GTA Ultimate Guide: 200 Hints and Tips for an Enhanced GTA Experience (2024 Update)

Despite the popularity of GTA in the gaming community (both Offline and Online versions), some players still find it challenging to play.

After realizing our users’ needs, we decided to create hints and tips for both the story mode and online play of GTA 5.

Want to make your GTA 5 experience a breeze? Check out our tips and tricks to level up your game! Join us now and let’s get started.

The Purposes of GTA Hints and Tips

GTA 5 hints and tips are essential if you want to be more productive in both GTA 5 (story mode) and GTA Online. Some examples are money-making tips, general gameplay, vehicle driving techniques, mission hints, etc.

We get it, some gamers still haven’t tried out GTA 5 even though it’s been out for 10 whole years now. Some folks just don’t have the time, or maybe they’re not into all the criminal stuff in the game.

However, we have provided a vast collection of hints and tips for GTA 5 to guide them in case they reconsider.

100 Hints and Tips in GTA 5 Story Mode

Here are some helpful hints and tips for gamers who want to play the story mode in Grand Theft Auto 5.

1. Saving Frequently

Save your game progress regularly to avoid losing your progress in case of a power outage or system crash.

It’s important to remember this, especially when you’re absorbed in completing missions and having fun.

2. Explore Thoroughly

Checking out GTA 5 is super cool! There are tons of things to find, like secret items and Easter eggs.

Collecting the scrap letter in GTA 5

Don’t just drive your car fast, enjoy the scenery and maybe you’ll get lucky to find one.

3. Switch Characters

Take advantage of the 3 playable characters to access unique abilities and missions specifically designed for them. Sometimes, you will see unique and funny cutscenes after you switch.

To switch, just hold the “Alt Key” for PC or the “Down button” on the D-pad for PlayStation and Xbox. Then, use the “Mouse or Arrow keys” to select the character on PC, while you can use the “Right Analog Stick” for PlayStation and Xbox.

4. Invest in Stocks

One of the best ways to earn money in a game is by investing in the stock market. Keep a close eye on the in-game stock market and make decisions to maximize your profits.

However, quick cash is always a top priority, especially when you need to purchase items to complete certain missions.

5. Complete Side Missions

Undertaking side missions can be quite beneficial as they offer an opportunity to earn extra income and also help unlock unique cutscenes that are not available through the main missions.

6. Upgrade Vehicles

It is recommended that you invest in upgrading the components of your cars. By doing so, you can achieve better performance, increased power output, smoother handling, and a more immersive driving experience.

Upgrade the car's armor in Los Santos Custom

Consider upgrading your engine, suspension, brakes, tires, or other essential parts to get the most out of your vehicle.

7. Use Cover During Shootouts

In situations where you find yourself involved in a shootout, it is highly recommended that you take cover in order to reduce the chances of sustaining injuries and increase your chances of survival.

To cover, depending on the platform you have, press “Q” for PC, press “RB” for Xbox, and Press “R1” for PlayStation.

8. Customize Weapons

If you’re looking to enhance your weapons looks and add a personal touch to them, make sure to pay a visit to Ammu-Nation.

This shop offers a range of customization options for firearms and other weapons, allowing you to fine-tune your gear to your specific needs and preferences.

9. Manage Stamina

To boost the stamina of your characters, it’s essential to encourage them to participate in physical activities such as running, biking, or any other form of exercise that requires endurance.

By engaging in such activities, your characters are more likely to improve their build endurance and increase their overall stamina, which can lead to longer running from cops or enemies.

10. Stealth is Key

When embarking on missions that have a lot of enemies, stealth is always advisable. This involves going to territories without making any noise or drawing attention to oneself.

the difference in between normal and stealth walk

To do this, press the “CTRL” button for PC or press down the “Left Analog Stick” for PlayStation and Xbox to enter the stealth stance.

11. Practice Driving to Improve Driving Skill

One of the most effective ways to enhance your driving skills is to practice driving regularly.

By doing so, you can develop better handling and control over your vehicle, which can help you avoid accidents and drive more confidently on the road while on missions.

Another helpful tip is to drive on freeways and avoid cars with near misses; you can also jump on certain ramps on the map and land safely to add to your character driving stats.

12. Radio Stations

Enhance your music experience by switching between different radio stations. This will not only give you a diverse soundtrack but also provide you with a range of entertainment options.

To do this, simply press the “Q” button while inside a vehicle or the “Left D-pad” button on your PlayStation or Xbox.

13. Invest in Properties

By strategically acquiring properties in a lot of locations and managing them effectively, you can enjoy a reliable source of cash flow and build long-term wealth.

Although heist missions with Lester will grant you a lot of money, it is also important to get passive income from one of your properties in the long run.

14. Use Taxis

If you want to reach your destination faster over long distances, consider switching to calling a taxi. With a taxi, you can sit back, relax, and let the professional driver take you to your destination while avoiding the hassle of driving yourself.

To do this, you can either press the “Right D-pad” button on your console or press the “E” button for PC when a taxi is near you. You can also call a taxi using your phone by dialing the “Downtown Cab Co.” in your contacts.

15. Fly Planes to Increase Flying skill

If you’re looking for diverse and flexible transportation options, you might want to consider learning how to pilot helicopters and planes.

You can improve your flying skill by either flying for long periods of time or attending the Flight School. Enhancing this skill will reduce the shaking of the plane whenever you’re flying one.

16. Decrease Wanted Level

Avoid obtaining a high wanted level in free roam, as this will result in either being busted by the cops or getting wasted.

You can decrease your wanted level by staying out of sight of the cops on the map. You’ll know they’ve lost sight of you when the map returns to normal without the red and blue flashing lights.

17. Hide in Narrow Places

Michael hiding behind the game machine

In case you get yourself surrounded by cops or enemies, go to tight and narrow spaces like houses with fences or an apartment complex and use the crouch or cover feature to add more stealth.

18. Buy Guns at Ammu-Nation

Before you go on any daring missions or heists, ensure you have stocked up on more powerful guns to help you complete the tasks with ease. Ammu-Nation is the place you want to visit for your weapons.

19. Easy 100% Completion

There is another easy way to track your missions and see what you need to do in order to complete GTA 5 100%.

To do this, you can visit the Rockstar Social Club website and access your “Checklist” to view the missions required for completing story mode at 100%. Simply scroll down to identify the specific mission you need to finish.

20. All Wheel Drive Cars!

A Redditor took his time and listed all the cars that have all-wheel drive, detailing the differences in power output between the front and rear wheels.

He said in the thread that the list comprises all the cars equipped with all-wheel drive. He also mentioned that the numbers next to the cars indicate the power output of the front wheels.

For example, he mentioned the “Truffade Adder” and placed “20” beside it, indicating that the front wheel power output is 20%, thereby making the rear power output 80%.

21. Practice Aim

Many missions in GTA 5 involve guns or other weapons, so practicing your aim is necessary in order to finish the game easily.

To improve your aim, try walking backward while aiming and shooting at enemies, especially if you’re not skilled at hitting targets. This technique is widely practiced in many shooting games, so it’s worth applying it here in GTA 5 as well.

22. Upgrade Michael’s Special Skill

Michael’s skill is one of the coolest among the three protagonists, in our opinion. His skill involves better accuracy when shooting in slow motion. How cool is that?

Michael with special shooting skill

To upgrade his special skill, you simply need to headshot a lot of NPCs. If the cops come to intervene, shoot them in the head as well.

Just remember to use your skill by pressing “Caps Lock” for PC, “L3 and R3” for PlayStation, and “LS and RS” for Xbox to make the headshots easier.

Note: Buttons for the special skill apply to Trevor and Franklin as well.

23. Upgrade Trevor’s Special Skill

Trevor’s special skill also revolves around guns and shooting; however, it leans more toward the violent side, which aligns well with his personality. His special skill enables him to deal more damage to enemies while receiving less damage.

You can upgrade his skills by going on a rampage: shooting anybody on sight and taking damage from enemies will quickly increase his special skill to 100.

24. Upgrade Franklin’s Special Skill

On the other hand, Franklin’s skills are good for getaways. His special ability will give you a slow-motion effect while driving a car. You will first encounter this one during the initial mission with Lamar while driving a sports car.

To quickly upgrade his skills, drive down the freeway on the opposite side. Activating the special skill while avoiding close calls from the incoming traffic will surely give you 100 for his special skills immediately.

