What Can We Learn About Jason and Lucia in GTA 6 Trailer?

There’s plenty to talk about regarding the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6), from graphics and the setting to new features and the animals in the game.

But notably, the main protagonists play a prominent role in this trailer. One is confirmed as Lucia, while the other, possibly Jason, has raised numerous theories.

If you’re curious to learn more about them, dive in below for the details.

Two New Protagonists: Lucia and Jason in the GTA 6 Trailer

In the first GTA 6 trailer, Lucia shows up more often than Jason, so there’s more talk and theories about her.

But since it’s just the first trailer, named “Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1“, fans think there might be another one focusing more on Jason soon.

Everything You Should Know About Jason

Fans speculate that Jason and Lucia’s relationship draws inspiration from Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, American outlaws and robbers during the 1930s.

Bonnie and Clyde became infamous for their criminal pursuits, such as bank heists, break-ins, and run-ins with the law.

Consequently, some fans anticipate that Jason could be an active robber in GTA 6.

Other theories might catch you by surprise. Observing the official artwork from Rockstar featuring Jason and Lucia leaning on a car, fans have noticed Jason wearing green pants resembling the Miami SWAT team uniform.

Jason's pants resembles the uniform of Miami SWAT

This has led to speculation that Jason might be an undercover cop, raising curiosity about his true role and storyline in GTA 6.

The first person shooter scene, it's likely to be Jason

Additionally, in the first-person shooter scene, possibly depicting a break-in mission, you might spot numerous police officers.

Pay attention to the wrist of the person wearing the camera—it appears to be a man’s wrist with visible veins. Some speculate this could be Jason before his turn to a life of crime as a robber in GTA 6.

More clues shed light on Jason’s character. In the cover artwork, he’s wearing a chain that resembles a dog tag.

The dog tag and watch of Jason

In another scene where he and Lucia rob the store, you’ll notice there’s a military-style watch on his wrist. These items are often associated with police or military personnel, strengthening the theory that Jason might be an undercover or an ex-cop.

There's no scene in the trailer that Jason shows his full face

Interestingly, while Lucia’s face is revealed multiple times in various scenes throughout the trailer, Jason’s full face remains hidden.

Rockstar Games might be purposefully keeping the male protagonist’s identity a secret, using this strategy to build intrigue and suspense around his character.

It’s good to see the male protagonist in the first GTA 6 trailer, even if we don’t know much about him yet. If we look back to when GTA 5’s first trailer came out, Trevor, who was one of the three main characters in the game, was kept completely hidden.

Everything You Should Know About Lucia

It’s curious that compared to the male protagonist, everything about Lucia seems clear and detailed in the trailer.

However, there are still plenty of theories swirling around this female character.

In the opening scenes of the trailer, Lucia is spotted wearing a jail uniform, raising curiosity about her backstory and why she’s in jail. Towards the end of the trailer, there’s a scene where Jason and Lucia attempt a store robbery.

Interestingly, in the artwork, Lucia is seen with an ankle monitor, suggesting she was released from jail and being monitored. However, in the robbery scene with Jason, she doesn’t have the monitor on her legs.

Lucia and the ankle monitor

Therefore, fans have reason to believe that the trailer depicts Lucia’s story in reverse.

The story might be like this: Lucia, a young woman involved in criminal activities, crosses paths with Jason, drawing him into their world.

Together, they engage in illicit activities like robbing stores. However, an unfortunate turn of events leads to Lucia’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment.

The resemblance between Lucia and the girl in bikini

Another theory that is being discussed in the GTA community is whether the girl in the bikini, seen in the scene that is replayed the most in the trailer, is Lucia.

However, this theory remains unclear and highly controversial. On one hand, some people argue that these are two different individuals who appear similar but have different numbers of moles on their faces.

On the other hand, many players believe that the girl in the bikini is wearing makeup, which conceals most of the moles. Additionally, there’s a mole in the same position (under the left eye) that suggests she might be Lucia.

The resemblance between Lucia and the girl on the car

Moreover, many fans believe that Lucia also appears in the scene where a girl is sitting in a car and waving, and the driver looks similar to Jason. Although her face is hidden, it’s likely to be Lucia due to the same body size and ponytail hairstyle.

In conclusion, these analyses are just for reference. We still need to wait for the next trailer to confirm all these theories.

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