GTA Online Snowmen Locations and Rewards (Full Guide 2024)

The first part of the Winter DLC introduced a slightly legal business opportunity with Yusuf Amir.

This Friday at 10:00 AM UTC, Rockstar Games dropped the update’s second installment of new content. One of them is the Snowmen, as part of the Christmas tradition in GTA Online.

Finding all Snowmen in GTA Online is tricky. But this guide will provide you with all the exact locations to get your free rewards!

UPDATED as 28/12/23 (18:48 PM UTC): Improved efficiency of locating all Snowmen by plotting routes you can follow. Locations are also arranged accordingly.

Snowmen in GTA Online Explained

Snowmen collectibles were introduced in the Los Santos Drug Wars update in the Festive Surprise 2022. There are 25 of them spread across Los Santos and Blaine County.

A single GTA Online protagonist can only destroy all 25 Snowmen. Afterward, the seasonal collectible won’t respawn.

We recommend using any vehicle for this activity for optimal results.

All Snowmen Locations in GTA Online

As we want you to have a good gameplay experience, we’ve updated the map and added routes for each Snowman. We’ve also included pathways (yellow lines) from the radar, with some tweaks to cut time from point A to point B.

The following map reference considers car and bike users. If you have the Oppressor Mk II, Deluxo, or other flying vehicles, you may ignore the pathway and still search all Snowmen in order. The endpoint is conveniently placed at the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, so you can immediately start the Yeti Hunt.

The full map in GTA Online consisting of all Snowmen.

Since last year, the Snowmen’s position has been the same.

Note: If you’re near one of them, you’ll hear a Christmas-themed sound with bells. Whether you’re new to the game or just trying to earn extra, here are all the locations of Snowmen in GTA Online:

1. El Burro Heights (12 Sustancia Road)

This Snowman is in front of 12 Sustancia Road (Safehouse). You may see a “For Sale” sign in front if you don’t own the property. It overlooks a nearby Tattoo Parlor.

A Snowman and a map of the El Burro Heights in GTA Online.

2. Mirror Park (east Mirror Drive)

This collectible is available in front of a house in the East Mirror Drive.

A Snowman and a map of Mirror Park in GTA Online.

3. Mirror Park (East Vinewood)

The Snowman is waiting to be destroyed near the fountain at the Broker Park. It is bordered by York Street, Glory Way, and Bridge Street.

A Snowman and a map of Mirror Park in GTA Online.

4. Hawick (Spanish Avenue)

Destroy this Snowman sitting between two houses on Spanish Avenue. You’ll also encounter the Vinewood Plaza, Ammu-Nation, and Los Santos Harmony Wellness Center.

A Snowman and a map of Hawick in GTA Online.

5. Legion Square (Downtown Los Santos)

You can smash this collectible at the Legion Square in Downtown Los Santos. It’s between the Community Series and Rockstar’s Featured Series icons on the map.

A Snowman and a map of Legion Square in GTA Online.

6. Chamberlain Hills (BJ Smith Recreational Centre)

The collectible is inside the BJ Smith Recreational Centre, featuring two basketball courts and a nearby ECola vending machine. You’ll spot a half-pipe park (for skateboarding) and hear bell sounds as you approach.

A Snowman and a map of the Chamberlain Hills in GTA Online.

7. Vespucci Canals (Goma Street)

This one’s next to a tree in Goma Street. You’ll encounter various restaurants and coffee shops such as La Spada, Marlin’s Cafe, and Coconut Cafe.

A Snowman and a map of Vespucci Canals in GTA Online.

8. Vespucci Canals (Decker Park)

The Snowman rests in a half-pipe park (for skateboarding) with one big and small rocks in Decker Park. The pathway is near South Rockford Drive, Vespucci Boulevard, and Little Seoul.

A Snowman and a map of Vespucci Canals in GTA Online.

