Rockstar Updates on GTA 6 Release Date and Surprise Platform Selections!

Rockstar just dropped the first trailer for GTA 6 on social media, and fans are going crazy! Everyone’s asking when and where they can get their hands on it.

In this post, we’ll explore the release date and the platforms they intend to release GTA 6.

When Will Rockstar Release GTA 6, and What Platform Have They Chosen?

According to Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games has chosen two next-gen consoles for the release of GTA 6: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. They plan to release the game in 2025, as seen in the GTA 6 trailer.

Many fans are a little disappointed with this release, as most of them expected to play it on their PS4 consoles, knowing that most gamers nowadays don’t have PS5.

The official announcement from Take2-Interactive

Even die-hard PC gamers are in shock because GTA 6 wonโ€™t be available on PC upon its release in 2025.

We do understand that this decision from Rockstar aims to limit the potential for modders to alter the game after its release.

Some gamers are also concerned about the framerate at which GTA 6 will run upon its release. Many fear that Rockstar may limit it to 4K 30fps, which would disappoint a lot of gaming enthusiasts.

Will GTA 6 Be Released On PC in the Future?

There is no clear answer to this question yet, but we do know that Rockstar understands how GTA 5 became more popular once it was announced for release on PC. So, we do think that they will do the same here in GTA 6.

Similar to what is happening now in GTA 6, Rockstar initially introduced GTA 5 on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles on September 17, 2013. Then, on January 13, 2015, they announced the release of GTA 5 on PC.

The release year of GTA VI

We understand that Rockstar had their own reasons for doing this, but we believe it was to avoid certain problems along the way.

Here are some reasons we think affected their decision on the platform:

  • Smooth launch: A smooth launch on consoles ensures that the game runs smoothly and is optimized. This allows for dedicated time to focus on creating an optimized PC version.
  • More sales: When Rockstar drops the game, they know you will play it on any platform you can get your hands on. And when the PC version finally comes out, they know you’ll probably buy it all over again.
  • Preventing piracy: If the game gets pirated right after it’s released, it could lose a lot of sales. Pirating console games is challenging, but PC games are more likely to get pirated.

So, if you are a PC gamer and don’t want to break the bank, just wait a couple of years and play it on the PC version.

If you can’t wait that long, consider purchasing the PS5 on the day of GTA 6’s release. If you’re lucky, Sony might decide to launch a PS5 Pro, which would be more capable of handling GTA 6 than the current PS5.

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