Who is Leonora Johnson in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, Leonora Johnson is a minor character who is only mentioned and does show up as a specific character you can interact with.

Leonora John has many mysterious secrets and is connected to a few missions in the game.

In this post, let’s find out who Leonora Johnson is and in which missions she plays a role.

Who is Leonora Johnson in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, Leonora Johnson is a woman whom Peter Dreyfuss murdered. Leonora is involved in the mission “A Starlet In Vinewood” and a collection of 50 Letter Scraps.

In GTA 5, you can learn more about Leonora Johnson by accessing the website “” created by Jeff Campion.

The website reveals stories about Leonora Johnson, primarily focusing on her death. While navigating the website, you’ll discover details about her demise, the suspected murderer, and information about the website’s author.

To uncover the whole story of what happened and catch the person responsible, you must find all 50 Scrap Letters. After you gather enough of them, the mission “A Starlet In Vinewood” is unlocked exclusively for Franklin.

leonora johnson gta 5

It turns out that Peter Dreyfuss is the murderer. After coming to his house and confronting him, Peter ran away and yelled that Franklin was there to hurt him.

In this case, you have two choices: one is to let him escape, and the other is to chase him down and send him to hell.

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