25. Upgrade Shooting Skill

The easiest way to upgrade the shooting skills of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin is by going to the gun range and shooting the targets. This will easily increase your shooting skill to 100 in no time.

Improving shooting skills will give you better accuracy, increased magazine capacity, and improved reload time.

26. Upgrade Strength Skill

In GTA 5, strength holds significant importance since it boosts your melee damage, accelerates ladder climbing, enhances athletic agility, and minimizes the damage you get.

To enhance your strength, you need to participate in various activities such as playing tennis, golf, or even punching someone on the street.

27. Upgrade Stealth Skill

This skill when at max will give you faster and quieter movement when in stealth mode. This is really helpful for missions with a lot of bodyguards roaming around.

Upgrading the stealth skill in GTA 5 is easy. You just need to walk around Los Santos while the stealth mode is activated.

Some players attach a rubber band to their controller’s joysticks while in stealth mode, causing their character to walk in circles for about 30 minutes. After you come back, stealth is already at 100.

28. Raise Lung Capacity

One of the most useful skill you’re going to need is raising your lung capacity. Upgrading this one will give you more time underwater before your health depletes.

You can increase this skill by diving, swimming underwater, and practicing yoga, which everyone hates.

29. Make Ammu-Nation Owner Your Sidekick

Apparently, when you’re near an Ammu-Nation store and the cops are trying to kill you, go inside and take cover behind the guns beside the shop owner. If the cops accidentally hit the owner, he’ll try to help you shoot the cops.

30. Rob Armored Trucks for Easy Money

Another way to earn quick cash in GTA 5 is by robbing armored trucks. They will always appear on the map, sometimes indicated by a blue dot.

The armored truck

Once you see this, you can either rob them by killing the guards or by blowing up the back of the truck with a sticky bomb while they’re driving.

Once the case is dropped, grab it, quickly get away, and lose the wanted level you just earned.

31. Purchase Plane Hangar to Avoid Wanted Level

Another helpful tip we learned is that you can avoid having a wanted level if you purchase your own plane hangar in GTA 5.

32. You Can Do Bunny Hops Using BMX

Did you know you can do bunny hops using your BMX bikes in GTA 5? Well, you can! Just press the RB button on your Xbox or R1 button on your PlayStation.

33. Blind Firing Tip

While crouched in cover, you can bring up the crosshairs by pushing the left analog stick upwards. This way, you’ll know where the bullet is going to go.

You can also do this while standing in cover, but instead of pushing the left analog stick upwards, you move it left or right, depending on your position.

34. Blow Up Cars Faster

Just a quick tip for blowing up your enemies’ cars faster: shoot the gas tank. Just aim around there until you see a leak at the bottom of the car.

After that, shoot the leak to ignite it and make the car explode. This can also be helpful if your enemies are trying to follow you.

35. Dozer Controls

Are you bored and unsure of what to do during free roam? Well, you should find a Dozer and control its blades in GTA 5, so you can have some fun!

Control the blade of the Dozer to crash the vehicle

The controls for the blade on PC are “Left Ctrl” for raising it and “Left Shift” for lowering it, whereas on Xbox and PlayStation, you can simply use the left joystick.

36. Set Waypoint for Other Protagonist

In GTA 5, there’s this cool thing where you can set a waypoint with one character. Then, when you switch to another protagonist, the one character will start heading there on their own. It’s pretty cool!

37. Raise and Lower Roof in Convertible Cars

An example of the convertible car with different status roof

Some gamers may already know this, but in case you’ve forgotten how to raise or lower the roof of convertible cars in GTA 5, simply hold the “H” key on PC or the “Right Button” on the D-pad for PlayStation and Xbox.

38. A Quick Way to Switch to Fullscreen (PC)

Are you annoyed that whenever you start GTA 5 on your PC, it always opens in a small window despite your attempts to set it to fullscreen every time? Well, we’ve got a quick tip for you!

To perform this action, simply press Alt + Enter while playing GTA 5 in windowed mode. It will automatically switch to fullscreen immediately.

39. Turn Off Car Alarm

Are you annoyed that the car you just stole keeps alarming? Well, we found a way to turn off the alarm immediately.

After you steal the car and the alarms go off, just bring your phone up and go to the internet. It will automatically stop the alarm.

Another commenter mentioned below that you can also honk your horn to immediately stop the alarm.

One of the most useful tips we can offer is the use of in-game cheats in GTA 5. Don’t worry, it is legal! However, achievements will be disabled.

If that doesn’t bother you and you simply want to have fun in free roam, then go ahead and apply cheats!

41. BMX Bike Color Tip

This is originally from GTA Online, but it also works in story mode. Do you have a specific color you want for your BMX bike? In that case, here’s the tip you need.

You just have to follow a pattern to do so. These are the steps to it:

  1. Go to the internet and select “Travel and Transport“.
  2. Then click on “Pedal and Metal” and choose “BMX“. Don’t click the order button yet.
  3. Click on the “Home” button, the one with the house icon. Then go back to “Travel and Transport,” but this time, go to “Legendary Motorsport.”
  4. Click on “Monroe” or “Inductor“, then choose the color you want for your bike.
  5. After selecting the color, click the “Search history” button next to the home button. Then, click on the “Pedal and Metal” history with the bike name to it.
  6. Finally, click on the “Order” button.

A Redditor also mentioned that it works with the cars “Monroe” and “Inductor” instead of using the “Z-type,” which was the original car being used with this trick although it has been patched.

42. Wind Farm are Cops Worst Nightmare

We also found a thread where people discuss how to destroy helicopters when being pursued by the police. Apparently, they have many ideas, but the wind farm method is considered the easiest and most enjoyable.

The Wind Farm in GTA 5

It is always nice to lead them to the wind farm and watch them crash into it. You can also shoot them while they’re nearing the farm to make them crash faster.

43. Use Dialpad on Phone

This feature is one of the most neglected ones you will ever see in GTA 5. It is commonly used when you want to enter cheats using the dial pad on your phone.

However, it is sometimes forgotten because the command console is always the one being used, which is easier if you’re on PC.

To bring up the dial pad, just go to contacts, then press “Space Bar” on PC, “Square” button on PlayStation, and “X” button on Xbox.

44. Dodge Missiles Effectively

Missiles can be a pain when you are flying your aircraft and you are being chased by the military. One thing you can do to avoid the missiles is try to fly in circles.

Missiles can be persistent, but they have a weakness. You can go down or lower your altitude, as the missiles can’t change their force downwards as fast as they can go up or sideways.

45. Mini Drag Race

Did you know you can start a mini-race while waiting at a red light on any part of the map? All you have to do is hold down your brakes while holding the accelerator button. In this way, you can start spinning your car’s wheels.

While doing so, try honking your car multiple times to observe the reaction of the NPCs around you. After that, you can start a race immediately.

46. Steal Heavy Guns

There are times when you will come across cops from airports, banks, etc. When you see one of them holding a heavy rifle, grab the chance and steal it from them.

The safest way is to knock them out using a car or bike to avoid any gunfight that could lead to your death.

47. Sharks Spawn Location

Were you aware that it’s possible to randomly encounter a shark by venturing to the deepest section of the ocean? To achieve this, get a jet ski and navigate to the ocean’s deepest point, and wait until the water takes on a dark blue hue.

You will notice a red blip icon on your radar, indicating the presence of a nearby shark.

Michael being hunted by the shark

Want to add more excitement to it? Go jump in the ocean near the red icon and wait until the shark attacks you.

Note: Just remember to keep your Jet Ski nearby for a quick escape.

48. Free Scuba Gear

We also found a way for you to acquire free scuba gear for your character in GTA 5. You just have to go to a specific location on the map and look out for a military boat.

Go and mount that boat, then drive to the coast. Once you are far enough away from the pier, you can jump out of the boat, and the scuba gear will automatically be equipped.

49. Enemies Trying to Cover

An easy way to eliminate enemies is when they are trying to cover. Timing is key here, so make sure you are always watching them while they are under cover.

When he moves to cover, go ahead and leave the place where he last saw you. Then, you can either sneak up for an attack using stealth or simply go around him and attack from behind.

50. Did You Know You Can Annoy NPCs?

A fun way to make the NPC mad at you is by giving them the bad finger. However, some might run away if they’re afraid of encounters.

