Almost Half of UK Gamers Won’t Play GTA 6 On Release According to Newest Survey

A recent 2023 survey revealed shocking statistics of the number of UK gamers planning to buy GTA 6.

Although the first trailer is racking up almost 200 million views on YouTube, GTA 6 is a no-go on the respondents’ wishlist. Read more about the story below.

The Survey Results

Of 513 UK gamers, an underwhelming 41% will play GTA 6 on release. Fourty-five percent won’t pre-order, while 4% are undecided.

Credit: Statista

The survey was initiated on November 28, 2023, and finished one day later. The results were then published at Statista, with YouGov as a collaborator, on April 29, 2024.

All 513 participants are aged 18 and above. Of course, the small sample size is incomparable to the UK’s larger gaming audience, which may throw off the current results.

Rockstar Games is Aware of Player Behavior

The first GTA 6 trailer premiered on December 5 last year, just a week after the survey’s initiation. 

With the promising visuals, character introductions, and storytelling, it’s very likely that many players will want to play GTA 6. 

If anything, Rockstar Games is good at audience retention. For example, the trailer itself doesn’t have ads. GTA Online also has rotating weeks with great deals every now and then.

A Pay-to-Play That’s Worth It?

GTA 5’s first platform upon release was set on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version follows two years after the game’s 2013 sale.

Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, announced GTA 6’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox X S release in 2025.

With Rockstar Games prioritizing consoles over PCs, this might be one of the barriers to purchasing GTA 6. Yet, many gamers on X and Reddit are still anticipating the new game-changing console, so the numbers above could change.

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1 thought on “Almost Half of UK Gamers Won’t Play GTA 6 On Release According to Newest Survey”

  1. One major cause why some people are discouraged at purchasing GTA VI (aside from the fact that you need a new-gen console) is because of the broken job market.

    I have seen a lot of people on Reddit complaining about terrible work condition and the rumored recession we are going through. That’s unheard of but in my opinion that’s the reason why Rockstar Games pumped up the price of GTA+.


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