GTA Online: The Duggan Robbery (Full Walkthrough 2024)

The Duggan Robbery is one of five Salvage Yard robberies involving the Duggan Petrochemical Family. Set in an active Arena War at the Maze Bank Arena, you must infiltrate the event, hijack the vehicle, and retrieve it for Yusuf Amir.

Unlike the Mission Row Robbery, you can be as reckless as you’d like. However, you may also consider getting a 100% run for extra cash, which we’ll help you with this guide!

The Duggan Robbery Setup

When selecting a target vehicle from the Planning Wall, the heist isn’t indicated until confirmation.

If it’s the Duggan Robbery in GTA Online, it’ll consist of the following parts:

  • Scoping task
  • Two robbery tasks
  • Two planning work missions
  • Two optional missions
  • Robbery finale
The Planning Wall for the Duggan Robbery in GTA Online consisting all planning work with photos and text.

The first time you’ve completed the scoping mission, you can skip it in future weekly cycles. Moreover, every task (except the scoping and finale) can be started in any order.

Important: Restarting any part of a mission in the Duggan Robbery is possible. One exception is the Optional Equipment Disruption quest, which makes the robbery finale easier.

Scope Out: Maze Bank Arena

You’ll have to scope out the arena first to make all branching tasks appear in the Duggan Robbery.

Use the Snapmatic app in-game to take photos of the following points of interest:

  • Security measures
  • Duggan’s private box
  • Rear exit

Just outside the entrance is a security camera. Get closer to it so it counts to progression.

The towering Maze Bank Arena with the security camera outside and zoomed in another shot.

The Duggan’s private box is inside, but security personnel are nearby. Avoid them as much as possible and get close enough to snap a photo.

The Duggan's private box inside the Maze Bank Arena and zoomed in another shot.

Owning the Arena Workshop automatically ticks the progression for scoping the rear exit. Otherwise, circle the huge property until you see this spot.

The arena workshop garage in the rear of the Maze Bank Arena and zoomed in another shot.

Return to the Salvage Yard to conclude the mission.

Robbery Tasks in GTA Online

After completing the Scoping Mission, two green icons will appear across the map. Register as a SecuroServ CEO or an MC Club President if they’re not present.

After pressing your interact button, Jamal Amir will contact you once you’re in the green halo.

Robbery Task #1: LS Panic Trailer

Jamal Amir will instruct you to steal a Phantom Custom truck in the Backlot City or Elysian Island, depending on the robbery task icon’s position.

The LS Panic Trailer inside a garage in GTA Online.

Before entering the warehouse (marked by a yellow corona), equip a gun, as both places have guards. Take them out, search for the cab keys, and bring the vehicle outside.

The cab keys in a nightstand table next a book and a fax machine inside a small control in GTA Online.

Upon exiting the warehouse, you’ll receive two Wanted Level stars. We recommend using your Personal Vehicle (Oppressor Mk II for the best result) to lose the heat. Afterward, drive the LS Panic Trailer somewhere in La Puerta for storage and later use.

Robbery Task #2: LS Panic Outfits

You must collect a disguise outfit at a Suburban store in Alta, Chumash, or Harmony to get inside the arena without raising suspicion.

Inside the Suburban in GTA Online.

This task is straightforward: barge inside the shop, find and collect the purple duffle bag, and leave.

The purple duffle bag containing the LS Panic Outfits in GTA Online.

Depending on the location, you may return to the Salvage Yard while losing the cops. You can only lose the heat naturally, as Lester won’t be able to help.

Planning Work: Bypass Module

Without the Bypass Module during the Salvage Yard robbery, you won’t be able to retrieve the car. The tool works against the Maze Bank Arena goons’ vehicle anti-theft immobilizer.

The mission starts with Jamal requesting that you destroy three signal jammers at random locations in Los Santos and Paleto Bay. Each place has three Merryweather Guards stationed. We advise taking them out first before blowing up a signal jammer.

The Merryweather Security guarding the signal jammer during the Duggan Robbery in GTA Online.

If you’re using the Oppressor Mk II, you can just aim at the target and proceed to the next one. Most locations have no ladder, so it’s best to steal their Buzzard Chopper or have your Personal Aircraft readied by the Pegasus.

