GTA 6 Trailer Surpasses the Minecraft Trailer After 12 Years of Being Top 2!

After being on YouTube for 12 years, the Minecraft trailer has been surpassed by the GTA 6 trailer, which has been up for only a month. How cool was that!

Join us and discover why the GTA 6 trailer continues to dominate the gaming community and what records it might break in the long run!

GTA 6 Trailer Surpasses the Minecraft Trailer

The Minecraft trailer, which has 167,757,968 views on YouTube, has now been surpassed by GTA 6 trailer 1, which has 167,883,789 views and counting!

Looking back at the past, the Minecraft trailer seems far away when we’ve seen it accumulate 167 million views.

However, our opinion changed when the first GTA 6 trailer went viral, gaining 90 million views within 24 hours of being uploaded on YouTube on December 5, 2023.

The huge excitement over the GTA 6 trailer reveal, with millions of views in a short time, shows how much fans have been eagerly waiting for the new Grand Theft Auto game.

This demonstrates how the franchise’s popularity and Rockstar’s work on GTA Online have kept gamers and fans engaged over the past few years.

Records to be Broken by GTA 6 Trailer

There are many records waiting to be broken by the GTA 6 trailer. One of them is the current number one spot for the most-viewed video game trailer, currently held by Subway Surfers’ Official Google Play Trailer.

The record of Subway Surfers’ trailer is about “361,469,540 views“, which was uploaded way back on September 18, 2012.

However, they gained those views through Google Play Store ads and other games that also have ads, which is why it garnered so much attention.

Surpassing this achievement is going to be a challenge for Rockstar. However, considering that GTA 6 gained almost half the views of the “Most Viewed Game Trailer” without the help of ads is astonishingly amazing.

Broken Records of GTA 6

On the other hand, the GTA 6 trailer has already broken the record for the most-viewed video game trailer within 24 hours of being uploaded on the internet, according to Guinness World Records.

Another record they broke was for the “Most Liked Video Game Trailer on YouTube,” which was also featured on the Guinness World Records website.

This is just the beginning for Rockstar, considering this is only the first Trailer they released last year. Imagine how it will impact Trailer 2, which is rumored to be out later this 2024.

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