GTA Online: Salvage Yard Business (UPDATED Guide 2024)

Yusuf Amir finally arrives in Los Santos with his cousin Jamal in GTA Online’s newest Chop Shop update. The DLC dropped on December 12, 2023, with the Salvage Yard in the spotlight because of its money-making capabilities.

Since the release of the new content, the community expects full coverage of the new business. We’ll do that in this guide and give updates on significant changes.

UPDATED as of 29/02/24 (10:26 AM UTC): New vehicles and robberies were added. Changed maximum weekly payout.

What is the Salvage Yard in GTA Online?

The Salvage Yard is advertised as a legal way to make money by selling salvaged car parts from Red’s Auto Parts. However, it’s more than just towing vehicles for passive income; it involves heist-like preparations to steal expensive cars.

The exterior and interior of the Salvage Yard in GTA Online.

Only your GTA Online character knows about the illicit scrapyard business, as Yusuf Amir will contact you upon installing the Winter DLC.

How to Start a Salvage Yard Business?

Access the web and enter the Maze Bank Foreclosures site. Afterward, filter the results to find five Salvage Yards across Los Santos, Paleto Bay, and Sandy Shores. You must register as a SecuroServ CEO or a Motorcycle Club President to officially start the business.

All five locations of the Salvage Yard in GTA Online.

Here are all the locations with each property’s price:

Paleto Bay$1,620,000
Sandy Shores$2,030,000
Murrieta Heights$2,420,000
La Puerta$2,690,000

The scrapyard in La Puerta was once inhabited by Merryweather Security, active from 12:00 to 20:00. After the Chop Shop update, the Gang Attack was disabled, making the location the best on our list.

Purchasing a scrapyard property at Murrieta Heights or Strawberry is ideal if you’re short on money and want to do business with Yusuf Amir immediately.

Properties on Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores are terrible options as they’re far from the city. Remember: Time is money.

One scrapyard is allowed per player, but you can relocate by heading to Maze Bank Foreclosures and clicking your desired property. Once finalized, all previous upgrades will be removed, and you’ll have to repurchase them

Salvage Yard Renovations

Renovating and upgrading the property is straightforward. Access the web and head to Maze Bank Foreclosures. Find the purchased property and click “Renovate”.

The in-game interface of the Maze Bank Foreclosures Renovation option for Salvage Yard in GTA Online.

There are five renovation options you can choose we’ve listed in the following table, alongside their prices and benefits:

Tint$75,000 per colorChanges the color of the interior. Choose from Gray, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Red, Teal, and Dark Gray.
Get Trade Rates$450,000Repairing vehicles from Los Santos Customs and claiming replacements from Mors Mutual Insurance now costs 50% less.
Tow Truck Beater & Tow Truck$650,000 & $1,100,000 (respectively)Enables the Tow Truck Service to earn an additional $30,000 to $40,000 per vehicle and passive income from the Salvage Yard reputation.
Wall Safe$750,000Expands maximum cash storage for up to $250,000.
Staff$625,000Speeds up salvaging car parts. 

Tow Truck Service cars can be salvaged from 2 to 1 GTA day upon purchase. 

Vehicles from robberies can be salvaged from 4 to 3 GTA days upon purchase.

The Planning Wall/Vehicle Robberies

Head over to the Planning Wall on the right side of the entrance to start making money. It’s below your personal quarters.

Use your interact button to choose between the following vehicles available from February 29 to March 7, 2024:

Vehicle NameVehicle RobberySell Value (Max)Salvage Value (Min)Bonus Challenges
Obey Omnis e-GTThe Duggan Robbery $384,000 $307,200 • Perform 15 Headshots

• Use the EMP Drone and disable the target vehicle on the first try

• Reach Hao Within a Minute
Vapid Dominator GTThe Gangbanger Robbery $284,000 $227,200• No Cop Lives Lost

• Jailbreak Within 3 Minutes 

• King Tiny Has 75% Health
Karin PrevionThe Podium Robbery $252,000 $201,600• No Lives Lost 

• Reach the Elevator Hatch Undetected 

• Escape the Casino Within a Minute
The Facade Planner featuring new Obey Omnis e-GT, Vapid Dominator GT, and Karin Previon.

Bravado Buffalo EVX, Declasse Mamba, and Weeny Issi Rally are now unavailable. However, if you selected one of three cars and have yet to conclude the robbery finale, you can still complete it and choose from the current batch afterwards.

We’ve created a database of all 100 Salvage Yard Vehicles to learn all phased-out and upcoming cars.