Once all three jammers are destroyed, Jamal will update your map with the lockup containing the Bypass Module. We advise taking out all Merryweather Security Personnel before entering the lockup.

The Bypass Module in a private military crate in GTA Online.

Afterward, destroy the Control Panel marked, and the door will open. One of the security members wearing the Ballistics Equipment will appear, and you have to take him down before grabbing the Bypass Module and returning to the Salvage Yard. 

Note: multiple pursuers will appear if you’re near a road.

Planning Work: VIP Pass

Infiltrating a private Arena War during the Duggan Robbery in GTA Online requires getting past security. From the scoping mission, Jamal requested a picture of the Duggan’s private box — and you’ll need a VIP Pass to enter.

A poorly-lit arena workshop with cars and office rooms.

Go to the marked location in one of the garages inside the arena. The property has security cameras. Feel free to do the planning work stealthily or otherwise. Choosing the former will alert the security, spawning in two waves.

Going the silent way, switching to a first-person view is highly recommended.

First, make your way to Peter’s office. Since it’s locked, you’ll have to search rooms guarded by security cameras. Each room has a Hacking minigame you must complete before it opens.

A locked office room with the hacking minigame.

Eventually, you’ll find the key card as shown below:

Peter's key card inside the Arena Workshop.

Use the key card to open Peter’s office and collect his VIP Pass. Security personnel will arrive, but you may ignore them and return to the Salvage Yard.

Peter's VIP Pass in a desk near some office equipment.

Optional Work: Disrupt Armor

Every optional work in a Salvage Yard robbery makes the finale easier.

For the Duggan Robbery, you must go to a marked location and enter a guarded lockup. Take out guards inside and outside the property before blowing up the armor shipment.

An armor shipment inside the Merryweather's lockup with a dead body inside.

Find and read the shipment list in the room and hunt the remaining three vehicles. We recommend using the Oppressor Mk II or the Sparrow for this mission, as you’ll be chased by enemy choppers.

The armor shipment list with the indistinguishable IAA mark.

Optional: Mask

If you’re near Vespucci Beach, Jamal will convince you to pick a mask for the Salvage Yard Robbery. Everything’s free, but you’re not required to do so.

A vendor selling various heist masks in GTA Online.

Finale: The Duggan Robbery

Before commencing the Duggan Robbery in GTA Online, mark this location in your minimap:

In-game map of Hao's Garage.

It’ll be beneficial during the escape.

Afterward, proceed to the LS Panic Trailer stored in La Puerta. Head to the Maze Bank Arena (in a yellow corona) and enter the property. Keep walking until you’re at the Duggan’s private box. Show the VIP Pass using the interact button and head to the elevator.

The LS Panic Truck stored in La Puerta, the GTA Online Protagonist showing a VIP Pass, and the Online Protagonist attacking the Duggan Crime Family.

Eliminate all enemies. Remember: Aim for the head!

Jamal Amir will instruct you to look through a telescope to spot the target vehicle. Once located, access the Spectator Tablet and use the Battle Drone’s EMP device to disable the moving car.

More enemies will appear on the pit lane, so clear them out. Afterward, enter the target vehicle and install the Bypass Module so you can escape. The route should be marked on your map, but you should take out another hostile at the exit.

Once outside, Jamal will notify that a bomb has been installed on the car. Head to the marked location (mentioned earlier) leading to Hao’s garage. From there, the bomb will be deactivated and removed.

The GTA Online Protagonist driving the Vapid Dominator ASP inside Hao's Garage.

You can kill any opposing security personnel outside the garage, which counts to the bonus challenge. You may also skip and head back to the Salvage Yard.

Bonus Challenges (Tips)

  • Over 15 Headshots ($10,000). This one’s easy. Just aim for the head.
  • Disable the Target Vehicle on the first try ($10,000). When the target vehicle is approaching, go to its level before firing the EMP shot. If you miss it, you can always restart the Duggan Robbery Finale.
  • Reach Hao in a minute ($10,000). Hao’s garage is in Downtown Vinewood, and we asked you to mark the location before entering the Maze Bank Arena.
  • All Challenges ($20,000).

Completing all challenges grants you $50,000.

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