Michael gives the middle finger to the NPC

To do this, make sure you have no weapons in your hand while driving a vehicle. Then, just press the aim button. You will then see your character giving the middle finger while saying a dialogue.

Note: It is funnier to use a bike or motorcycle, as you can see the full animation of your character giving the middle finger.

51. Strangers on Map

While on free roam, you may encounter strangers or NPCs marked with a blue blip on the map that requires attention.

This is available for all protagonists like Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. However, each protagonist will have different strangers/NPCs to interact with.

Just always look at the map when a blue blip appears. You may also sometimes know that it is a special NPC if they try to talk to you, asking for help.

52. Make Quick Cash by Handing NPCs to Altruist Cult

This is similar to the special NPCs you see on the map with a blue blip. However, it is only available for Trevor; it won’t appear for Michael and Franklin.

While roaming, you will encounter NPCs trying to ask Trevor if they can have a lift and be dropped off at a certain location. Now, here’s the fun part! Go on the map and find the icon, “Altruist Cult“.

Make a waypoint and follow the path until you reach the Cult’s location. After that, a cutscene will be shown depicting Trevor handing the NPC over to the Cult and making a quick cash.

53. Altruist Cult Shootout (Trevor’s Special Mission)

Dropping off strangers/NPCs at the Altruist Cult doesn’t mean it’s over. After Trevor delivers four NPCs, the cult will ask him to come inside while pointing a gun at him.

A short cutscene will show Trevor acquiring a gun. This action will anger the cult, initiating a shootout. To enhance the experience, activate Trevor’s ability for added fun!

After you have killed all of them, search the area to find four briefcases with GTA$25,000 each, for a total of GTA$100,000! You can also find an RPG, rifle, armor, bat, and a medicine pack at the cult’s location.

54. Dodge Punches From NPCs

In GTA 5, you may encounter an angry NPC for no apparent reason. You’ll notice them assuming a stance as they move directly toward you.

To be successful in a fistfight, you must know how to dodge punches being thrown at you. To do this, first, you need to assume a fighting stance by aiming at your opponent.

Then, press the dodge button at the perfect moment, just before the enemy lands the punch.

The buttons for the dodge action are “Space Bar” for PC, “Square” on PlayStation, and “X” for Xbox.

55. Use Counterpunch More Often

Once you have mastered the art of dodging in GTA 5, now is the time to take it to the next level. Using the counterpunch is the most efficient way to win in combat.

To use a counterpunch, immediately press the punch button right after you dodge the enemy. In case you don’t know, the punch button is “R” for PC, “Circle” for PlayStation, and “B” for Xbox.

To execute a counterpunch, press the punch button immediately after dodging the enemy. In case you’re not familiar, the punch button is “R” for PC, “Circle” for PlayStation, and “B” for Xbox.

56. Use One Punch Knockout

Using the one-punch knockout is very effective when you are in a fight. Some gamers don’t know this because they always spam the punch button too quickly.

To land a knockout punch, you need to aim at your opponent first, then hold down the punch button to increase the chances of landing one.

Note: There are several types of knockout punches, including the “Uppercut“, “Backhanded Slap“, “Simple Slap“, and the “Powerful Punch“.

57. Land a Superman Punch

You might not know this, but this punch is unavoidable by NPCs or enemies. It is so powerful that executing it in close combat is kind of tricky.

All you have to do is press the sprint button once or twice to get momentum going. Then, quickly press the punch button to land a Superman punch!

The sprint button for PC is “Shift“, while it is “X” for PlayStation and “A” for the Xbox console.

58. You Can Enter Cheats While in Pause Menu (Console)

Another helpful tip we can give is that you can enter PlayStation and Xbox cheats while in the pause menu.

All you have to do is enter the right cheat codes in the pause menu and then press the “Start” button to exit, instead of pressing “Circle” for PlayStation or “B” for Xbox.

59. Faster BMX Bike

In GTA 5, you can improve the speed of your BMX bike by performing a basic trick. To execute this maneuver, press “R1” on your PlayStation controller or “RB” on the Xbox controller.

Then, slightly push forward on the “Left Analog” stick to stabilize the front wheels of the bike to the ground. This will enable you to pick up speed and maneuver the bike more efficiently.

60. Unflip a Car

If you find yourself in a situation where you have flipped your car and don’t want to lose it, you can simply unflip it using this trick.

Unflip a car

Simply use the “Left Analog stick” on your PlayStation or Xbox and move it from left to right. You will see the car moving sideways until it is flipped back up. For PC, you can also use “A” and “D“.

61. Improved Maneuverability in Jet Aircraft

This one is found on Reddit: apparently, you can enhance your airplane or jet’s ability to make quick turns when the landing gear is down.

To make the landing gears appear, you just have to press “G” on PC, while on PlayStation and Xbox, you need to press down the Left Analog stick or “L3“.

62. Missed the Tutorial? No Problem!

Some of you are so immersed in the game that sometimes you don’t read the in-game tutorials on the screen. The main problem is you don’t know where to find them again.

You’re in luck! We know where you can find it. Simply go to “Options,” then “Brief,” and look for “Notifications” or “Help.”

63. Buy Free Properties Glitch

A YouTuber also created an interesting tutorial on a glitch where you can buy properties for free by using the character swap button.

All you have to do is stand beside the property you want to buy and bring up the character swap option. While holding down the character selection button, press “E” to confirm the purchase of the property.

After you release the character swap button, quickly press the “E” button to buy the property you choose.

You will notice that it reduces the money of the character you just swapped with. However, don’t panic.

You can simply load the game from the autosave point when you purchase the property, and it will still grant you the property for free and return the money.

64. Free Car Modification for Franklin

This one is only for Franklin. Apparently, when he purchases Los Santos Customs for GTA$349,000, all car modifications he does will be free!

Note: The Los Santos Customs where you can get free modifications for Franklin is located near Trevor’s house in the countryside.

65. Free Weapon Upgrades

To get free weapon modifications at Ammu-Nation while on a mission. All you have to do is buy all the upgrades you want and blow yourself up.

After you buy all the weapon upgrades, go outside and drop the grenade on the ground to kill yourself. This will restart the mission and give all the money back you used to buy the upgrades.

Go back to Ammu-Nation, and you will see that all the upgrades you just bought are still there, even though they gave you back your money.

66. Free Mountain Bikes

Feeling bored in GTA 5 after completing the story? Well, here’s a cool way to enhance your gaming experience! Simply head to the cable car and snatch some mountain bikes.

Ride the cable car with your bike and go down the hills using the bike you just stole! It will give you the adrenaline rush you’ve always wanted.

67. Gate Launch Trick

Another cool way to have fun in GTA 5 is with this gate launch trick.

Trying to drive a car through the sliding gate

Just head straight to the house near the Playboy Mansion in GTA 5, and attempt to drive your car through the sliding gates. If you notice the gates twitching while your bumper scrapes against them, you’ll be sent flying immediately, like a rocket!

68. Adjust Vehicle Headlights

You can also adjust and turn off vehicle headlights with this simple trick. All you have to do is press the “H” button on the PC while you’re driving or the “Right D-pad” button for PlayStation and Xbox.

Note: There are three options to it: low beam, high beam, and off.

69. Fix Car Instantly

Have you stolen a cool supercar and just crashed it, but you don’t have the money to fix it? Well, here’s a cool trick for you!

Just bring up your phone and quickly save the progress. Now, after saving, load the game you just saved, and that’s it! You have a newly repaired car without going to Los Santos Customs.

70. Talking to NPCs

You can actually talk to NPCs in GTA 5 by pressing “E” on your PC or you can also press the “Right D-pad” on your PlayStation or Xbox.

Note: To do this, you have to face the NPC you want to talk to and press the button. However, if you keep pressing it many times, your character will start saying inappropriate things.

71. Epsilon Mission: Exercising the Truth Walking Tip

In this mission, Michael needs to walk for five miles in the desert after meeting with the Epsilonists. This is one of the missions gamers hate the most, but there is a trick to it.

If you are playing on Xbox or PlayStation, this will be easy. You just need to get a rubber band and a coin or anything flat and round. Follow this picture on Reddit to set up your controller.

Leave it for 20 minutes and have Michael walk 5 miles while you’re AFK. If playing on PC, use a controller to automate the walking. If you don’t have one, then you need to do it the hard way.

Note: It is better to undertake this mission if you have the Stamina skill at its maximum level.

