GTA Online: The Mission Row Robbery (Full Walkthrough 2024)

The Mission Row Robbery is one of five Salvage Yard robberies involving a former Ballas member’s prison breakout, King Tiny. In exchange for freedom, he’ll reveal the location of a high-value car you can steal and sell to Yusuf Amir.

Prepare for the mission and be semi-pacifist, as the Mission Row Robbery requires careful planning and less recklessness. We’ll help you in this GTA Online guide to achieve a 100% run (includes all challenges)!

The Mission Row Robbery Setup

Before selecting a car to steal from the Planning Wall, you won’t know what heist will commence.

If it’s the Mission Row Robbery in GTA Online, it’ll consist of the following parts:

  • Scoping task
  • Three robbery tasks
  • Two planning work missions
  • Two optional missions
  • Robbery finale
The Planning Wall for the Mission Row Robbery in GTA Online.

Completing the scoping mission for the first time will make it unnecessary in the future cycle. 

You can start every task in any order except the scoping and finale. You can also restart each mission should GTA Online experience technical issues. However, you can’t do the same for Equipment Disruption quests, as they make the finale easier.

Scope Out: Mission Row Police Station

Before all other tasks appear, you’ll have to scope out the police station.

Jamal Amir will instruct you to go to an adjacent building to the Mission Row Police Station. Afterward, you must send the following images to him using Snapmatic:

  • Police Maverick
  • Air vents
  • Rear exit

The Police Maverick and air vents are within the vicinity upon arrival. We suggest getting closer or zooming in with Snapmatic to avoid interruptions.

The Police Maverick and Air Vents in the Mission Row Robbery Scope Out.

You can find the rear exit near the bridge going to La Mesa.

The Mission Row Police Station's rear exit in the Scoping Mission.

After sending all three photos, Jamal will reveal branching tasks. Returning to your Salvage Yard finalizes the current mission.

Robbery Tasks in GTA Online

Three green icons will appear across the map upon completing the Scoping Mission. Make sure you’re registered as a SecuroServ CEO or an MC President to make the icons appear.

Pressing your interact button inside the green halo will trigger the task, with Jamal Amir ringing your phone.

Robbery Task #1: Getaway Vehicle

Indispensable during the prison escape, you must steal a getaway vehicle from a nearby Auto Shop. There are armed gang members outside and inside within the property’s vicinity you should take out first.

The player inside an Auto Shop with several cars inside to steal a Getaway Vehicle for the Mission Row Robbery in GTA Online.

After eliminating all gang members, you can choose from the following cars:

  • Bravado Greenwood
  • Bravado Buffalo STX
  • Declasse Granger 3600LX
  • Gallivanter Baller Armored LE (best choice)
  • Annis 300R
  • Maibatsu MonstroCiti

One armed hostile gang member will enter the garage door but ignore him and keep driving.

The Robbery Task ends after parking the stolen vehicle from one of three locations near the Mission Row Police Station and leaving the area.

Robbery Task #2: Stun Guns

Stealing a car shouldn’t involve gunning the peacekeepers of Los Santos in GTA Online. Instead, you’ll have to “collect” Stun Guns near The Diamond Casino & Resort/Pacific Bluffs Country Club. The weapon stash is inside a Karin Dilettante, a security vehicle.

The player stealing Stun Guns from a car's trunk.

Upon collection, nearby security guards will open fire at you. However, you can ignore them and deliver the Stun Gun back to your Salvage Yard.

Robbery Task #3: Weapon Stash

This one’s simple: go to the nearest Ammu-Nation store and find a green duffle bag containing stashed weapons. You can spot it in corners and the shop’s rear interior.

The player finding a bag of weapons in a shooting range in GTA Online.

After picking up the duffle bag, Jamal will instruct you to stash the weapons near the station’s exit. However, you must do it quickly, or you’ll get Wanted Stars.

Planning Work: Police Maverick

During the Mission Row Robbery in GTA Online, King Tiny’s lockup is on high security. The safest and least obvious way of entry is boarding a Police Maverick and landing it on the rooftop.

The Police Maverick atop a building in GTA Online.

Go to the Weazel News Building and hack a signal box. Complete the VOLTlab hacking minigame by matching the input’s value to the output. Upon completion, the Police Maverick’s location will be available on your radar.

We recommend going directly to the helicopter if you have the Oppressor Mk II or air vehicles. Stealth or not, you’ll get three Wanted Level stars, and you’ll have to lose the cops. Park the chopper at an accessible location and remove those stars. Important: Dialing Lester for help or selecting the Bribe option from CEO abilities is unavailable.

After losing the heat, return the Police Maverick to a marked location in Murrieta Heights. Leave the area to complete the first planning work in Mission Row Robbery.

Planning Work: Tactical Gear

Some IAA agents have a lockup containing the BZ Gas Grenades necessary for incapacitating the cops in Mission Row. During the Planning Work, you must gain access to their facility. Armed IAA agents and The Professionals are required to be eliminated.

The player searching a Police Riot Van inside an IAA lockup with dead IAA agents nearby.

The interior is also heavily guarded by IAA agents you should take out. Then, search all Police Riot vans to find the Tactical Gear.

During the retrieval, pursuers will appear on the map. We recommend ignoring them and focusing on driving back to your Salvage Yard in GTA Online.

Optional Work: Disrupt Equipment

Gas masks will render your BZ Gas Grenades ineffective during the Mission Row Robbery in GTA Online. If you want to make the Finale easier, we recommend taking this optional task.

The player destroying a crates shipment containing gas masks in GTA Online.

Go to a marked location leading to the LSPD lockup. There are police officers outside who’ll be suspicious if you’re nearby. Take them out like you’ll do once inside the lockup.

Destroy the LSPD equipment containing the gas masks and pick up the shipment schedule somewhere in the room. Once done, exit the lockup and find all LSPD equipment around the map. 

Tip: Oppressor Mk II and Sparrow work well in this optional mission. You have ten minutes to find all shipments; restarting isn’t viable.

Optional: Mask

If you’re near Vespucci Beach, Jamal will convince you to pick a mask for the Salvage Yard Robbery. Everything’s free, but it’s optional.

The player in front of the mask store near Vespucci Beach.

Finale: The Mission Row Robbery

At nighttime, you must retrieve the Police Maverick and land it on the rooftop of Mission Row Police Station. Incapacitate the guard with a Stun Gun before throwing Gas Grenades into air vents. You’ll acquire a 3-star Wanted Level upon throwing the fourth Gas Grenade.

Enter the Police Station and find the cell key. The number of police officers depends on how much LSPD equipment you’ve destroyed.

King Tiny is in the basement, but you must complete the BruteForce.exe minigame. Once done, a police officer will charge the room. Take care of him before freeing King Tiny.

More police officers will arrive on the scene. Get your weapons, blast the lock, and take your getaway vehicle.

Tip: We recommend finding a garage when escaping since air units are present. It’ll be difficult and tempting but try to outrun and never shoot anyone.

King Tiny will then ask you to drop him to LSIA so he can leave the city with his Conada. Afterward, he’ll reveal the target vehicle’s location for you to steal.

Bonus Challenges (Tips)

  • No Cop lives lost ($10,000). Don’t fire a single bullet to a cop. Ramming them may also negate this challenge.
  • Jailbreak in three minutes ($10,000). We recommend doing the Finale in first-person mode. Navigating the lockup becomes easier.
  • King Tiny has 75% health ($10,000). Before retrieving your weapon stash, bring your armored car (via Mechanic) and escape.
  • All Challenges ($20,000).

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