9. Rockford Hills (Michael’s House)

This collectible is sitting in front of the De Santa Residence. Go inside the property. The gate should open automatically.

En route, you may encounter West Eclipse Boulevard, Rockford Drive, Portola Drive, and Edwood Way.

A Snowman and a map of Rockford Hills in GTA Online.

10. Vinewood Hills (North Rockford Drive)

You’ll find the Snowman in front of a house on North Rockford Drive. The number “1017” is visible nearby.

A Snowman and a map of Vinewood Hills in GTA Online.

11. Banham Canyon (Behind a House #1)

This one’s at the back of a modern house on Canyon Drive.

A Snowman and a map of the Banham Canyon in GTA Online.

12. Banham Canyon (Behind a House #2)

The target is in the backyard of a house, at the nearest Convenience Store (24/7).

A Snowman and a map of the Banham Canyon in GTA Online.

13. Tongva Valley

Near a stop sign bordering Tongva Drive and Zancudo Road is a Snowman.

A Snowman and a map of Tongva Valley in GTA Online.

14. Vinewood Hills (Dog Exercise Park)

The collectible is at the Dog Exercise Park, near a huge tree and a playground.

15. Vinewood Hills (Galileo Observatory)

This one’s on the right side of the observatory.

A Snowman and a map of Vinewood Hills  in GTA Online.

16. Grand Senora Desert (Cherry Pie Farm)

This collectible is in front of a residence on Joshua Road, near the Cherry Pie Farm.

A Snowman and a map of the Grand Senora Desert in GTA Online.

17. Grand Senora Desert (Near Stoner Cement Works)

This one’s in front of a house. You should encounter Route 68 Approach, with the collectible 0.18 miles away from the Stoner Cement Works.

A Snowman and a map of the Grand Senora Desert in GTA Online.

18. Grand Senora Desert (Unknown Building)

Destroy the collectible you can find sitting between an unidentified building and a garage.

A Snowman and a map of the Grand Senora Desert in GTA Online.

19. RON Alternates Wind Farm (Senora Desert Trailer Park)

This one’s in front of a trailer.

A Snowman and a map of RON Alternates Wind Farm in GTA Online.

20. Sandy Shores (Zancudo Avenue)

Destroy this collectible in GTA Online sitting next to Trevor’s Trailer.

A Snowman and a map of Sandy Shores in GTA Online.

21. Grapeseed (Grapeseed Main Street)

Add this Snowman to your collection by spotting it in front of a residence in Grapeseed Main Street. It’s near a Feed Store.

A Snowman and a map of Grapeseed in GTA Online.

22. Mount Gordo (El Gordo Lighthouse)

The Snowman is near the infamous El Gordo Lighthouse. Destroy the collectible standing near Ursula’s House.

A Snowman and a map of Mount Gordo in GTA Online.

23. Mount Chiliad (Great Ocean Highway)

This collectible is near the Up-n-Atom Diner.

A Snowman and a map of Mount Chiliad in GTA Online.

24. Paleto Bay (Paleto Boulevard)

This one’s at the back of a house and a garage.

A Snowman and a map of Paleto Bay in GTA Online.

25. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness (Great Ocean Highway)

This one’s near the Yeti’s location and the Paleto Cove.

A Snowman and a map of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness in GTA Online.

Snowmen Rewards in GTA Online

Collecting a Snowman gives $5,000 and 1,000 RP. Destroy all 25 to receive a bonus of $125,000 transferred to your Maze Bank account. Moreover, you’ll get The Snowman Outfit.

The player with the Snowman Suit and completing the activity in GTA Online.

You’ll earn $250,000 between one to two hours of work. The process is faster if you have the Oppressor Mk II or Deluxo. It’s also an excellent bonus for new beginners.

For The Snowman Outfit, go to your Wardrobe and select Outfits: Festive until you see the item.

The player taking a selfie with a friend wearing the Snowman Outfit on top of the Maze Bank Tower.

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