How Big is the GTA 6 Map?

Having known Rockstar for many years, we’re aware they’re planning big with GTA 6’s map, especially considering it’s been 10 years since a new GTA title was announced.

In this post, join us as we explore the size of the map and discuss all the outcomes based on the renditions online.

How Big is the GTA 6 Map?

Before the release of the GTA 6 trailer, there were many rumors about the game’s map. A lot of fans were doubtful as the sources were not that trustworthy.

There have been hints that the map in GTA 6 will be 70% larger than the map in GTA 5. There was a leak and discussion on Reddit that this will be the size comparison of the GTA 6 map from GTA 5.

The most accurate GTA 6 map
Image from Reddit

Moreover, an image comparing the sizes of GTA 6 and GTA 5 maps turned out to be a fan-made creation, not accurately representing the game’s actual map size.

Also, there’s a Reddit thread that says a TikTok user claimed that the leaked map everyone’s been talking about is totally legit.

There will be 3 major cities and 4 smaller ones, but the TikTok user did not reveal which of the rumored maps is the real one.

He also mentioned that there’s going to be a huge lake in the middle of the map, which pretty much confirms that Lake Leonida is going to be there.

The TikTok user is none other than the son of a friend of Aaron Garbut, who also leaked aerial footage of GTA 6 on his TikTok before the trailer was released, although the video was subsequently removed.

How Are You Going to Validate a Map Made by A Fan?

Actually, there is no way to know if the fan-made map is accurate and reliable unless the leak or the creator is working under Rockstar or has connections with Rockstar.

The only thing we are sure of is that GTA 6 will be in this new place called Leonida, which is similar to Florida, and Vice City, which resembles Miami.

Some hints for the next city in GTA 6

Fans around the world are all excited about the release of the GTA 6 trailer, and it is no wonder some are creating their own versions of the map based on the trailer.

The funny thing is, there are a lot of online renditions even though the GTA 6 trailer hasn’t been shown to the public back then, which has confused a lot of fans.

GTA 6 Map Concepts

These are some examples of the maps circulating online, which can be or might be the ones that we will see in GTA 6 when it gets released in 2025.

Note: These maps are just made by fans to give an idea of what the map could look like. It ain’t official or anything, just something to get the fans excited.

1. Based on the GTA VI Mapping Project

The GTA VI Mapping Project created this map after the trailer was released on YouTube, and it is considered mostly accurate.

The most accurate GTA 6 map so far

On the map, you will see all the location names have been marked along with their respective positions, such as Lake Leonida in the center, Keys to the south, Port Gellhorn to the west, and so on.

2. Based on Redditor MyNeuronsAreFried

A fellow Redditor also shared his insights about the possible GTA 6 map based on the leaks and locations he saw on forums and social media.

The GTA 6 map made by MyNeuronsAreFried
Image from MyNeuronsAreFried

This one is big, as it has some Bermuda triangle connecting to another island on the southeastern part of the map.

3. Based on Redditor StikyLizardStudiosYT

This map was made by a Redditor who also thinks that the map of GTA 6 will be somewhat like this one.

The GTA 6 map made by StikyLizardStudiosYT
Image from StikyLizardStudiosYT

Although it lacks some location names and details, we might be surprised to find that this could be the actual map.

However, we won’t know until Rockstar reveals it or someone leaks it again with solid proof.

Will They Evolve the Map by Adding DLCs?

According to some sources, there are rumors that Rockstar plans to evolve the map from time to time until it becomes one large map, resulting in multiple cities that players can visit.

Visiting past locations from previous GTA titles is a dream come true for some gamers. However, having this kind of map will result in larger storage requirements, potentially causing consoles to struggle with just one game.

If that ever happens, it’s not likely that we’ll see a new GTA game because it might cause GTA 6 to last for a long time, possibly even longer than GTA 5.

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