72. Epsilon Tractor or GTA$2,100,000?

At the end of the Epsilon mission, you are to choose which reward you want: the tractor or the 2.1 million cash in the car’s trunk. If you obey the Epsilon program, you get the tractor.

If you choose to disobey, you must eliminate all the guards and lose the wanted level in order to successfully take home the GTA$2,100,000 cash.

73. Use Skyfall Cheat and God Mode Efficiently

Want to fast travel anywhere? Using the Skyfall cheat and god mode is the answer to all your problems! This made us think of the idea of how to fast travel to a location using cheats.

First, activate the cheat “God Mode/Invincibility.” A timer will then appear, indicating that it will only last for 5 minutes. Now, you can use the “Skyfall” cheat to fly and land safely wherever you want.

74. Instant Health Refill

In case you have low health and need a free refill, you can just use the switch character method.

This way, you can regain health without spending money. Simply switch to any characters you want, and once you get back to the character you switched from, it will have maximum health.

Note: You can’t switch characters if you have a wanted level.

75. You Can Do a Backflip in GTA 5

Apparently, you need to go to a high place, approximately 5 feet tall or more, so you can perform this stunt.

After jumping, press “B” on Xbox or “Circle” on PlayStation to initiate the flipping. You can execute this move more effectively if you are in a high place.

76. Life Invader Tips

The Lifeinvader social media in GTA 5 is a great way to find amusing updates about the lives of other people in the game. However, did you know that you can unlock content by stalking others there?

According to a Reddit post, you can unlock clothes, haircuts, discounts, and even an Elegy vehicle. Now, that is one way to enjoy social media.

77. Unlock Space Docker (Franklin)

Did you know that you can have a spaceship-inspired vehicle in GTA 5? Well, all you have to do is collect all 50 spaceship parts as a side mission for Omega, and it must be done by Franklin.

After you have collected all the parts, Omega will text Franklin, telling him to come to his place. After that, you can now drive the Space Docker, which is just beside you when the cutscene ends.

Note: This is a limited-edition car, so be sure to store it safely, as you won’t get another one if you destroy it.

78. Unlimited Slow Mo Like Franklin’s Ability

Another tip we can give is that if you are being chased by the cops and want to use Franklin’s slow-motion ability while driving a car, you can always use the radio wheel to enable a slow-mo feature.

Enable the radio wheel to slow time down with any protagonists

Note: The slow-motion feature of the radio wheel is much slower than Franklin’s ability. But then again, it’s better to have it than nothing.

79. Ammu-Nation Discount

Ammu-Nation is widely spread out in GTA 5, and it is very important, as it will help you through various missions by allowing you to buy guns and ammo.

But, did you know there is a challenge where you can have a 25% maximum discount on all the items at Ammu-Nation for life? You just have to complete the Gun Range Challenge in order to get those discounts. Here’s the list:

  • Bronze: 10% discount
  • Silver: 15% discount
  • Gold: 25% discount

Note: You have to visit the Gun Range for all three protagonists if you want each of them to receive discounts.

80. Lose Wanted Level Easily

You can always lose a one-star wanted level by hiding in bushes or narrow spaces. However, if your wanted level is two stars or higher, it will be much more difficult to lose unless you know how to.

To lose a wanted level or avoid it increasing beyond three to four stars, switch to a car that hasn’t been reported. It’s best to choose a faster vehicle, such as a sports car, to outrun the cops.

After outrunning the cops, head over to Los Santos Customs to immediately lose the wanted level by repainting your car.

Note: Before entering Los Santos Customs, make sure the cops lose sight of you; otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the shop. That is why it is important to change to a faster car if you want to outrun the cops.

81. Free Fighter Jet

This will be tricky because you must get this one at the military base. You’ll receive a four-star wanted level once you enter the base, so be careful.

You can drive your car in, parachute to the base, or do anything that comes to mind as long as you survive getting inside the fighter jet.

Once you have stolen the jet, head to Trevor’s hangar. Quickly put it inside the hangar at the far back and save quickly using your phone. After that, load the quick save data, and you should be able to see another fighter jet that you can use freely.

82. Look Back While Driving

This might be one of the most forgotten features in GTA 5. Did you know that you can look back while driving in first person without using your mouse or analog stick?

Look back while driving without using the mouse

Just press “C” if you are playing on a PC, or press “R3” on the PlayStation or Xbox console that you have.

83. Helicopter Cop Tip

In case you’re having a hard time with the cops and their helicopter following you, you can just bring out your sniper rifle and eliminate the shooters so that the pilot is the only one remaining.

This will give you more ease, as the helicopter shooters won’t kill you with their high-powered rifles.

84. Hide in Large Bushes

One of the easiest places to hide in GTA 5 is the bushes. Although, you need to find a bush large enough to hide your whole body.

Note: You will know that the bush is completely hiding you when the arrow on the map, representing your character, turns gray instead of white.

85. Buy Garage Per Character

We understand that it can be frustrating that you can only save a limited number of vehicles at the protagonists’ safe houses.

That is why buying a car garage is a good idea. It will allow you to store four additional vehicles, along with the garages in their respective houses.

Note: All 3 protagonists have their own purchasable garages in GTA 5, although they are located in different places for each character. You can see it on the map with a garage icon with their respective color.

86. Reduce Lag (for PC)

Another great tip to enhance your GTA 5 gaming experience is to reduce lag while playing. Here’s some advice we can give:

  • Close Google Chrome – Google Chrome eats a lot of RAM, so closing this application will significantly help.
  • Check your PC specs – Sometimes, it is not the software but the hardware. Make sure you have the optimal hardware to run GTA 5.
  • Exit unwanted apps – Use your Task Manager to exit unwanted apps running in the background.
  • Reduce game settings – If you have a low-end PC, it is nice to ensure you have game settings appropriate for your PC’s hardware. So, if you have an old system, you might want to reduce the quality of the settings.

These are some troubleshooting options you need to try first before attempting more complicated methods to reduce stutter or lag in GTA 5.

87. Keep Headlights and Engine Turned On Your Car

A great way to make a faster getaway from the cops is by leaving the headlights and engine on in your car. However, Rockstar did not apply this feature by default. It’s a good thing there’s a glitch that allows you to do this.

A trick to keep the engine and headlights turning on in GTA 5

All you have to do is get inside your car, then immediately get out of it, fire a pistol on the ground, get back in the car again, and finally, get out of the car again. You will then see that the car’s headlights and engine remain on.

Note: Do this one at nighttime so you can see the headlights more.

88. Speed Up Time of the Day

The easiest way to speed up time in GTA 5 is by having one of the protagonists sleep. It doesn’t matter which character does it; sleeping will skip the time of the day regardless.

Just pick one of the protagonists, go to their safe house, and sleep in the bed. This will also allow you to save the game.

89. Different Duration of Time Skipping Per Character

Did you know that each protagonist has a different duration of sleep? This means that it depends on the character how much time will pass in the game.

That being said, here is the list of sleeping habits we just figured out for each protagonist:

  • Michael – 6 hours
  • Franklin – 8 hours
  • Trevor – 12 hours

90. Tow Truck Controls

Did you forget how a tow truck works? Well, this might help you out! If you’re using a PC, you can lower the hook using the “Left Ctrl” key on your keyboard and the “Left Shift” button to raise it. Lastly, use the “H” button to release the hook from the car.

On consoles like PlayStation or Xbox, you can lower and raise the hook by using the “Left Joystick“. While holding the “Right D-pad” button will release the car.

91. Hate the Ringtone? Turn On Vibrate on Your Phone

Annoyed with the ringtone of your phone? You can set it up to vibrate instead of ringing, which can help you stay focused on the game without missing any important calls.

Activate silent mode In in-game phone

To do this, simply navigate to the settings section of your phone, then go to “Vibrate,” and toggle it to turn on.

92. Unlock Packie McReary

We’ve all known Packie McReary ever since GTA IV. It’s also worth noting that he is available in GTA 5 after you finish Franklin’s mission, “Pulling Favors“.

You will see him appear on the map with a blue blip while robbing a store with his partner.

If you help him escape the store robbery with Franklin, he will be available to use in the four heist missions in GTA 5. He also asks for a 12% share.

93. Duke O’Death Car

After completing the mission “Pulling Favors” with Franklin and Tonya, you will not only unlock Packie McReary but also discover a cool blacked-out muscle car called “Duke O’Death” near Blaine County.

