All 8 Hospital Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

Although you’ll wake up and stand at the hospital’s entrance after being wasted in the game, knowing how many hospitals and their locations are in GTA 5 is necessary, as these are places for looting ambulance vehicles and even helicopters.

In this guide, we’ll show you all hospital locations in GTA 5 and their direction.

Map Of All 8 Hospital Locations In GTA 5

Below is the map showing all 8 hospital locations in GTA 5.

All 8 Hospital Locations In GTA 5

The following list will show you all 8 hospitals you can look for in GTA 5 and their locations.

1. Central Los Santos Medical Center

The Central Los Santos Medical Center is situated on the eastern side of Strawberry and is bordered by Capital Boulevard, Crusade Road, Davis Avenue, and Innocence Boulevard.

2. Mount Zonah Medical Center

Mount Zonah, one of the biggest hospitals in Los Santos, is located in Rockford Hills. It is bordered by Dorset Drive, Dorset Place, Rockford Drive, Abe Milton Parkway, and Carcer Way.

3. Pillbox Hill Medical Center

hospital location gta 5

The Pillbox Hill Medical Center is the primary hospital in Central Los Santos. It’s a 10-story brick building with entrances on Elgin Avenue and Strawberry Avenue.

4. St. Fiacre Hospital

The St. Fiacre Hospital can be found on Capital Boulevard in El Burro Heights, situated adjacent to the El Burro Heights Fire Station.

It is located between the Elysian Fields Freeway and El Rancho Boulevard, serving as the primary medical center for the neighborhoods of East Los Santos.

5. Eclipse Medical Tower

Situated on West Eclipse Boulevard and South Mo Milton Drive, east of Eclipse Towers, the medical center stands as a sizable glass building with a sturdy base supported by pillars.

6. The Bay Care Center

The hospital is situated on Duluoz Avenue and Paleto Boulevard, close to the Hen House nightclub.

7. Sandy Shores Medical Center

Sandy Shores Medical Center is situated on Alhambra Drive, next to the County Sheriff station.

8. Portola Trinity Medical Center

The medical center can be found at the crossing of Marathon Avenue and Dorset Drive. It is near the Eugenics Incorporated laboratories and the Richards Majestic building.

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