GTA 6 Prediction: Will There Be A Possible PS5 Pro and GTA 6 Bundle in 2025?

It is always a delight every time you hear about a new console waiting to be released, especially if it is linked to one of the most anticipated games of 2025, like Grand Theft Auto 6.

After watching the first trailer of GTA 6, it becomes apparent that it will require top-notch hardware to run as smoothly as possible. This is where next-gen consoles come into play.

In this article, we’ll discuss the possibility of GTA 6 being bundled with the rumored PS5 Pro and whether it will be a game-changer if used instead of the standard PS5 console.

The Rumored PS5 Pro is Now Confirmed

According to Jeff Grubb, all the leaks regarding the PS5 Pro are true. He also stated that it will probably be released in September 2024.

He also said that the PS5 Pro will feature its own DLSS, a game-changer for console gamers. You can see his statements at 24:25 in his YouTube livestream from a month ago.

The PS5 Pro has been rumored for quite a long time, and it is no wonder why some gamers prefer it over the standard PS5. The Pro models were always a step higher when it came to specs, making gaming a breeze on these models.

On the other hand, the PS4 Slim has just been released, which indicates that the “Pro” model could be the next one to be launched by Sony.

is Jeff Grubb Reliable?

Jeff Grubb is an American author and journalist known for his work in the field of science fiction and fantasy. He has written novels, short stories, and articles, often contributing to the gaming industry.

Jeff Grubb has also been associated with the creation of various game-related content, including game design and development.

He has all the social media platforms that could be used to bring news like this one. He is one of the reliable sources regarding news of this magnitude.

Will There Be a PS5 Pro and GTA 6 Bundle?

Our prediction is yes, there will be a bundle of PS5 Pro and GTA 6 in 2025. The PS5 Pro is expected to be released this year, according to Jeff Grubb. The timing is certainly perfect if you ask us.

Additionally, it will be a great decision for Sony to bundle the PS5 Pro with GTA 6, as GTA 6 is now widely known among the gaming communities.

Many gamers upgraded their PS4 to the Pro model due to the improved hardware and features. As a result, a collaboration between Sony and Rockstar could lead to a significant boost in sales for both companies.

Is The Standard PS5 Enough to Run GTA 6?

Yes, the standard PS5 is sufficient for playing GTA 6. Rockstar has specifically selected this platform, along with Xbox X/S, for the game’s release in 2025.

However, the PS5 Pro holds an advantage due to the anticipated DLSS capabilities it is expected to possess upon its release later this year.

The specs of the PlayStation 5 Pro

As per a source, the PS5 Pro is expected to feature improved frames per second (FPS) at 4K resolution, introduce a new “Performance Mode” for 8K resolution, and incorporate accelerated ray tracing.

So, while the standard PS5 is sufficient to play GTA 6, it might be a good idea to upgrade to the PS5 Pro to maximize the gaming capabilities you can get from GTA 6 in 2025.

What is DLSS?

DLSS stands for “Deep Learning Super Sampling”, a technology developed by NVIDIA. DLSS is specifically designed to improve computer graphics’ performance and visual quality in video games.

Although initially released for PC, the DLSS and AI machine learning capability will be added as a feature for the PS5 Pro.

This will drastically change the gaming experience on next-gen consoles, bringing graphics closer to PC quality.

Also, the AI upscaling feature will surely make the GTA 6 more graphically enhanced than the previous GTA games.

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