What City is GTA 6 Based On?

Everyone’s hyped for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

But what we all really want to know is, where is it going to be set?

What City is GTA 6 Based On?

According to a source, the upcoming GTA 6 game will be set in a made-up state called “Leonida”, which is inspired by Florida. The game’s location will be Vice City, which is based in Miami.

Rockstar’s recent trailer on YouTube included a sign that read “VICE” resembling the Hollywood sign in the US (and Vinewood in GTA 5), leading many to speculate that GTA 6 will be back in the iconic Vice City.

The "Vice" banner appears in the trailer

Rockstar Games has been super-secretive about the game, but we finally have some answers based on the trailer they dropped a few days ago.

Back to Vice City

Looking back on October 29, 2002, GTA: Vice City was released for the PlayStation 2, bringing a lot of joy to gamers as the second title in the HD universe.

The neon blue and pink hues illuminating the streets at night, along with the fast cars and vibrant nightlife, made a tremendous impact on the GTA community due to its creativity and amazing storyline.

The comparison between GTA 6 and GTA Vice City

Now that we’ll be returning to Vice City with the upcoming GTA 6, fans are excited to see the modern version of Vice City, which they loved back in 2002.

Adding to the excitement towards GTA 6, it broke three Guinness World Records after being uploaded in just days. What’s even more surprising is that it surpassed the 12-year-old GTA V trailer on YouTube in just one day.

Leaks that Made Gamers Think We Are Back in Vice City

Many gamers weren’t surprised by the trailer being set in Vice City since there had been a leak on social media.

Jason standing in front of the metro with the "Vice City" label
Image from Reddit

The leak was about a year ago, showing Jason near a train labeled “Vice City Metro“. This caused a lot of discussion and excitement on Reddit way back then.

What Will the Modern Vice City Look Like Based on the GTA 6 Trailer?

Based on the GTA 6 trailer, we will have islands to explore on the map with connecting roads and freeways. Additionally, there will be a downtown, suburbs, beaches, clubs, nightlife, swamps, wildlife areas, and more.

That being said, it’s very nostalgic for gamers who played GTA: Vice City on their PlayStation in 2002, but with a twist of the modern age in our society.

Giving us a glimpse of the influence of social media, modern gangs, robberies, drugs, parties, and more.

The GTA 6 trailer has not only shown us what to expect in the game when the time of its release is announced in 2025. In fact, they also added some hidden real-life references within it.

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