GTA Online Wildlife Photography Challenge (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S Only)

Rockstar has a special offer in the first weekly events of 2024: snap pics of 15 animals to purchase the Park Ranger and a “Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura” outfit.

Read on to find their locations and the steps to obtain the vehicle and the outfit.

Map of All Animal Locations in GTA Online

Below is the map showing all locations of animals to take photos in GTA Online for the daily Wildlife Photography Challenge collectible.

Map of all animal locations

How to Activate and What Are the Rewards?

As part of the January 4th weekly event, the Wildlife Photography Challenge is a collectible mission that requires you to take photos of animals to unlock the chance to purchase the Declasse Park Ranger and obtain a new outfit.

The Park Ranger

This challenge and reward are exclusive to console players, including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

After logging in and playing for a while, you might receive an email asking you to visit the LS Tourist Board at Chiliad Mountain. There, you’ll be tasked with chasing and photographing 3 animals daily.

Just in case you haven’t received any emails, head to the road leading to Chiliad Mountain. You’ll notice a blinking purple camera icon on your map.

To photograph the animals, open your phone and access Snapmatic. Ensure the animal is centered in the frame without any obstructions.

Note: The required types of animals are different from each other.

Once you’re done, send the photo to the LS Tourism Board. This is similar to taking the UFO images.

The reward for taking an animal photo is $20,00 and 500RP, and $40,000 and 5,000RP for a full list.

The Zoophilist Outfit
Image from Reddit

After taking a photo of one animal, you’re eligible to purchase the Park Ranger for $2,980,000 or $2,235,000 (trade price) if you’ve captured photos of 10 different animal types. Additionally, photographing 3 different animals unlocks “The Zoophilist” outfit.

Tip: You can take a photo of your friends after they transform into animals by consuming the peyote plant.

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