GTA 5: What is Beeker’s Garage?

Have you ever been up north in Los Santos and found a car shop in Blaine County? And when you went inside, were you surprised it said Beeker’s Garage instead of Los Santos Customs?

Intrigued? Well, in that case, join us and discover what this garage is and the features it has.

What is Beeker’s garage?

Beeker’s Garage is an auto repair shop in Paleto Bay, Blaine County, San Andreas where players can customize and modify their vehicles. It is like Los Santos Customs but in the Blaine County region.

Beeker’s Garage is not a popular location in the game, but it allows players to enhance the performance and aesthetics of their cars just like Los Santos Customs.

Customizing the vehicle in the Beeker's Garage

According to our source, this is also the place where you can see the “Tow Truck” and the “Packer” just beside the shop in story mode.

It is not like Benny’s Original Motor Works, which can only be found in GTA Online. It is also worth noting that Beeker’s Garage is only unlocked after the mission “Franklin and Lamar“.

Just a tip: Franklin can get car mods for free if you make him buy a car modification property in Sandy Shores. But do note that it is only available for Franklin.

Features of Beeker’s Garage

In this section, we will list all the features of car modifications at Beeker’s Garage and provide their descriptions.

Aesthetic Looks

Here are all the exterior car modification options you can choose from using Beeker’s Garage:

  • Bumpers – Change front and rear bumpers.
  • Spoiler – Adds a custom spoiler.
  • Grille – Adds a custom grille.
  • Horn – Adds custom horn.
  • Tires – Adds custom smoke color and design to your tires.
  • Wheels – Adds a custom rim to make your car stand out.
  • Hood – Adds a custom hood.
  • Windows – Adds a custom window tint color.
  • Lights – This changes your car to LED headlights.
  • Plate Number – Customizes the plate number and color of the plate.
  • Paint Job – Changes the color of your car including: Primary and Secondary colors.
  • Roof Accessories – Adds roof accessories like: roof rails, roof racks, etc.
  • Side Skirts – Adds a custom side skirt.

Performance Upgrade

Also, here’s the full list of upgrades you can put to your car to improve its performance using Beeker’s Garage:

  • Armor – This adds more armor to your car to make it more durable during crashes.
  • Brakes – Gives more grip to your brakes.
  • Engine – Adds more power to your engine.
  • Transmission – Makes the shifting more accurate.
  • Suspension – Lower the car more to the ground.
  • Turbo – Adds additional power to your car.
  • Roll Cage – This will make your character safe when it crashes.
  • Exhaust – Gives more power to the car while adding an aesthetic look.

Note: Not all vehicles have the same range of customization, meaning they lack options such as a custom grille, roof accessories, etc. Usually, these type of cars are already heavily modified by the game, which is why they decreased the customization options.

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