Benny’s Original Motor Works Location in GTA Online!

We all need to customize our cars in GTA Online to make them unique and stand out. The best shop for that is Benny’s Original Motor Works.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Benny’s garage and showcase some of its features.

Where is Benny’s Garage in GTA Online?

In GTA Online, Benny’s garage is located in Strawberry, just south of the Olympic Freeway.

Benny's Garage Location

The icon of Benny’s Original Motor Works on the map is a crossed wrench and screwdriver. You can easily find it, but only after visiting Lamar.

This garage specializes in lowrider culture and customizes vehicles to match your style, making them more unique than others.

What Can You Do at Benny’s Garage in GTA Online?

You can modify your cars using various upgrade options at Benny’s Garage. Each vehicle in the garage has striking aesthetics, remote-operated hydraulics, and nitrous injection for a speed boost during races.

Customizing Cars at Benny's Garage in GTA Online

Here is a list of things you can do at Benny’s Original Motor Works:

  • Engine Upgrades: Enhance your vehicle’s performance and speed.
  • Suspension Upgrades: Improve your vehicle’s handling and control.
  • Spoilers: Adding a spoiler can increase downforce and decrease drag on a vehicle.
  • Exhausts: Tune your car’s sound and optimize its performance.
  • Wheels: Improve your car’s traction and performance by replacing its wheels and tires.
  • Paint: Customize your car’s paint and patterns to make it stand out in the crowd at car meets.
  • Interior: Personalize your car’s interior by adding new seats, a dashboard, and other components.
  • Aesthetic Improvement: Neon lights, window tinting, and vanity license plates are some of the aesthetic improvements available at Benny’s Garage.

You can maximize your customization options at Benny’s garage to make your vehicles look more special on the streets of Los Santos.

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