9 Most Disappointing GTA 5 Features (According to Fans)

HowLongToBeat, a reputable game database website, reported that beating GTA 5 Story Mode takes 30+ hours. The numbers go as high as 100+ if you want to get all achievements and side missions.

Starting a new game on GTA Online is another story, with gameplay hours extending as more content is added.

While still rocking the Steam Charts within the top 10 from the past 30 days, GTA 5 brews a love-hate relationship with players. Here are 9 reasons.

9. GTA Online Won’t Stop Growing

Audience retention is Rockstar Games’ forte.

Every 5:00 am UTC on Wednesdays, it’s a gacha system, but in GTA Online. Their weekly event could be godsent or otherwise.

For context, the first weekly event in GTA Online was underwhelming (it persisted until the next two weeks). This random chance is one reason some players feel disappointed, only to return a week later after a free car announcement.

But many fans pointed out GTA 5 Story Mode is left behind. The trio’s lore could be expanded, but it’s better when there’s a paywall behind it accessible via the online version.

8. Aggressive GTA+ and Shark Cash Cards Monetization

It’s a matter of time before a GTA game becomes subscription-based. Yes, you own nothing (but that’s speculative for now).

The long-term culprit behind GTA 5’s negative audience reception is their Shark Cards, costing between $5 to $100!

Official April GTA+ poster, GTA dollars, and Shark Cash Cards.
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Paying real-life money for in-game currency is insane. Some reasons include not wanting to grind for hours and buy something. We see no problem with it, but some fans are contesting the idea.

The $2 difference in the GTA+ membership subscription is making console players understandably offended. All that for a tentative $ GTA1,000,000 freebie!

7. GTA 5 & Online Could Have More Accessible Buildings

The online version offers some properties you can enter, but it isn’t enough for most fans.

Consequent updates like the Bikers and the Contract resolve the problem, but the experience is far from being immersive.

With GTA 6’s approach, it’s a matter of time before Rockstar Games lets players enter all buildings without restrictions.

6. Too Much Physics-Breaking or Realistic Graphics is Not Good

Until GTA 6’s release, the lifelong debate if it’ll lean into arcade-like gameplay or the opposite remains.

Many enthusiasts, like u/RawSteakLover on Reddit, have stated that “GTA 6 is going to be like Red Dead Redemption 2” because of the latter’s “immersiveness.”

A Reddit discussion in the GTA 5 Disappointing Features.

The innovative technological advancement for making games is also present, so it’s a “natural progression” for Rockstar Games.

From the Official GTA 6 Wishlist Topic forum initiated by universetwisters on October 8th, 2013, we learned two things:

  • GTA 6 should be realistic. Examples include resupplying car fuel, limited capacity for ammunition, and only a few firearms to carry.
  • Stick to the “fun part”.

Everything is speculative for now as Rockstar Games directs GTA 6 to the most desirable route.

5. Riding an Oppressor Mk II Invites Toxicity

The original Oppressor Mk II can fire limitless missiles with an aggressive homing system — a fire-and-forget monster. All that for a cheap GTA$4,000,000 that can make or break a public lobby and disrupt businesses.

A GTA Online protagonist riding the Oppressor Mk II.
Image credit: Rockstar Games

We see a couple of “broomstick guards” in a while, but that almost never happens.

Currently, the Oppressor Mk II has doubled its price with limited missiles. The homing system has been nerfed, but it’s still a scary ride to mess with.

It’s no wonder why some fans don’t want the Oppressor Mk II back in GTA Online. In fact, it’d be better without griefers on the server. But that’s one way Rockstar Games collect their paycheck.

4. In-Depth Weapon and Car Customizations

Speaking of immersiveness, vehicles have the most profound customization, which comes in two parts:

  • Performance Tuning.
  • Cosmetics.

Tuning your car’s performance is important and costs a fortune. But cosmetics are more expensive, and most are “limited-edition.” A perfect example is the free Friedmind livery given for completing a certain Contact Mission.

Two GTA Online protagonists manning the HVY Menacer (left); a sports car with The Vinewood Car Club logo in the background.
Image credit: Rockstar Games

As for weapons, liveries are also present, but that’s it.

Whether future GTA games will lean toward more realism or arcade-style mechanics is speculative. Rockstar Games should find the perfect balance or risk triggering half of the fanbase.

3. NPCs Could Be Better

Since the improvement of AI chatbots, fans are hopeful Rockstar Games will make each dialogue unique in the future.

While there are (evident) constraints with dialogues, the impact would at least affect NPC interactions.

Its implementation is okay in GTA Online heists, but Rockstar Games can “cook” something better.

The consequent AI improvement with NPCs should pass on to their driving and combat skills.

But are the devs okay with an entire LSPD team completing the player’s mission? That’s worth considering too.

2. GTA (As a Whole) Might Become the Next EA

As with past GTA titles, better weapons mean more money spent.

But what if Rockstar Games does the same for city access?

That’s what some fans are speculating (and wishing not to happen). Otherwise, GTA’s reputation might get tarnished and worse, empty their pockets.

1. Everything Becomes Subscription-Based

We’ve heard of overpriced cop cars. GTA+ price hike remains a relevant discussion. But what about subscription-based models?

Some games offer overpowered cars or weapons for real-life money. In a single-player perspective, that’s nice. Everything’s optional. You progress faster than free-to-play users.

GTA Online and GTA 5 locked under a paywall.

Take the same business model into GTA Online, and everything becomes a mess.

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