.
Possible personal vehicle systemPersonal vehicle icon appears on map just like the one in GTA 5.
Character instant switchingSwitch to Lucia or Jason.
Dive while on waterYou can also dive underwater like in GTA 5.
Throw BodyAbility to throw injured or dead NPCs off your back while carrying them. (Probably for stealth missions)
Sit as a passenger in a vehicleYou can pick Lucia or Jason to be seated at the back while being driven by the other protagonist. (Possible fast travel if you are not controlling the protagonist who is driving)
Pick UpAppears when walking by a soda can on the ground. Also appears over a glass bottle lying in the grass. (Possibly like in GTA IV where you can pick up objects on the ground)
Note: Jason and Lucia will have a shared or individual inventory system.

4. Weapons

Here is the list of weapons seen in the footage that could potentially affect the gameplay mechanics of GTA 6:

A leaked footage of Jason using a gun on a boat
Weapon CategoryWeapon
MeleeKnife, Baseball Bat, Pool Cue
ThrownGrenade, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Fire Bottle, Molotov
HandgunPistols like Glock 19, Polymer Pistol, Beretta
SMGMicro Submachine Gun, Compact Submachine Gun
ShotgunPump Action Shotgun
RifleAssault Rifle, M4, AK-47
LMGHeavy Machine Gun
SniperConcealable Sniper, Hunter Sniper, Bolt Action Sniper
AmmoRocket, Heavy, Sniper, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Spear
MiscRocket Launcher, Speargun

5. Equipment and Gear

Another thing we found out, which will affect the gameplay mechanics of GTA 6 based on the leaks, is the equipment and gear:

Possible UseEquipment and Gear
For explorationTorch Flashlight, Flashlight, Binoculars
For stealing vehiclesSlim Jim, Immobilizer Bypass, Tracker Jammer
For breaking in restricted areasLockpick, Crowbar, Cut-Off Tool
For hackingUSB Drive, Auto Dialer
For Golf/ Used as a WeaponGolf Ball, Golf Putter, Golf Wedge, Golf Iron, Golf Driver
Note: The possible use section is just a guess. We just based this one because of the rumors that GTA 6 will be realistic like RDR2.

6. Food and Other Consumables

Like other GTA games, food and other consumables are also present in GTA 6. This is perhaps for health and adrenaline purposes.

Hopefully, they will add the feature from GTA: San Andreas where you become fat if you eat too much.

Food / ConsumableDescription
SodaTo have boost of adrenaline.
WineMakes you dizzy.
FruitTo restore health.
GumballGet a gumball while standing in front of gumball machine. Probably for adrenaline.
Trauma KitTo restore full health.
CigaretteMaybe a slight boost of adrenaline.
PainkillerMaybe a slight health regeneration or adrenaline.
Note: The description of the items is just a guess as well. We just aligned it with the past GTA games.

7. Cars or Vehicles

Cars and other vehicles are seen in the leaked video footage as well. Additionally, the GTA 6 trailer, which was released last December, provides further information about the vehicles we will see in GTA 6.

On top of that, we have confirmed a total of 71 vehicles seen in both GTA 6 trailer 1 and the leaked footage.

It will mostly impact the gameplay mechanics when driving in first person, like in GTA 5. As seen in the game trailer, the interior of the car is so realistic that it kinda looks like real life.

We might be surprised that they will add signal lights, parking sensors, blind-spot systems, and more to the cars to make them more realistic, enhancing the gameplay mechanics and adding a touch of improvement to the overall immersion.

Our Thoughts on the Possible Gameplay Mechanics

We sincerely believe that all the gameplay mechanics seen at the top will be added to GTA 6. However, Rockstar might still be tempted to remove any details seen here as a sign of their disappointment with the leaks.

That being said, it is best to wait for the official trailer 2, which might be coming out this year, to confirm everything listed in this article.

Who knows, they might even include gameplay footage to make the fans more excited for the release of GTA 6 in 2025.

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