GTA Online Street Dealers Location (Daily Updates & Profit)

GTA Online has near-infinite ways to make money, thanks to DLCs. One of them is Street Dealers, added in the Los Santos Drug Wars update, as NPCs who can make you rich by selling illegal goods.

TL;DR – Street Dealers in GTA Online are underrated and save you time from sell missions. Unfortunately, the money-making method is overlooked because of other businesses like the Salvage Yard and Auto Shop. More importantly, finding them is challenging.

This guide keeps you updated with the daily locations of Street Dealers spread across Los Santos and Blaine County. We’ve also added expert-vetted tips, tricks, and potential exploits for profit!

Where are the Street Dealers in GTA Online Today?

As of March 21, 2024, all Street Dealers’ locations in GTA Online can be found at Chumash (#28), Lago Zancudo (#17), and Paleto Bay (#43).

What Time Do Street Dealers in GTA Online Change?

There’s a daily reset of Street Dealers every 07:00 AM UTC. All their locations are moved randomly.

Average and Maximum Payout for Street Dealers

The cash you earn from selling illegal goods varies per player. However, each Street Dealer in GTA Online might pay a premium price for a specific type of in-demand drug in the market that changes daily.

Here’s a table of payout ranges for your reference:

ProductMinMaxAverageUnitsAverage TotalPrem. Probability

As for the maximum potential profit per Street Dealer, it’s around $87,200 to $92,350. That brings us to a total of $261,600 to $277,050.

To sell your items, use your interact button and press “stack”.

General Tips and Tricks

• Stock up on supplies. You can get them from Cocaine Lockups, Methamphetamine Labs, Weed Farms, and the Acid Lab. Buy them directly so you can focus on other businesses.

• Some items are cheap, but you can save the hassle of doing sell missions.

• Turn on Passive Mode when selling to a Street Dealer in a Public Lobby. While you’re invulnerable when dealing with them, griefers may camp and kill you anyway.

• If you’re new to GTA Online, your first target must be the Acid Lab, as it’s cheap. However, Motorcycle Clubs and Nightclub techs could also be a source.

All 50 Possible Locations for Street Dealers in GTA Online

There are 50 possible spots for a Street Dealer to spawn in GTA Online.

We’ve listed them all here:

1. Cypress Flats

This Vagos-affiliated Street Dealer is behind the Raven Slaughterhouse. Just find a small alley. You can’t miss it.

2. Grand Senora Desert

This Hippies representative is near the trailer outside the Thomson Scrapyard.

3. Harmony

This Redneck member is in front of a house north of the corner of Route 68 Approach and Joshua Road.

4. Vespucci Beach

The Armenian Mob-affiliated Street Dealer in GTA Online is behind Papa Smurf. Next to it is the Vespucci Movie Masks for easy reference.

5. Chamberlain Hills

This representative from The Families is at the front entrance of the BJ Smith Recreational Center in Chamberlain Hills.

6. Procopio Truck Stop

Sell your illegal goods at this “Lost” Street Dealer you can find outside Ray-n-Mays Up-n-Atom Burger Diner.

7. Sandy Shores

Earn cash from this Redneck gang member you can find standing outside Sandy’s Gas Station.

8. Harmony

Another Redneck representative is stationed outside of Eastern Motel in Harmony.

9. Little Seoul

This Kkangpae buyer is idling at an unidentified building in Decker Park. The place is also a spawning point for G’s Caches.

10. Downtown Vinewood

This Street Racer member is behind the Benefactor-Gallivanter Dealership in Downtown Vinewood. You can find this place easily by following the “Premium Race” icon on your radar.

11. Rancho

Another member from “The Families” is stationed outside of the entrances to Rooms 2 and 3 at the Bilingsgate Motel.

12. Alamo Sea

This Redneck-affiliated buyer is found at the Foreclosed North Alamo Pier.

13. Burton

This Kkangpae buyer in GTA Online is at the Service Bay, west of Rockford Plaza.

14. La Puerta

This Street Punk is at a nearby car park of Maze Bank Arena.

