How to Increase Strength in GTA 5

Increasing your character’s stats in GTA 5 is essential to gaining an advantage over the game’s challenges. One of that crucial stat is strength.

In this guide, we will show you different ways to increase strength in GTA 5.

How to Increase Strength in GTA 5 (Story Mode)

There are two ways to increase your strength in GTA 5 Story Mode: punching someone with your fists or playing sports.

In GTA 5, it is worth noting that increasing this stat will improve your character’s punching damage, durability, climbing speed, and sports proficiency.

So, without further ado, here’s a guide on how to increase your strength in GTA 5:

1. Increase Strength by Playing Tennis

Using this method will be easy and fun at the same time. This would benefit Michael and Trevor more than Franklin.

How to Increase Strength in GTA 5

Michael and Trevor can increase their strength faster by playing multiple sets of tennis. Each set will give them a 20% increase.

2. Increase Strength by Playing Golf

However, Franklin will benefit more from this method than Trevor and Michael, as it will increase his strength faster.

After playing 20 rounds of golf, Franklin can reach 100% max strength. You can also use Michael and Trevor, but it will be less effective.

3. Increase Strength by Using Fist

Hitting anything or anyone increases your strength, but it will also give you a wanted level when civilians try to report you.

Be careful about who you punch, they might be in a gang and shoot you instead of engaging in a fistfight.

A safer tip: While it’s terrible to hurt animals, you can visit Grapeseed Farms and hit cows. Every 10 kicks or punches to the cow will increase your strength by 1%.

How to Increase Strength in GTA Online

Increasing your strength in GTA Online works the same as in Story Mode, but there are tricks exclusive only to Online Mode that won’t get you in trouble.

This trick will prevent you from getting a wanted level and won’t make other players kill you. Do note that you have to have a friend accompany you.

Here are the steps:

  1. Join a friend in GTA Online and have them drive to your location.
  2. While your friend is in a car, try hitting or kicking the vehicle.
  3. Keep punching and kicking until your strength has increased enough.

In fact, this is a trick many players are doing to increase their strength stat on GTA Online safely.

If you’re a solo player and don’t have a friend to help you on GTA Online, there is also one solution.

  1. Find a crowded place with many people but not a gang member. A good example would be the beach.
  2. After arriving at the location, call Lester on your phone and pick the option “Cops Turn Blind Eye”. This will bribe cops but cost you $5000.
  3. Start punching civilians to make them angry and punch you back. This will eventually increase your strength stat.

Please note that you only have 3 minutes before the bribe to the police expires.

If you’re running low on cash, the first option with a friend is the best. This second method needs some patience and funds, which is terrible if you’re trying to save money.

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  1. You can also start the rockstar mission, say heavy metal and the go to the beach and start punching everyone, and get no wanted level, unfortunately this takes forever, but does work.


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