After you reach the gas station where the car is parked, steal it and get away quickly. You will notice that a large trailer truck will follow you and shoot at you.

All you have to do is eliminate all the enemies and safely store the car in your garage. Once you accomplish this task, you can now summon the car using the cheat codeDeathcar” or “1-999-332-84227” on your phone.

94. Bugatti or Truffade Adder

If you want a Bugatti-looking car in GTA 5, here’s what you can do. First, you can find it spawning at Portola Drive in Rockford Hills. Just look at all the parking lots on the sidewalk.

If you don’t see it there, you can go back and try again after completing some missions.

Note: You can also buy it online for GTA$1,000,000 if you have the money.

95. Flashlight on Weapons

If you’re wondering how to turn on the flashlight when it’s equipped with one of your weapons, here’s how you can do it:

Enable the flashlight on the gun

Simply press the “E” key while aiming on your keyboard if you’re on PC, or the “Right D-pad” on your PlayStation or Xbox controller.

Note: Just make sure you equip the flashlight to your weapon before doing this.

96. Bored? Use a Mod Menu

One of the most common and popular mod menus is called “Menyoo mod.” It’s a fun way to kill some time if you have already finished the main story of GTA 5 and have nothing else to do.

Some of the features you can do with this menu are:

  • Weapon Cheats
  • Time Cheats
  • Car Spawning
  • God Mode
  • Weather Cheats
  • Car Modifications
  • Character Stats
  • Money Cheats
  • Etc

Note: The downside of applying a mod menu is you can’t play GTA Online as the system will detect that you altered the game files in the directory.

97. Steal Cars Silently (Franklin)

Using Stealth mode can also be efficient when stealing cars. This will prevent your character from smashing the window or stealing the car violently.

It is also worth noting that this stealth carjacking mostly works for Franklin, as his last job was as a repo guy. Most of the time, Michael and Trevor break the mirrors.

98. Slide Down Ladders

Another helpful tip for using ladders in GTA 5 is to slide down while descending. To do this, simply press down on the left analog stick and the “X” button for PlayStation or the “A” button for Xbox.

You can also use the “Left Shift” key on your keyboard to do it on your PC.

99. Rob Convenience Stores

Aiming and threatening the cashsier

A quick and easy way to earn money in GTA 5 is to rob convenience stores. It is quite simple; you just have to point your gun at the cashier, and they will give you the money.

Note: Run away immediately as it will trigger a 1-star wanted level.

100. Tired of Having a Helicopter Cop Tailing You?

Enter the cheat code “lawyerup” for PC or call the number “1-999-529-93787” on your cellphone to decrease your wanted level.

If your wanted level is below three, helicopters will automatically go away. It is also easier to lose the wanted level with fewer stars.

100 GTA Online Hints and Tips

In this section, we will list all the hints and tips for Grand Theft Auto Online, some of which may also be present in the story mode. Just try them out in case they weren’t mentioned here.

1. Formation Assist

When you are in a motorcycle club, you can activate formation assist, which means that anyone on a motorbike will move at the same speed as the leader. This means that even a scooter can keep up with the fast motorbikes in GTA Online.

On top of that, it also refills your health, refills your armor, and repairs your motorcycle to good condition.

2. Easier Exit When on Website

We know you hate spamming your back button when surfing the internet on your phone in GTA Online.

An example of the in-game website

Instead of doing that, you can simply press the “Triangle” button on PlayStation, the “Y” button on your Xbox console, and the “X” button on the browser for PC.

3. Instant Full Armor Using Police Riot

One useful tip, if you are in a battle with the police and have lost a lot of armor, is to jump into one of the armored Police Riot trucks they have. This will give you instant full armor.

4. Regain Health Using Ambulance

This is the same as number 3; when you enter an Ambulance in GTA Online, it will restore some of the health you’ve lost in a battle.

On the other hand, if you don’t see an ambulance on the road, simply call one using your phone by dialing “911“, and then select “Paramedics“.

5. Counter Homing Missiles

One problem in GTA Online is the presence of bad players who want to disrupt your missions or tasks. Sometimes, you’ll see them launching a homing missile at you for no reason.

To counter that, simply fire one of your flare guns to distract or prevent the homing missiles from targeting you.

6. Buy Ammo Using Interaction Menu

While you can go to your Armory or Ammu-Nation to purchase ammo, sometimes you might find yourself in a fight where you forget to replenish your bullets.

An Interaction menu with ammo replacement option

It’s a good thing Rockstar added a feature allowing you to purchase ammo directly from the “Interaction Menu.” Just press “M” for PC, the “Touch Pad” for PlayStation, or the “View” button on Xbox.

Then, simply go to the inventory, select ammo, and choose the weapon you wish to replenish. Please note that there will be an additional 10% convenience fee.

7. Instantly End an Unskippable Phone Call

We know that sometimes you will receive an unskippable phone call as part of GTA Online. It can be annoying because it won’t stop until the call ends on its own.

However, if this annoys you, you can always go to your pause menu, and it will instantly end the phone call like magic.

8. Car Accessibility (PlayStation Users)

Another useful feature for PlayStation users is the ability to switch radio stations and weapons while driving cars.

To do this, you can swipe up and down to switch between radio stations and swipe left or right to switch weapons.

9. Bunker Shooting Range Challenge Rewards

Achieving the highest score in the Bunker Shooting Challenges will result in receiving different rewards each time.

One of the rewards you can get is an additional 5 slots in your throwable inventory, which will increase your capacity by 5.

10. Lower Wanted Level by Two using Raiju Jet

One of the amazing features of Raiju Jet is that it reduces the wanted levels to two stars if you have more than three wanted level stars.

To decrease your wanted level, simply enter stealth mode by using Raiju Jet. The downside to this is that all weapons are disabled when in stealth mode.

11. Speed Up Any Boats

Sometimes driving boats can be a pain in the neck when you are in a hurry. But, using some techniques can increase the speed of the vehicle.

You can increase the mobility of the boat by pressing the handbrake button together while pulling back on the “Left Joystick” on wavy waters like the ocean.

12. Armored Kuruma Bulletproof Windows Weaknesses

We all know that the Armored Kuruma is one of the vehicles in GTA Online that can save you from all the dirty players.

Aiming and shooting at the windows of the Kuruma

However, there is still one weak point that everyone seems to overlook: a “sweet spot” in the front bulletproof windows where the driver can be harmed.”

13. The Use of Website

This is one of the simplest but most effective tools for hunting items during any GTA Online event on the map.

Using this website will provide you with all the locations of any items when GTA Online has an event. It’s so useful that we must include it on the list.

14. Teleport From Hangar to Airport

Another useful tip we can share with you is that now you can fast travel from your GTA Online hangar to the Los Santos International Airport or LSIA.

To do this, you just have to find the blue brochure inside your hangar on the lower level from the “San Andreas Flight School“. After that, press “Enter“, and it will automatically teleport you to LSIA.

15. Fast Travel from Your Agency

Similar to the concept in number 14, this will allow you to fast-travel to places using the front desk at the Agency.

16. Fast Travel Using Penthouse

If you own a penthouse, you can also use it to fast travel to certain places. You can do this either at the front desk in the Diamond Casino and Resort or by using the telephone inside your penthouse.

You can also use a taxi as a fast travel solution, similar to the one mentioned above, for tips and hints in GTA story mode.

17. Fast Switch on Cover

This is an advanced way to use the cover function in GTA Online. This method will help you through a lot of combat with other players or heists.

While using cover, you can simply poke your head out if there’s a nearby wall or obstacle you think you can switch to. When your head is poking out, just press the cover button again to instantly switch to the location while the enemy is not looking.

Cover button: “Q” for PC, “R1” for PlayStation, “RB” for Xbox.

18. Putting a Mask On Reduces 1 Star Wanted Level

An excellent way to reduce a 1-star wanted level in GTA Online is by using a disguise or removing the mask itself.

However, you must do this while you are out of sight of the cops. If you’ve robbed a store with a mask, try removing the mask to decrease your wanted level by 1 star.

You can also do it the other way around. This means that if you robbed the store without a mask, you can always put one on when the cops lose sight of you.

19. Stealing a Car Faster

Stealing a car while the cops are chasing you is sometimes a pain because your character will still elbow the windows and try to reach for the handle of the car, which takes a lot of time.

However, shooting the car window as you near the car will make the process faster and easier, as the animation will no longer be necessary.

