Rockstar Has Officially Released The First Trailer Of GTA VI

The big moment’s here! Rockstar just dropped a 1:30-minute video trailer for GTA VI, showing tons of cool stuff and characters.

Curious? Check it out right here!

The Official GTA VI Trailer: What to Expect

Even though Rockstar planned to release the first trailer of GTA VI on December 5, 2023, they surprised everyone by dropping it less than 24 hours before. In other words, the first GTA VI trailer is officially out on YouTube!

Just like we expected, the first GTA VI trailer runs for 1 minute and 30 seconds, featuring Tom Petty’s song “Love is A Long Road“. The trailer has spread like wildfire, racking up over 770k views on YouTube.

Rockstar's Tweet On X

Why Rockstar dropped the trailer earlier than planned is a mystery. On their official account, they mentioned, “Our trailer has leaked, so please watch the real thing on YouTube“, but some folks think it might just be a Rockstar prank.

The trailer also shows the official GTA VI logo, the city it’s based in, and the main protagonists. But there’s more! Here’s what you might have missed:

  1. Scenes capturing the vibrant Vice City’s atmosphere.
All the scenes capturing Vice City
  1. The female protagonist, Lucia, is sitting in jail, looking all confident when being asked why she’s there. She just shrugs and says, “Bad luck, I guess“. You can tell she’s been in trouble before by how she reacts.
Lucia sitting in jail
  1. Elements that define GTA’s success: Girls, heists, strip clubs, high-speed car races, and quirky pedestrians roaming the streets.
  2. Introducing two new animals: alligators and flamingos!
Alligators and flamingos In GTA VI
  1. Introduction of new cars and motorcycles.
  2. Integration of contemporary social media platforms.
  3. A reference to Leonida, potentially hinting at the existence of Leonida Lake.
  4. The unveiling of the new club: Thrillbilly Mud Club.
  5. The male protagonist, possibly Jason, and an unclear relationship between him and Lucia.
Our protagonists appearance: Jason and Lucia
  1. Appearance of the Sheriff’s office, a feature from previous GTA titles.
  2. The reveal of the official logo and the release year (2025).

Check out the latest trailer of GTA VI here.

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