Note: You can claim a stolen car as your own for a fee, with a potential discount if you have the Document Forgery Office. Rockstar Games has yet to implement this feature.

All vehicle robbery guides are now LIVE. Click the link above if you want extensive help.

What is The Max Payout for a Salvage Yard Business?

This week, selling a stolen vehicle to Yusuf Amir will earn you between $252,000 and $384,000. Additionally, each car towed using the Tow Truck Service yields an extra $30,000 to $40,000, while the daily Safe cash generates $24,000. Overall, you can comfortably earn between $1,040,000 and $1,080,000.

The player earning money for delivering the Turismo Omaggio for $395,000.

Since the scrapyard is an active business, you’ll work one to two hours. You’ll do scoping missions, optional quests, robbery tasks, the finale, and the delivery. You can speed up the process using the Oppressor Mk II or Sparrow to travel around the map.

During the car’s delivery to the Terminal, any damage incurred will be deducted from the final payment. Consider doing it in a private lobby, but you don’t have to worry about pursuers because they don’t appear, unlike in Vehicle Cargo export missions.

The Tow Truck Service is straightforward. We recommend purchasing the $625,000 Staff Upgrade to decrease the time it takes to salvage a vehicle. Even after exiting GTA Online, your staff will continue working.

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20 thoughts on “GTA Online: Salvage Yard Business (UPDATED Guide 2024)”

    • well, it depends. i personally wouldnt salvage the cars either, but salvaging them should be completely passive, right? you could do other things while this is the case, and while the delivery should be very fast, if you’re not actually in need of money and would rather do some more interesting missions like heist finales or something, that is an option

      looking at it efficiency-wise, yes, 100% selling to yusuf

  1. I myself bought Paleto Bay next to Pete’s arcade. If you have any utility vehicle (Sparrow, Oppressor MK2, F160, Buzzard) missions take up to 5-10 minutes. Note that even the beater tow truck is fast (over 110 mph according to dashboard).

    Looking at passive and semi-passive income (game day): 50k nightclub, 50k warehouse/office cargo, 50k ammunation/bunker, ??? salvage yard, 20k agency, 10k arcade, and cars from the auto-shop 40k-100k for 2. In addition, once every real life day I can sell drugs to dealers for ~300k. Plus a bike trial for 50k. Soon we will be able to earn $600k each day.

  2. How does the safe work? I thought that each Tow adds around 6,000 usd to the safe. So doing it 4 times gives you 24,000 per GTA day (48 mins)
    Then during the 2nd day that 24,000 got lower so had to re-do the Tow Truck missions.
    Any idea exactly how the mechanics for the Safe, i.e. how much you can earn, how that amount depreciates, and how to increase that amount for as long as possible…
    I know its new, and if theres info out there would be great.

    • Hello, Pasha. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this guide.

      The team is currently handling the Wall Safe in the Salvage Yard business to answer your inquiries and provide additional details.

      At GTAX, we get new info as quickly as possible, so please stay tuned. We’ll update this page once we discover something noteworthy.

    • Hi Josh.

      We do agree Rockstar Games’ limits to profit potential can be frustrating. However, a new cycle of robberies will be available in the next weekly update (around 7 to 8 PM UTC, and we’ll keep you posted).

      We have no confirmation of the vehicle names and their prices, but there are a hundred of them Rockstar is yet to confirm (based on data-mined in-game files).

  3. When are they releasing the ability to buy these stolen vehicles? i have a full shop i want to keep and have to pick one or two to sell each week depending on what i want to keep more

    • Hi Bob!

      The ability to buy stolen vehicles from successful Salvage Yard robberies was leaked days after the Chop Shop update. Unfortunately, Rockstar has yet to implement the feature.

      Based on the content Rockstar released last year, I guess it’ll happen around the second or third week of February, alongside the Cluckin’ Bell thing with Vincent (the Casino guy). No high hopes, though.

      But again, we highly recommend selling vehicles you don’t want if profiting is your top priority.

      – Nat

    • Hi Adum,

      As far as everything’s tested, only the Salvage Yard owner can initiate the “Sell” option to Yusuf.

      Even if you have your friend on the passenger seat, they won’t be able to receive any cash – only you.

      However, it’s not the case when doing Vehicle Cargo Exports, as your friend will get the full price (assuming that friend is an Associate).

  4. My robbery cars portion are saying all three were sold but that was literally three days ago does anybody know how long it takes for them to have new missions?


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