20. Fastest Way to Take Out a Helicopter

The fastest way to take out a helicopter when you don’t have a rocket launcher in your inventory is by targeting its weak spot.

Shooting the tail blades of the helicopter will surely damage the aircraft faster, resulting in its descent and a crash on the ground. You can do this if your wanted level is so high that helicopters are swarming around you.

21. Always Check for GTA Online Events

Another tip we can give you is to always check for GTA Online events so that you can get freebies, limited edition items, limited cars, discounts, and more!

An example of a weekly event

Don’t worry, as we are always updated on the GTA Online weekly events to provide you with the latest GTA Online news.

22. Formation Flying Assist

This is similar to the formation assistance for motorcycles at number 1, but this time it is for airplanes or aircraft.

To accomplish this, you must first become a CEO; afterward, you’ll be able to lead any aircraft, regardless of its speed, at the same pace.

23. Planes Go Faster Above 850 Feet

Speaking about planes, if you attempt to fly them above 850 feet, there is a bug that causes the planes to reach a higher top speed at that altitude.

If you want to go slower, reduce your altitude to below 850 feet. In the event of a plane crash, you’ll need to restart the game in order to get the bug to work again.

24. Make Oppressor MKII Faster

This is similar to the speed boat method at number 11. Essentially, you just hold out the handbrake while flying your Oppressor MK II to make it a bit faster.

25. Walking in First Person is Faster

Running in first person view vs third person view

This bug still exists to this day; apparently, if you switch to the first-person view, you will walk and climb stairs faster than in the third-person view.

26. Level Up Faster in Arena Wars

Tired of grinding and leveling up in Arena Wars? Well, we have another method that will help you level up faster.

You can simply spin the wheel in the viewing room to level up easily. In fact, some gamers prefer doing this instead of grinding their way up.

27. Curb Boosting

Another cool racing technique you can use when entering a race is called curb boosting.

This is actually widely known in the GTA Online community. Some gamers think that this should be removed because racers are merely using it to win instead of relying solely on their skills.

To experience a slight burst with your car, simply drive on and off the curb. Doing so feels like having a built-in mini boost.

28. Safe Sell Missions

To safely conduct sell missions without being annoyed by griefers, simply check the kill count in a lobby or see if there is a war happening in a corner.

Although this won’t guarantee 100% safety for your sell missions, about 90% of the time, they won’t bother you as they are occupied with other activities.

29. Avoid Griefers in GTA Online

GTA Online is widely recognized as a game filled with numerous griefers. That’s why, at times, certain players opt to conduct missions in their own private lobbies.

3 available options when joining GTA Online

However, playing in a private lobby results in the loss of certain bonuses available in public servers. If you’re okay with that, then simply create your own private server or invite friends only.

30. Skip Phone Contacts Faster

Are you annoyed by constantly looking and scrolling through your contacts, trying to find someone at the bottom of the page? This tip might help you out.

To skip contacts faster, use the “Right and Left buttons” on your D-pad using your PlayStation or Xbox. This can also be accomplished on PC using the “Arrow Keys“.

31. Sparrow Helicopter for Cayo Perico Heist

This tip will save you tons of time and money when preparing for setup missions in GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist.

Mounting a homing missile on a Sparrow helicopter after you buy it will definitely resemble a Buzzard helicopter. Additionally, this one can fit into your submarine quite easily.

32. Treasure Hunt for Easy Money

For beginners who have just started playing GTA Online, this is the best way to earn extra money and get some quick cash.

Complete the treasure hunt to earn GTA$1,150,000. This is a great way to start buying cars or adding to the funds for purchasing the property you need.

33. First Dose Missions To Get Unlockables

If you’re looking to unlock more features, one useful strategy is to focus on completing the first dose missions.

These missions can provide a significant amount of unlockables that can help you enjoy the game more. So, if you want to level up your gaming experience, consider starting with the first dose missions!

34. Equipment and Staff Upgrade

A great upgrade to your passive income-generating businesses is equipment and staff upgrades.

Staff upgrades will speed up production, while equipment upgrades will allow stocks to last longer than usual.

Additionally, upgrading staff and equipment will enable you to buy supplies. It is more cost- and time-effective than conducting the source missions.

35. Hakuchou Drag for Time Trials

Another great way to make money in GTA Online is by participating in the time trials and HSW time trials.

However, completing these time trials might pose a challenge if you lack a fast vehicle. This is where the Hakuchou comes in. This bike is among the best options for time trials, allowing you to earn a lot of money.

36. Keep Oppressor MK II Inside Terrorbyte

This is probably the best way to keep your Oppressor MK II in GTA Online. Keeping your Oppressor MKII inside the Terrorbyte will not only free up space in your storage but also ensure its security.

It will also grant the ability to spawn the Oppressor MK II using the interaction menu through the Terrorbyte Services.

37. Stash Houses, G’s Cache, and More for Free Money

Are you struggling with cash again? This method will give you daily cash with minimal effort!

Consider doing Stash Houses, G’s Cache, Shipwreck Treasure Chest to earn some money.

38. Spawn Car Near You

This could help you save a lot of time when looking for your car on the map. While this method is widely known in the GTA Online community, we still want to include it on the list in case some of our audience is not aware of it.

The Interaction menu with "Request personal vehicles" option

The technique is that you need to look away from the direction you want your car to spawn when you request it via the “Interaction Menu“.

39. Change Outfit to Save Progress

This is a common problem for some users who want to save the game after gathering supplies or completing missions, so they don’t lose the items, RP, and money they’ve gained.

The trick is simply to change your outfit into one of the saved outfits you have in the Interaction Menu. After that, the game will force save your progress with a yellow circle icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

40. Own a Gun Locker

If you’re already an advanced player in GTA Online, owning a gun locker is one of the essential things you need to purchase.

A Gun Locker will customize your loadouts and remove a lot of unwanted weapons on your weapon wheel that way you don’t have to scroll bad weapons every time you are on a mission.

41. Get a Helicopter Even Low Level

Are you a new player in GTA Online and want a helicopter without spending too much GTA$?

Calling Merryweather from your contacts for a “Helicopter Pickup” will undoubtedly prove useful.

Once the helicopter lands, eliminate the pilot with a silenced pistol shot to the head to avoid alerting the cops and gaining a wanted level. This way, you can acquire a helicopter to pilot for just GTA$1000.

42. Fingerprint Cloner in Cayo Perico Heist (Trick)

One of the most annoying puzzles in the Cayo Perico heist is the fingerprint cloner to be found on the mission.

A great trick is to start with the top row first. Then, for the second row, use the picture from the top row and shift it one place to the right to get the second picture.

For the third row, use the second picture from the previous row and move it one place to the right again to obtain the third picture. Repeat these steps for each until you complete all.

43. Restock Businesses

We know you’re so busy doing heists and playing with your friends in GTA Online that sometimes you forget to restock or visit one of your businesses.

Please note that if you forget to do this, your businesses will not function and will simply stand by, not earning money for you.

44. Increase Character Strength Faster

Are you looking for the fastest way to increase the strength of your character? Just select the “Pier Pressure Contact Mission“.

Go to the mission spot, eliminate all the gangsters, and seize the drugs. Once that’s done, head to the beach and punch anyone you see. This method is effective for boosting your strength because it won’t give you a wanted level.

45. Aim Weapon to Skip Parachute Animation

The quick way to skip the animation when getting off your parachute is to aim your gun at the ground before you land.

In this way, you will skip the animation and simply roll out on the ground once you land safely.

46. Use Heist Room for Fast Travel (Trick)

Set up a heist in the apartment closest to your preferred location to fast-travel to. Then, initiate any heist in the chosen apartment but don’t start the actual mission, and wait for Lester to send you a text.

If you’re far from the city or your workplace, and you want to travel fast, simply open your phone and choose the Lester heist mission message.

47. Thermal and Night Vision Helmets

Some helmets in GTA Online have thermal and night vision that can be activated whenever you want.

The Thermal and night vision helmet in GTA Online

To do this, simply go to your “Interaction Menu“, then navigate to the “Style” section and locate “Helmet Visor.”

48. Hold to Sprint (Console)

Sprinting in GTA Online using your console can be a pain in the hand when you’re spamming the “X” button or “A” button on your PlayStation or Xbox.

Now, you can simply go to the settings menu, select “Gamepad“, then find “Sprint Mode” and switch it to “Hold to Sprint“.

