All 50 Stunt Jump Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

In GTA 5, stunt jumps add extra adrenaline to the gameplay.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with detailed information on all 50 stunt jump locations in GTA 5, along with tips and tricks to help you master these exhilarating challenges.

Map Of All 50 Stunt Jump Locations In GTA 5

Below is the map showing all 50 stunt jump locations in GTA 5.

All 50 Stunt Jump Locations in GTA 5

The following list will provide all 50 stunt jump locations. Each of them is accompanied by a brief description to help you locate the jump and understand its unique challenges.

1. North Calafia Way

GTA 5 Stunt Jumps

Located on the Southern side of North Calafia Road, this stunt jump is easily recognizable. So, head to the Southern side of North Calafia Road and prepare for an exhilarating leap through the air.

2. La Puerta Freeway/Little Seoul

Located on the Southside of La Puerta Freeway in the Little Seoul area. Spot the under-construction freeway boundary, marked by orange cones and sandbags, with a perfectly placed metal sheet for a jump.

3. Parking Garage On Peaceful St.

Located on top of the parking garage on Peaceful Street in Pillbox Hill, there is a Pisswasser beer sign serving as a ramp for a stunt jump.

4. Broken Bridge in Paleto Bay

Located on the Northern end of the map, near Beeker’s Garage and the Discount Store in Paleto Bay, there is a broken bridge. This noticeable gap in the bridge is reminiscent of the letter “N” on the map.

5. Raton Pass

Located in the center of Raton Canyon, west of Raton Pass, there is a stunt jump featuring a rock-shaped ramp. This ramp allows you to jump onto the curved dirt road below.

6. Vinewood Hills

Located near Baytree Canyon Road, you can find this stunt jump by heading east down the hill. The ramp is positioned for a steep dive from the mountain, allowing you to soar over Baytree Canyon Road.

7. Del Perro Freeway Overpass/Downtown

Located in Downtown Los Santos, this stunt jump can be found on the overpass for the Del Perro Freeway, near the Arcadius Business building.

8. Senora Freeway

Located on the Senora Freeway, this stunt jump can be found near the wind farm. Spot the gap in the boundaries while heading south on the freeway, and take the ramp down to the Los Santos Freeway.

9. South of Bolingbroke Penitentiary

Located south of Bolingbroke Penitentiary in the Grand Senora Desert, there is a cliff-shaped ramp that allows you to attempt a daring stunt jump into the high-security prison.

10. Rockford Plaza

Located near Rockford Plaza, between Alta and Burton, there is a stunt jump that involves driving straight into the barricades instead of following the road.

11. West uphill in Vinewood Hills

In Vinewood Hills, west uphill, there is a stunt jump with a ramp located between two houses.

12. Mount Gordo

Located near Mount Gordo, on the most North-Eastern side of the map, this stunt jump takes place near the El Gordo Lighthouse. After crossing a small bridge, your objective is to reach the lighthouse by accelerating with a fast car.

13. Elgin Avenue Parking Garage

Located behind the Ammu-Nation in Pillbox Hill, this stunt jump can be accessed through the parking lot on Elgin Avenue.

14. Pillbox Hill Medical Center West Entrance

Located near the West entrance of Pillbox Hill Medical Center, this stunt jump is easily accessible. You’ll notice a small barricade near the staircase, which serves as your jump point.

15. South Los Santos

Head over to Mission Row in South Los Santos and locate the Get Aweigh watersports store. Look out for a Sprunk sign on the road that acts as a ramp for a thrilling stunt jump.

16. Little Seoul/Decker Street

In Little Seoul, keep an eye out for a Chinese Gazebo. The stairs leading up to the gazebo serve as a ramp for an exciting stunt jump.

17.  Overpass above San Andreas Boulevard

Located in Downtown Los Santos, this stunt jump awaits on the Pillbox Hill overpass. As you approach the tight left turn, keep your eyes peeled for a broken boundary up ahead.

18. Construction Site in Paleto Bay

Located in Paleto Bay, between Beeker’s Garage and the Discount Store, there’s a construction site with a dirt ramp that you can use to jump over a fence.

19. Intersection of Equality Way and Bay City Avenue

Located west of the map, near Dr. Isiah Friedlander’s office/home, this stunt jump can be found under the overpass on Equality Way. Cross the thin red cones and head towards the grassy ramp for a straightforward jump that lands you on the Great Ocean Highway.

20. Rancho

Head to the police station parking garage in Rancho and reach the roof, where you’ll find a ramp to jump.

21. Los Santos Golf Club

Inside the Rockford Hills Golf Club, you’ll find a stunt jump near a small pool of water with a broken wooden bridge.

22. South Port of Los Santos

North of the Docks in Banning, there is a ramp that allows you to cross the canal.

23. Sandy Shores

Located in Sandy Shores, this stunt jump can be found near the Sandy Shores Motel on Lalita Avenue.

24. The Entrance of Los Santos Airport

Located outside Los Santos International Airport, this stunt jump can be accessed by taking the ramp on the right side of the main entrance. Keep in mind that attempting this jump without owning a hangar will result in a 3-star wanted level.

25. Los Santos Freeway Flood Drains

To perform this straightforward stunt jump, head from Alta to the Del Perro Freeway and spot the ramp on the boundary wall where the overpass ramp meets the freeway.

