GTA Online: Simeonomics (Premium Deluxe Repo Work Guide 2024)

Simeonomics gives a little tease of some S-Tier vehicles you can purchase in the future in GTA Online. While the content is five years old, participating in this Premium Deluxe Repo Work is worthwhile, thanks to the triple cash and RP.

Go to Premium Deluxe Motorsport or head to the Jobs Menu, and let’s start!

Simeonomics Mission Brief

Simeon wants you to steal exotic vehicles and bring them back to a designated spot. Remember: No uninvited guests!


  • Given the job being straightforward, it’s best to ignore the stealth factor.
  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.

Go to LSIA

LSIA is marked on your map. Just follow the yellow path:

In-game GTA Online map leading to the Los Santos International Airport.

Near the entrance, Simeon will state you can commence the theft either stealthily or not. Ultimately, we recommend being casual during the vehicle robbery.

LSIA Entrance.

You’ll encounter a massive cargo plane with police officers defending the site.

The target vehicle as seen from the GTA Online Protagonist's view during the Simeonomics Premium Deluxe Repo Work.

Steal a Target Vehicle

You’ll acquire three Wanted Level stars upon entering the vicinity. Head straight to the cargo plane and enter any vehicle.

The GTA Online Protagonist stealing two exotic vehicles in Simeonomics.

If you’re playing solo or duo, only two vehicles will appear. The number of cars will increase if more players are in the session.

Take the Vehicle to the Dealership

Follow the yellow path on your radar, and you’ll reach the drop-off. We recommend removing any Wanted Level star first.

In-game GTA Online map of the drop-off spot.

Use Lester’s “Remove Wanted Level” feature available upon reaching Rank 21. Alternatively, go to this location:

A secret hideout near the drop-off.

Land vehicles may enter the place, but it’ll be helpful against LSPD choppers.

Unlike the police chase from The Gangbanger Robbery and The McTony Robbery, it’s easier in Simeonomics.

Repeat the process one more time to conclude the mission.

The GTA Online Protagonist completing Simeonomics.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

With little shootings necessary, go for the hardest difficulty.

Overall, you’ll earn $60,000 to $70,000 and 13,000 RP at best. Even if you’re using the Oppressor Mk II or being time-efficient, the rewards are excellent. 

However, Simeonics in GTA Online should be treated as something to participate in if there are business cooldowns. It’d be a great money-maker for beginners, otherwise.

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