49. Renaming Garages

Renaming your garages is a cool trick to keep track of your vehicles and organize them based on the type of car and which garage they are in.

This method can be particularly useful if you have multiple garages filled with different categories of cars, such as luxury cars, classic muscle cars, heavy-duty trucks, and so on.

50. Tilting Car Mid Air

Losing a race in GTA Online just because you accidentally flipped your car while it was mid-air is really frustrating.

However, there is a method that you can use to avoid this kind of accident. Apparently, you can use the handbrake button along with the steering analog to tilt your car and regain control when it flips mid-air.

51. Bigger Withdrawal Limit at ATM’s

Is the GTA$1,000,000 withdrawal limit on your phone app too little for you to enjoy GTA Online?

Look no further! ATMs around the GTA map have a GTA$10,000,000 withdrawal limit, which could speed up the process if you wish to collect a large sum of money into your bank account.

52. Place Point of Interest on the Map

If you come across any interesting location while playing your missions or heists, you can mark it as a point of interest on the map. This way, you won’t forget about it and can always revisit it whenever you want to explore or engage with it again.

An example of a point of interest the map

Simply press the “Tab” or “Triangle” button on your Xbox or PlayStation to mark this on the map. Pressing it again will remove the mark.

53. Commending Other Players

If you play with your friends, one easy way to show your appreciation is by commending them.

To do this, go to the option menu: Online > Players > Choose the friend you want to commend > Commend, and choose if they are “Helpful” or “Friendly“.

After a player receives a lot of commendations from other players, they will receive discounts from Ammu-Nation and Los Santos Customs. Pretty neat, right?

54. Use Cargobob for Excess Cargo Deliveries

An easy way to deliver excess cargo is by using a Cargobob. Simply lift the Duneloader using the helicopter and then deliver the parts.

This method is faster, more efficient, and, most importantly, helps you avoid griefers who might try to steal your cargo.

55. Cook Grenades While Driving

Some players forget about this feature in GTA Online: apparently, you can cook grenades while driving your car.

If you time the grenade correctly, you will be able to explode the cars chasing you as if it were a missile.

56. First Person Locked in Races? No Problem!

When a host locks the driving view in the first person, all the participants in the race will be in the first person.

However, there is a way to drive in the third person. Pressing the “Circle” button or the “B” button on your PlayStation or Xbox will switch the view to third person.

Cool tip: To keep the button pressed, you could use an object such as tape.

57. Eat Snacks or Stock Snacks When Going to Missions

A great way to succeed in missions or heists is to replenish snacks before going on them with your friends.

A plenty of snacks in the Interaction menu

That way, you can avoid dying with just 5 minutes of gameplay on the mission. Another great tip is that you can also use E-cola.

Note: Use the cover feature to skip the animation of drinking or eating snacks.

58. Highlight a Player

Are you tired of occasionally searching for your friends on the map? Well, this GTA Online feature might be just what you’re looking for.

Using the “Highlight” option on your phone contacts will focus on the player while you’re playing GTA Online, flashing a red dot on the map for you to see easily.

59. Sending a Mugger to Someone

This is a cool and funny feature in GTA Online. Apparently, you can send a “Mugger” to your friend or anyone Online and they will get robbed.

You can also use this feature if someone is tailing you and intends to harm you. Sending a Mugger will tackle them to the ground, allowing you to shoot the player following you while they are still down.

60. Lose Cops Using Sewer Tunnels

To lose the cops or wanted levels, you can use the sewer tunnels on the GTA map. This is a great way to evade the heat and make your escape from pursuing cops easier.

However, sometimes there are bugs where, even though you’re inside the tunnel, the wanted levels persist and don’t disappear.

You can try either getting out of your car or driving deeper into the tunnels to lose the flashing red and blue indicators on the map.

61. Don’t Buy Document Forgery Business

We know that having a business in GTA Online is a good source of passive income if you’re too lazy to grind.

However, not all businesses are worth pursuing. The Document Forgery business is one from which you should stay away if you want to preserve the value of your money.

We understand it may be tempting, given that it’s the cheapest business out there. But, to all gamers, this is not an ideal business to start with.

62. Fastest Car in GTA Online

This is just a quick tip in case you want to know what the fastest and most stable car to drive is in GTA Online.

The Weevil Custom in GTA Online

Based on the maximum speed, the Weevil Custom is probably the fastest and the easiest car to drive in GTA Online.

63. Longfin Heist Preparation Tip

A great tip we can offer you for the Longfin Heist setup in the Cayo Perico Heist is to detonate yourself after acquiring the truck that’s pulling a large boat at the police station.

By doing this, you will lose the wanted level you have and save time by avoiding the need to lose the cops while driving the big truck.

After getting out of the truck, simply drop a grenade to kill yourself. Once you respawn, the wanted levels will be gone, allowing you to return to driving the truck in peace.

64. Accept Invite Faster (Console)

If you’re wondering how to accept the invite faster in GTA Online using your console, there’s a quicker way to do it. Simply press and hold the “Up Button” on your D-pad to bring up the phone and accept the invite immediately.

65. Get Lamar’s Van

Do you ever want Lamar’s van in GTA Online? Well, we’ve found a way for you to get your hands on his van.

To obtain Lamar’s pimped-out van, all you need to do is complete Tier 4 of the Contract DLC in the career progression of GTA Online.

66. Remove Being Ghosted by Someone by Putting Bounty on Them

When you repeatedly kill someone in GTA Online, they will have the chance to ghost you, which means you cannot kill them anymore.

However, if you place a bounty on their head, it will actually remove the ghosted feature, allowing you to kill them again.

67. How to Defeat the “On Parade Mission”

This is probably one of the worst missions in GTA Online. The objective in the “On Parade Mission” is to destroy both the “Mammoth Avengers” that are tailing you.

Some gamers are flying through the city with the “Avengers” in pursuit, hoping the aircraft will potentially collide with the buildings and power lines or crash in the mountains.

68. Buy the Kuruma Armored Car

We know there are a lot of bad players or griefers in GTA Online. If you find yourself extremely annoyed by them, purchasing an armored car is the solution.

The price of The Kuruma Armored in GTA Online

You can buy the Kuruma Armored car after finishing the Fleeca Heist. The non-armored version is already available online. However, buying the non-armored car defeats the purpose of getting an armored one to avoid griefers.

69. Bull Shark Testosterone

A good way to defeat someone in GTA Online who keeps on bothering you is the “BST or Bull Shark Testosterone“.

What this does is it gives you double the amount of damage you deal and halves the damage you receive. It also makes your bullets stronger, so it’s wise for PvP encounters, especially if you’re dealing with a griefer in GTA Online.

70. Best Guns for Beginners or Rank Under 60

Choosing a good gun when you’re starting out in GTA Online is essential. It provides a slight advantage over others and helps avoid getting killed by griefers.

The guns some gamers and Redditors do recommend are the “Carbine Rifle” and “Special Carbine“. It would be best to bet your money on these guns as these are recommended by experienced players.

71. Refill Snacks at your Businesses

This is just a quick tip if you want easy access to snacks inside your business before heading out onto the streets.

In GTA Online, businesses have specific locations where you can place snacks. For instance, on the top floor of the offices, behind the Accommodation near the computer tables, there is a rack of candy, similar to the setup on the Kosatka.

Another one is in the lobby on the bottom office floor, across from the personal assistants. There, you’ll find a table with a bowl of candy, similar to the one in the Auto Shop.

72. Spin The Wheel at the Casino

Instead of earning money from stash houses and G’s cache at number 37, you can also try your luck by spinning the casino wheel to earn daily rewards.

The Spining wheel in GTA Online

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to win a car, bonus RP, cash, clothes, and much more!

Note: Try to spin the wheel very slowly, it will sometimes give you the car prize.

73. Doing Head Hunter Missions for Quick Cash

Another way to earn quick cash is through Head Hunter missions. You can earn as much as GTA$20,000 in just minutes of playing GTA Online.

A Redditor has also created a guide in case you need help and find it challenging to locate all the ones you need to hunt.

74. Avoid Paying Bills from Your Businesses

Are you tired of seeing your cash depleted every time you pay fees for your businesses in GTA Online? Well, we’ve got a special trick just for you!

Every 48 minutes in GTA Online, the businesses you own will eventually ask for fees. To avoid this, you just need to change the lobby before the 48 minutes are up.