15. Rockford Hills

This Ballas-affiliated Street Dealer is outside an alleyway between Luxury Autos and Wup et Dux.

16. Palmer-Taylor Power Station

This one’s at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station with a valve nearby.

17. Lago Zancudo

This Street Punk is near a telephone booth between RON and a 24/7 Convenience Store.

18. La Mesa

Sell your illegal goods to this Vagos-affiliated buyer in GTA Online behind an Ammu-Nation Store on Supply Street & Popular Street.

19. Pleasure Pier

This Street Punk is between The Sea Word Souvenirs and Hung Drawn & Quarters.

20. Mirror Park

You can make a deal with the “Lost” Street Dealer found upstairs of the Cool Beans coffee shop.

21. Grapeseed

Another “Lost” buyer is stationed behind Park View Diner in Grapeseed.

22. Paleto Bay

Interact with the Street Punk member to view the drugs he’ll buy. You can find him inside the South Seas Apartments.

23. Tongva Valley

This one’s outside With a Paddle White Water Activity Center next to a river.

24. Downtown Vinewood

Behind the Globe Oil gas station is a Ballas Street Dealer in Downtown Vinewood.

25. Terminal

This Armenian Mob member is next to two eCola vending machines at the Jetsam Terminal.

26. Alamo Sea

A Redneck member is stationed at an Abandoned Mexican Fast Food Restaurant (Marina Drive), ready to buy your collection.

27. Tataviam Truckstop

This one’s near Bishop’s Chicken carpark and a 24/7 Convenience Store.

28. Chumash

Another “Lost” buyer in GTA Online, idling outside Nelsons General Store in Chumash Plaza, Chumash.

29. Cape Catfish

A Hippies gang member is found outside a house in Cape Catfish.

30. Grapeseed

A “Lost” Street Dealer is hiding at the North side of LTD Gasoline, ready to exchange illicit products for money.

31. RON Alternates Wind Farm

This Hippies-affiliated buyer in GTA Online is outside one of the Senora Desert Trailer Park trailers. A remarkable taiji (yin-yang symbol) is drawn outside of the trailer.

32. LSIA

This Los Santos Triads (LST) member buys illicit goods you can spot behind Los Santos Customs.

33. Del Perro

This Street Punk can be found under 1237 Prosperity Street.

34. Pillbox Hill

Sell your stash to this Ballas Street Dealer in GTA Online. You can find him idling outside Caesars Auto Parking and Bean Machine coffee shop.

35. East Vinewood

This one’s at the Broker Park. Be careful not to enter during the afternoon, as a Gang Attack may be triggered.

36. Rockford Hills

This buyer is at Cottage Park, where a Gang Attack may also happen. We recommend approaching the Street Dealer at nighttime.

37. Chumash/Banham Canyon

Another buyer can be located at a Beachfront on Ineseno Road, intersecting Chumash and Banham Canyon.

38. Hawick

This Ballas-affiliated Street Dealer in GTA Online is behind Heat Clothing, Hawick Avenue.

39. Harmony East

Exchange valuable goods for money with this “Lost” Street Dealer found near a trash bin outside of Los Santos Customs.

40. Little Seoul

This LST member is inside the Little Seoul train station.

41. Vinewood Hills

This one’s at the Beaver Bush Ranger Station.

42. Sandy Shores

At the Boat House in Sandy Shores is a Street Punk you can earn money from.

43. Paleto Bay

This one’s outside Pop’s Pills, near Beeker’s Garage.

44. North Chumash

This one’s at Hookies in North Chumash. Nearby Lost MC members will turn hostile should you fire your weapon.

45. El Burro Heights

46. ULSA

An Armenian Mob Street Dealer can be found at the track bleachers, Northwest corner of ULSA.

47. Little Seoul

Go to the service bay of Korean Plaza to find this Kkangpae Street Dealer.

48. Great Chaparral/Grand Senora Desert

This one’s outside of a house, South Harmony.

49. East Vinewood/Textile City

This one’s next to two trash bins at the Dashound Bus Center.

50. Paleto Forest

This Hippies-affiliated Street Dealer in GTA Online is inside the Bayview Lodge.

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