GTA Online: The Podium Robbery (Full Walkthrough 2024)

The Podium Robbery is one of five Salvage Yard Robberies in GTA Online, featuring a prized Podium vehicle inside the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Stealing an expensive vehicle takes more than luck, especially against one of San Andreas’s most dangerous crime families.

In this guide, we’ll help you do a 100% run of the Podium Robbery. Bonus challenges are included for profiting!

The Podium Robbery Setup

Choosing a vehicle from the Planning Wall may trigger the Podium Robbery. If that’s the case, prepare for the following:

  • Scoping Task
  • Three robbery tasks
  • Two planning work missions
  • Two optional missions
  • Robbery finale
The Planning Wall for the Podium Robbery in GTA Online.

You can skip the scoping mission once you’ve done it before. Afterward, you can start all tasks (except the finale) in any order.

Note: You can restart any part of a mission in the Podium Robbery in GTA Online should you encounter connection and technical issues. However, you can’t do the same for the Optional Personnel Disruption quest, as it makes the finale easier.

Scope Out: Diamond Casino

While Jamal is calling you, head to the Diamond Casino & Resort. Use your Snapmatic camera to take photos of the following before sending them to Jamal:

  • Waste Disposal
  • Security Tunnel Exit
  • Podium

Here’s the acceptable range to take the Waste Disposal:

The GTA Online protagonist at the Waste Disposal entrance of the Diamond Casino & Resort.

For the Security Tunnel Exit:

The GTA Online Protagonist in the front of the Security Tunnel exit.

Afterward, enter the Diamond Casino & Resort and photograph the Podium.

The GTA Online protagonist in front of the Podium inside the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Return to the Salvage Yard upon completion.

Robbery Tasks in GTA Online

The Podium Robbery in GTA Online has three robbery tasks. Their icons are present on the map as green duffle bags. Their position changes every new session.

Register as a SecuroServ CEO or an MC President to reveal all icons.

Robbery Task #1: Gas Masks

Stealing Gas Masks in a Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD) is mandatory to commence the Podium Robbery.

Head to a fire station marked on your map. Find the Gas Mask and retrieve it.

The Sandy Shores Fire Station with nearby firefighters and gas masks inside.

Important: Trespassing on the property will trigger an alarm and turn nearby firefighters hostile. You’ll also receive two Wanted Level stars.

We recommend losing the heat while returning to your Salvage Yard for a time-efficient journey.

Robbery Task #2: Rappel Equipment

During the Podium Robbery in GTA Online, you’ll need Rappel Equipment to descend from the elevator shaft to the podium’s storage.

After using your interact button to activate the Robbery Task, enter the nearby lockup run by The Professionals:

  • Downtown Vinewood (Globe Oil)
  • Grapeseed (Grapeseed Farmers Market)
  • Pacific Bluffs (Pipeline Inn)
The GTA Online protagonist defeating goons from The Professionals.

The interior resembles Stash Houses and the Lockup Raid during the Nightclub reputation mission. Five enemies are inside you should take out.

Find the blue duffle bag and collect it. Two more goons will appear. Take them out and exit the lockup.

The Professionals' lockup entrance with a yellow corona and the blue duffle bag containing the Rappel Equipment for the Podium Robbery.

Pursuers will appear on the map. We recommend heading straight to the Salvage Yard for the best result.

Robbery Task #3: Sabotage Casino

This one’s straightforward: head to the Diamond Casino & Resort restroom and plant an explosive at any toilet.

Inside the restrooms of the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Planning Work: LSDS Disguises

As you’ll have to enter the Casino’s restricted zone, you’ll have to appear professional to clean up the “mess”.

Head to Elysian Island/Fort Zancudo and make the Los Santos Department of Sanitation (LSDS) appear by causing a sewage leak.

Commence by destroying three sewage tankers, vulnerable to regular ammunition and rockets.

A massive facility in the Elysian Island will a waste disposal tanker nearby.

Hostiles will appear, some with guns. You’ll also receive two Wanted Level stars. We recommend losing the heat first.

Afterward, use your interact button to turn on five release valves. Once the “Containment” meter is full, the LSDS Boxville will arrive.

The release valve near a facility.