75. Can’t Climb A Hill? We Got You!

Have you ever encountered a hill or obstacle that was too steep to climb or walk up to?

Well, we figured out how to counter that one: pointing your gun at the ground while going up the hill will magically give you super legs and the strength to climb the hill.

76. Save Money and Avoid Buying Unnecessary Stuff

We know that buying cool cars, new clothes, hair, is really a fun way to play GTA Online with friends. But you have to save money in order to buy important stuff.

Players should prioritize properties rather than clothes

One of the most important things to buy in GTA Online is a business that will give you passive income. This will lead to greater savings. Then, that is the time to buy material things to show off to your friends.

77. Throw Grenade While Shooting

Although some of you may know this now, you can also shoot and throw a grenade at the same time.

To do this, simply press “G” for PC, or the “Left Button” on your PlayStation or Xbox controller. You can also swipe up on the touchpad for PlayStation.

Just remember to do this while you are aiming your gun at someone or something for it to work perfectly.

78. Retrieve Impounded Vehicles

Are you tired of retrieving your vehicles every time you get busted by the cops in GTA Online? Well, there’s an easy way to get it, but it involves cash.

You can easily do this if you are registered as a CEO in GTA Online. Just call your assistant and retrieve it for GTA$1000.

79. Walk Up Stairs Faster

This is kind of funny, but did you know that if you switch to the first person, you can also walk up the stairs more quickly?

We think that this is just a glitch, but it’s great to have if you want to run away from someone or just evade the cops.

80. Rapid Fire a Grenade Launcher

Another easy way to either eliminate enemies or gain an advantage in fights against other players is through this Grenade Launcher glitch.

To do this, use cover to any wall or object while standing, then start blind-firing the grenade launcher instead of aiming it at the enemies. This will automatically increase the gun’s fire rate, which is insane.

81. Clear Contacts On Phone

Are you annoyed by all the contacts stored in your phone in GTA Online? We’ve just discovered a way to clear out unnecessary contacts.

You simply need to go to the “Interaction Menu” and uncheck the ones you want to clear or hide, making your contacts easier to navigate.

82. Hide Radio Stations

Similar to clearing your contacts at the top, you can also hide unwanted radio stations in GTA Online using your “Interaction Menu“.

The Interaction menu with the radio station option

Simply uncheck the unwanted radio stations, and they will be cleared from your radio wheel whenever you spawn it.

83. Fast Travel to the Office Using a Helicopter

Another useful way to leverage your CEO abilities is to call your assistant for fast travel to your office using a luxurious helicopter.

To do this, simply call your assistant, then choose the “Request Helicopter” option for GTA$5000, and you’re good to go.

84. Helicopter Fully Repaired on Helipad

Do you want to have your damaged helicopter repaired for free? Well, here’s a great tip for you! As a CEO, it seems you can land your helicopter on your office helipad.

When you are near your helipad, you can land the helicopter by pressing the D-pad button shown on the screen. This triggers a cutscene that will display that the damaged helicopter is now repaired.

85. Spawn Locations of Helicopter

We have also found a Redditor who posted a guide detailing the locations of all the helicopters based on their levels.

This will surely give you an advantage over other players who don’t know where to find all of them.

86. Upgrade Weapons

This is also a great tip if you want to gain an advantage over your enemies. Upgrading your weapons will undoubtedly increase your power, especially when combined with our guide at number 69, the “BST” or “Bull Shark Testosterone“.

You can upgrade your weapons using the “MOC” or “Mobile Operations Center“. Additionally, upgrades can also be performed using the Terrorbyte, Arcade, and Avenger.

87. Stance Will Make You Lose Races

Another tip for gearheads and racers out there is to avoid lowering your car too much in case you plan to race with other players.

Lowering your car will result in reduced grip in both acceleration and handling. Additionally, you can’t change your stance once you’ve already been invited to a race.

Note: Just change the stance back to normal if you want to race with somebody. You can lower your car again once the race is done.

88. Free Lifeguard Truck

Looking to get your hands on a Lifeguard truck without spending a penny? Head over to Simeon’s and take a test drive to Vespucci Beach.

Once you are there, just end the test drive. Park the brand new truck in your storage and make sure to add a tracker and insurance to it. That’s it! You’ll be the proud owner of a Lifeguard truck in no time.

89. Money Not a Problem? Get a GTA+ Membership

Money not a problem for you? Well, you can try subscribing to the GTA+ membership, which will give you a significant advantage over other players in GTA Online.

The GTA+ memebership

Free limited cars, free CEO abilities, exclusive taxi services, GTA$500,000 every month, free vehicle requests, Shark card discounts, additional in-game discounts, and more!

Note: Remember, this is only for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles or next-gen consoles.

90. Save Cop Outfit

Are you curious about how you can save the cop outfit in GTA Online? Well, there is a simple trick to do it.

First, ensure you possess the Terrorbyte, then summon it before commencing the finale of the gangbanger robbery.

Park the vehicle and begin the mission. Access the Terrorbyte and head to the wardrobe. Save the cop outfit in your saved outfits list.

91. Skip Cinematics on Stunt Jumps

If you want to skip the cinematics every time you perform an insane stunt jump in GTA Online, this is what you should do.

Simply aim your gun at the right time after making a huge stunt; this way, it will immediately cancel out the cinematics.

92. Gun Van Location

Another cool tip from us is, if you want to locate the gun van, just join forums or discord servers for GTA Online. A lot of players and gamers are there to help you out.

The list of weapons providing by the gun van

Gun Van location is always different every day, so better check the forums or servers for guides to make you find it faster.

Note: You can also use our tip number 13, using the “” website to locate the van faster in case you don’t want to join any servers or forums.

93. Turn Off Annoying Mission Music

Does music from the missions annoy you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We just discovered a way you can disable it through the use of the radio wheel.

In fact, you can now turn off any music from the missions by going to the radio wheel and choosing the media player. Cool, right?

94. Call Mutt to Buy Supplies

Another convenient way to buy supplies is by calling Mutt; however, you need to have the acid lab first in order to do so.

First, spawn the acid lab; then, register as a CEO. After that, you can call Mutt to buy supplies. You can even check stock levels and steal supplies.

95. High Demand Bonus

Understanding the high-demand bonus will help you earn more money and become rich faster in GTA Online. The high-demand bonus entails receiving an additional 2% from every player in the lobby for what you are selling.

For example, if you have goods worth 1 million, and there are 20 players in the lobby, it will result in a total sales increase of 40%.

While conducting sell missions in a crowded lobby gives you 2% more sales per player, the likelihood of being griefed or robbed by other players also increases.

96. Do Life and Deathbikes Missions

Another great way to earn money quickly in GTA Online is through the “Life and Death Bikes missions“, which will grant you a total of GTA$40,000 per mission.

To do this, you need to buy an MC Clubhouse, and then purchase a custom bike shop to increase the payout. After that, grind the missions and put the death bikes back at the Clubhouse to earn more money.

97. Buy High-End Apartment

If you have enough money or savings in your account, you can now start considering the purchase of a high-end apartment, with the cheapest one priced at around GTA$200,000.

This is a great opportunity as it includes a 10-car garage for your personal use. Additionally, upon purchasing one, you will also unlock heists and other features.

98. Buy the Oppressor MK II

The reason it’s almost at the end of the list is that it’s somewhat expensive and not beginner-friendly. Purchasing the Oppressor MK II is one of the best investments you can make in GTA Online for fast-travel missions.

The Oppressor MK II in GTA Online

A great tip for us is to buy the Terrorbyte and nightclub first before doing this. If you have the Terrorbyte, you can purchase the Oppressor MK II at a lower price by completing the “Five Client Job” to unlock the trade price.

Additionally, owning the Terrorbyte will grant you the ability to equip missiles on your Oppressor MK II. Owning a nightclub is also essential because it’s where you’ll store your Terrorbyte.

99. Remove Sticky Bombs or Mines

If you want to remove sticky bombs, proximity mines, and flares that you’ve placed around the map in GTA Online, a quick tip is to switch to single-player mode and immediately cancel it.

100. Fun Way to Save $15 From a Car Wash

A cool and enjoyable way to play GTA Online is with friends. You can also take advantage of this feature by saving some cash when you want your car to be cleaned.

Instead of going to the car wash and spending money, you could just have your friends get a fire truck and spray your car with the water cannon. Fun and easy.

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