How to Register As A CEO In GTA Online (2023)

In GTA Online, becoming a CEO grants several benefits and privileges that may surprise you. Fortunately, you just need a few simple steps to register, so why not?

In this post, we’ll show you how to register as a CEO in GTA Online.

How to Become a CEO in GTA Online

To become a CEO in GTA Online, you must purchase and own an office, then register as a CEO via the Interaction menu.

Similar to becoming a VIP, you can become a CEO by selecting the corresponding option in the Interaction menu. However, it’s available only after you own an office.

First, bring up your mobile phone and access the Internet.

Next, on the main screen, click on “Dynasty 8 Executive”.

The Dynasty 8 Executive shows all offices and buildings available for purchase. Depending on your budget, select the appropriate one.

how to register as a ceo in gta 5

At the next window, you can select several options to customize or add more amenities to your office, such as a gun locker, accommodations, personnel secretary, etc.

Finally, click the “Buy” button to complete the purchase.

To register as a CEO, press â€œM” to bring up the interaction menu, then select “Securo Serv”, and select “Register as a CEO”.

After becoming CEO, you’ll have more jobs to earn money and RP, as well as hire bodyguards and enhance your Organization.

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