Steal the vehicle and return it to the Salvage Yard.

The LSDS Boxville in the road during the Podium Robbery Preparation.

Planning Work: Storage Key Card

The Storage Key Card is necessary to access the facility during the Podium Robbery in GTA Online. Felipe, the Casino valet, possesses the item.

Go to Mirror Park and find a house with flamingos and a parked BF Club.

A modern house with two flamingos and a yellow BF Club car in a sunny day.

Barge inside the house and intimidate him by pointing your gun. He’ll give you the safe code to get the Storage Key Card.

Felipe the valet raising his hands inside his house and a safe with the Diamond Casino & Resort Storage Key Card nearby..

Jamal will instruct you to return to the Salvage Yard. It can end in two ways:

  • Sparing Felipe will give you two Wanted Level stars. Someone will also pursue you using the BF Club.
  • Killing Felipe will give you three Wanted Level stars, with the BF Club owner chasing you.

We recommend sticking to the objective so you can start the Podium Robbery immediately.

Optional Work: Disrupt Personnel

The Duggan crime family serves as the Diamond Casino & Resort’s security and will actively hinder you during the finale. Reduce their numbers by eliminating four lieutenants.

A flat near Mount Chiliad.

Jamal will mark the following random location:

  • Harmony
  • Paleto Bay
  • Alta

We recommend using the Oppressor Mk II during this mission as it’s near-impossible to find all lieutenants in this mission with a standard vehicle. Moreover, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to cross the other side of the map.

Once inside the lieutenant’s hotel, eliminate him and take his phone to locate the remaining three.

The Duggan lieutenant's dead body and his cellphone inside a flat.

Important: Two attack helicopters will chase you in this 10-minute mission.

Eliminating lieutenants significantly makes the Podium Robbery in GTA Online easier.

Optional: Mask

You can choose any mask for free at Vespucci Beach during the heist. It’s optional but a nice addition.

The Vespucci Mask Shop with different masks and hats.

Finale: The Podium Robbery

Before commencing the heist, mark this location to lose the heat easier during escape:

Drive the LSDS van to a marked location. Afterward, blow up the explosives you installed in one of the bathrooms by dialing “Detonate Bomb”.

The LSDS Boxville traveling the streets of Santos and the GTA Online protagonist detonating a bomb with a phone.

Head to the Casino and retrieve your Rappel Equipment. Enter the property, follow the guard, and clean up the mess.

The Rappel Equipment stashed at the LSDS Boxville and the mess inside the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Eventually, the guard will keep a distance before patrolling. Sneak to the elevator and open the hatch. The Elevator Hatch’s location is as shown below:

A mini-map in GTA Online with the Elevator Hatch highlighted by a yellow circle.

Rappel down and open the facility doors. Expect enemy resistance, then poison gas. You must equip your gas mask immediately afterward.

The player going down the Elevator Shaft during the Podium Robbery in GTA Online.

Locate the target vehicle first before shutting down the security measures. During the mini-game, pop all blue packets and avoid red ones. It should look something like this:

The hacking mini-game with several circuits.

Eliminate the Duggan security, grab the target car, and escape. Since you’re locked inside, you must locate a security terminal guarded by two armed hostiles. Eliminate them and solve the mini-game.

Return to the target car and go straight to the exit.

Upon exiting the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online, you’ll receive four Wanted Level stars. Follow the route that will take you to the Sewers. You’ll be able to lose the heat effortlessly and take the vehicle to the Salvage Yard.

The GTA Online protagonist in front of the Diamond Casino & Resort escaping the police chase with the target vehicle.

Bonus Challenges (Tips)

  • No Lives Lost ($10,000). Bring Snacks and Armor during the Podium Robbery in GTA Online. Always aim for the head to minimize the damage you receive.
  • Reach the Elevator Hatch without getting detected ($10,000). We recommend switching to a first-person view to make the run easier. Just look at your map while running and avoiding the cone. No shooting allowed!
  • Escape the Casino within a minute ($10,000). The terminal hacking mini-game will likely slow you down. Try to match the number as quickly as possible. You have the choice to restart the heist or go forward.
  • All Challenges (20,000).

Completing the bonus challenge will grant you $50,000.

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