26. Sandy Shores Landing Strip

Head to Sandy Shores Landing Strip in the Grand Senora Desert. Look for large rocks on the southern side, opposite the hangar. Behind those rocks, you’ll find a dirt ramp that you need to use to jump across to the landing strip.

27. Strawberry hospital

Next to Strawberry Hospital, there’s a parking garage. On the southern side of the garage’s roof, you’ll find a ramp.

28. “The Jetty” parking garage

Head to “The Jetty” parking garage on Pacific Bluffs to complete this stunt jump. Drive straight from the broken glass boundary and aim to land near the fuel station below.

29. Dutch London Street

To locate this stunt jump in La Puerta, drive around Dutch London Street until you reach the drain floods. On the grassy land, you’ll spot the drain that supplies the floods.

30.  La Puerta Freeway

To find this stunt jump on the La Puerta Freeway, head towards the airport and look for the underpass where the freeway continues. Between the two one-way freeways, there’s a metal ramp.

31. Port Los Santos

In Port Los Santos, head to the southernmost part of the map and look for a pile of rubble that serves as a ramp. This ramp will launch you across to the train tracks on the opposite side of the port.

32. West of Terminal, Elysian Island

In Elysian Island, near the port, there is a large pile of stones that serves as a ramp for a stunt jump. If you spot a yellow cargo container with the “Cluckin Bell” logo, drive straight with the container on your left to find it.

33. South end of Port of Los Santos

To find this stunt jump on Elysian Island, head to the south end of the port and locate a narrow ramp that leads to the top of a warehouse.

34. Middle of the Port of Los Santos

The tricky stunt jump on Elysian Island is located in the middle port of Los Santos. Speed north along the island and jump from a narrow ramp to land on the warehouse on the opposite side.

35. South end of Elysian Island

On the South end of Elysian Island, you will find another ramp. The objective of this stunt jump is to land on the warehouse, so get yourself a fast car or a bike and floor it to the ramp and land on the warehouse!

36. Middle Port of Los Santos

At the same location as stunt jump 34, steer to the right instead of climbing the ramp. You’ll find another narrow ramp.

37. Ron Alternative Wind Farm

At Ron Alternative Wind Farm, head to the Western end of the farm towards the Grand Senora Freeway. There you’ll find a dirt ramp that will launch you in a stunt jump to the freeway.

38.  Port of Los Santos, Middle of the Southern Section

Head to the south of Elysian Island and locate a ramp near a warehouse with a green strip of paint on top. Accelerate towards the ramp and aim to land on the rooftop of the warehouse.

39. Palomino Avenue

In Little Seoul, near Korean Plaza, drive straight ahead from the barricades, and you’ll spot a ramp that launches you to Palomino Avenue.

40. Port of Los Santos, East Side

On Elysian Island, on the North-Eastern side of the port, there’s a ramp that allows you to launch yourself across the silos.

41. Los Santos Drain Control

In the Los Santos drain control, stay on the left side after passing under the La Puerta Freeway to find a ramp that will launch you across the railroad. Accelerate and hit the ramp to complete the stunt jump.

42. Los Santos Airport, Circular Road East

The billboard near Los Santos Airport with the message “Prepare for take off” is actually a ramp for a stunt jump.

43.  Los Santos Airport, Circular Road West

Just like the previous stunt jump, there is another billboard near Los Santos Airport that can be used as a ramp. This time, the objective is to land on top of the nearby parking garage after launching from the billboard.

44.  Railway Tracks, Port of Los Santos

Head to Elysian Island and enter Bristols Coke Storage. From there, drive straight and locate a ramp. Accelerate and jump from the ramp, aiming to clear the water and land on the opposite side.

45. La Puerta Freeway, towards La Puerta

While traveling from Little Seoul to La Puerta on the La Puerta Freeway, you’ll come across a ramp on the main freeway.

46. Chum Street

Located on the southern side of Elysian Island, there is a ramp that will smoothly land you on the freeway bridge.

47. Rockford Hills Arcade

While traveling from West Vinewood to Rockford Hills, you’ll come across an open courtyard. Drive straight into the courtyard and jump across the staircase to perform a short but narrow stunt jump.

48. Hawick and Rockford intersection

Located at the Hawick and Rockford intersection in Rockford Hills, there’s a ramp that will launch you across the subway. After crossing the subway, you need to cover the entire parking lot on the other side to complete the stunt jump.

49. Murrieta Oil Field

Head to Murrieta Oil Field. From the entrance, go straight and you’ll come across a ramp that allows you to jump across the oil field.

50. South edge of Del Perro Freeway 

At the South edge of Del Perro Freeway in Little Seoul, there’s a ramp that will propel you across the freeway and land you on the other side in Rockford Hills.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Stunt Jumps

Stunt jumping requires skill and finesse. Follow these tips to maximize your chances of success:

  • Approach the jump with sufficient speed and appropriate vehicles.
  • Control your vehicle in mid-air to ensure a smooth landing.
  • Experiment with different vehicles to find the one that suits your style and the specific jump requirements.

Mastering these tips and tricks will give you the edge you need to conquer the most daring GTA 5 stunt jumps.

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