How to Spawn A Jet Using Cheat In GTA 5: Is It Possible?

GTA 5 generously offers many cheat codes to help you surpass the missions or overcome the difficulty. With several cheat codes, varying from vehicles, weapons, ammo, or special abilities, is a jet available to cheat like the others?

In this post, we’ll show you how to spawn a jet using cheats in GTA 5.

How to Spawn A Jet in GTA 5 Using Cheat Code

While GTA 5 has several cheat codes to spawn vehicles, none of them can be used to spawn a jet.

Like the Rhino Tank, the jet is a military vehicle you can’t acquire by cheating. However, there are still in-game ways to obtain one of the fastest vehicles ever.

Moreover, you can also use cheat codes (command prompts or in-game mobile phone unique numbers) to spawn the alternatives, such as the Duster Plane, Stunt Plane, or Helicopter.

How to Get a Jet In GTA 5

You can steal a jet in Fort Zancudo or spawn it using the Menyoo mod.

As one of the military vehicles, the jet in GTA 5 (or P-996 LAZER) can be found flying over the military base, Fort Zancudo. Therefore, you need to access Fort Zancudo to steal this military aircraft.

The P-996 Lazer can spawn randomly outside, next to the airstrip, or in the hangar. Remember that the military will be alerted while in it, so you should steal it and escape as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, you can use any mod to spawn the jet. Specifically, the Menyoo mod is our choice.

jet cheat gta 5

After installing the Menyoo mod, press “F8” to enable the menu, then select “Vehicle Spawner” and select the “Planes” category.

Next, scroll down until you see P-996 LAZER, and finally, press “Enter” to complete the step.

The best part of using mods or trainers is the generously available options. In other words, you can spawn as many aircraft as you want, but bear in mind that using mods and trainers will reduce the game’s tension.

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