How to Spawn a Helicopter In GTA V

In GTA V, having a helicopter is crucial because it lets you move quickly around the vast city or navigate the game world more efficiently.

There are several ways to get a helicopter, but spawning is the fastest. So, how to spawn a helicopter in GTA V?

How to Spawn a Helicopter In GTA V?

In GTA V, you can spawn a helicopter via mod, cheat code, or your mobile phone.

Although you can purchase a helicopter via Warstock or steal one from the military base, spending $2,000,000 for a vehicle or being arrested by the military forces is not a really good choice.

But don’t worry, you can still get it in other ways.

First, you can get yourself a helicopter by using the cheat code. All you have to do is press “~” to enable the in-game command console, type in “buzzoff” and then press Enter.

The helicopter is placed right next to you after that.

how to spawn a helicopter in gta v

Additionally, you can get a helicopter using your in-game phone. Just access your contacts, choose the dial pad, input the number “1-999-289-9633”, and hit the call button.

Finally, utilizing mods also offers an efficient way to acquire a helicopter without exerting excessive effort. The Menyoo mod, for instance, stands as one of the mods that allow for the best customization and intervention within GTA V.

To spawn a helicopter through a mod, press “F8” to activate the mod menu. After that, select “Vehicle Option”, followed by “Vehicle Spawner”, then “Helicopter”, and choose the desired helicopter on the list

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