This New GTA 6 Leak Is Making Fans Crazy!

Rockstar Games’ first GTA 6 trailer hit YouTube five months ago. Except for a few press releases from Take-Two Interactive, no official announcements followed.

Combining the fans’ desperation for fresh content with new applications to create AI-generated pictures resulted in a viral leak that made its rounds throughout X.

In this story, we’ll debunk the leak and point out all its dead giveaways.

Clickbait GTA 6 Alleged “Gameplay Leak” Hits the Right Audience

On May 2nd, X (formerly Twitter) user @juju uploaded a suspected gameplay leak of GTA 6. It’s noteworthy to add that previous footage of Lucia and Jason was uploaded months prior to this post.

The leak in question is a photo of a blonde woman wearing a bikini. Given the background scenery, it’s most likely to be the unforgettable Miami Beach as seen in the trailer.

A blonde woman in a beach.
Some people fell for this trap!

Since then, the tweet has been viewed 20.4 million times, with many users expressing approval and disapproval.

Most users fueled their excitement for GTA 6’s release, accompanied by “cultured” comments. However, despite their verified badges, some of them might be bot accounts.

Going back to the first GTA 6 trailer, you’ll see a blonde lady with almost the same bikini and body composition. It’s no wonder why some enthusiasts believed the leak’s authenticity on X.

Nice Try, But it’s AI

There’s a lot to unpack regarding the image:

  • The map radar is off.
  • Background trees don’t match up with the trailer.
  • The blonde woman reference almost got it right.
  • The “Vice Beach” font is not very Rockstar Games.
  • The intentional blurring.

Weird Map Radar

Look at the surrounding area. Now, check the map radar. 

Why only three icons when there are more of them in the background? Also, what’s with the straight yellow line? That’s supposed to be empty.

A blonde woman in a beach with the added interface pointing to the road.

The map radar looks like a downgrade compared to GTA Online.

Background Trees in Leak vs. Trailer

Here’s a screenshot from the official GTA 6 trailer:

An aerial shot of the Vice Beach.

Here’s another reference from a different angle:

A land shot of the Vice Beach showing several people.

Palm trees shouldn’t exist, although perhaps it’s from a distinct part of Miami Beach. Even if that point is valid, there are many dead giveaways to disprove the leak’s authenticity.

Blonde Woman in Leak vs. Trailer

Assuming the trending tweet is referencing the blonde woman in the first trailer, there are tons of differences to note:

  • The bikini top’s design doesn’t match.
  • Missing necklace.
  • Missing mole.
  • Smaller earrings.
  • The bracelet is missing (intentionally).
The blonde woman on the leak compared with the blonde woman from the first GTA 6 trailer.

Outdated Font for the Latest GTA game?

Knowing Rockstar Games’ innovation (except GTA Online), GTA 6 would at least be using a new font.

The leaked picture still uses an outdated GTA Vice City font called Rage Italic. For reference, GTA 5 used Signpainter, while GTA 4 has Neue Helvetica, Compressed, and Medium.

Why Blur an “Official Leak”?

Even if some gameplay footage is fake, the majority are consistent with the quality.

AI-generated images improved drastically within a year, but some still produce lackluster results. Degrading the photo to make it look convincing is a fitting coverup.

One community member remarked, “If it’s actually a leak, we’d see rockstar copyright remove this”.

Twitter feed with users interacting with each other.

What do you think of the leaked photo? Feel free to discuss it in the comments below!

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