GTA Online: The McTony Robbery (Full Walkthrough 2024)

The McTony Robbery is one of five Salvage Yard robberies, taking place hundreds of feet below the Pacific Ocean. Even in the most unforgiving location in GTA Online, gunfights and extreme precision in planning are mandatory.

This GTA Online guide will help you steal a prized car inside a submarine in the quickest way possible. We’ve also included all bonus challenges so you can profit from your upfront investment!

The McTony Robbery Setup

Selecting a target vehicle at the Planning Wall may initiate the McTony Robbery. If that’s the case, it’ll consist of the following parts:

  • Scoping task
  • Two robbery tasks
  • Two planning work missions
  • Two optional missions
  • Robbery finale
The Planning Wall for the McTony Robbery in GTA Online.

You can skip the scoping mission if it’s done once. Moreover, you can start all tasks in any order (excluding the scoping and finale).

Note: Restarting any part of a mission in the McTony Robbery in GTA Online is possible. However, you can’t do the same with the Optional Weapons Disruption quest because it makes the finale easier.

Scope Out: Submarine

The Submarine is at Elysian Island outside the Merryweather’s Headquarters. Patrolling security personnel are nearby, and you must take them out.

If you’re using the Oppressor Mk II, Sparrow, or any air vehicles, we recommend going to this spot:

The player using the Oppressor Mk II flying at the top of the Merryweather HQ in Elysian Island.

Otherwise, you’ll find a boat guarded by two Merryweather Security guards:

The pier next to the boat near the Merryweather HQ in GTA Online.

Jamal Amir will request photos of the following:

  • Submarine Schematics
  • Sonar Jammer
  • Landing Pad Exit

All three points of interest should be easy to spot as they’re near each other.

Robbery Tasks in GTA Online

Two green icons will appear across the map once the Scoping Mission is finished. Registering as a SecuroServ CEO or an MC Club President should make the icons appear.

Robbery Task #1: Security Outfits

You must steal security outfits to access the Kosatka submarine’s Moon Pool. Besides the Kraken Avisa, blending in with security personnel guarantees the start of the McTony Robbery in GTA Online.

Go to Banning/Catfish View/Chumash Historic Family Pier. The Security Outfit is stashed somewhere. Eliminate any hostile armed personnel, grab the disguise, and leave.

The Security Outfit marked by the green arrow inside one of the containers in GTA Online.

Robbery Task #2: Cutting Torch

The McTony sub will initiate a lockdown after blowing your cover. To minimize the inconvenience, visit Thomson Scrapyard/El Burro Heights/Elysian Island. 

Find and retrieve the Cutting Torch back to the Salvage Yard.

The Cutting Torch placed on top of hollowed blocks inside a Warehouse in Los Santos.

Important: You may get Wanted Level stars. We recommend losing the heat first.

Planning Work: Tony’s Submersible

Since the Kosatka is hundreds of feet below the ocean, you must steal the Kraken Avisa for the McTony Robbery.

Go to Elysian Island at a location marked by Jamal Amir. There are multiple security personnel you should take out first.

Inside the scope of a Marksman Rifle targeting the Merryweather personnel in GTA Online.

Once done, access the switch using your interact button to drop the submersible.

Board the Avisa and bring it to a drop-off point.

The Kraken Avisa submersible in the waters used in the McTony Robbery in GTA Online.

Planning Work: Sonar Equipment

Stealing the Sonar Equipment for the McTony Robbery is straightforward yet challenging.

Jamal Amir will mark one of the following:

  • El Burro Heights
  • Elysian Island
  • Galilee
The Warehouse's exterior in Murrieta Heights.

The confirmed destination depends on your Salvage Yard’s location.

At the entrance, heavily armed Professionals guard the area. Take them out before entering the lockup.

Hostiles are also inside the lockup. Before opening all four shipment crates, take them out to find the Sonar Equipment.

The Sonar Equipment stashed inside a crate with hay bales for the McTony Robbery in GTA Online.

Note: Some Professionals will enter in waves. Get the quest item and head straight to the Salvage Yard.

Optional Work: Disrupt Weapons

Since submarines have tight spaces, Tony McTony’s goons will use shotguns and rifles during the finale. You can make the heist easier by destroying weapons shipment, which is pivotal for completing one of three available challenges.

Head to the location marked by Jamal Amir. Like in Mission Row and Duggan, security personnel will shoot on sight during the McTony Robbery. They’re also inside and outside of the facility.

The Weapons Shipment inside a warehouse in GTA Online with fragile boxes nearby.

Destroy the weapons shipment and access the laptop to find the other three.

Afterward, try to destroy as many as possible, but be careful, as armed helicopters will chase you. We recommend using the Oppressor Mk II or the Sparrow for this 10-minute mission.

The GTA Online protagonist tinkering with the laptop to find three remaining weapons shipment for the McTony Robbery.

Important: Should GTA Online experience technical issues, you won’t be able to restart the Optional Work.

Optional: Mask

If you’re near Vespucci Beach, Jamal Amir will convince you to grab a mask for the McTony Robbery in GTA Online. Everything’s free, but it’s optional.

A store clerk selling masks, hats, and various eyewear in GTA Online.

Finale: The McTony Robbery

Before boarding the Kraken Avisa located near Paleto Cove, mark the following location to make the police escape effortless:

GTA Online in-game map with the custom Point of Interest.

Once inside the Kraken Avisa, follow the marked location. Eventually, Jamal Amir will ask you to turn on the Sonar Equipment. The action key depends on the game’s platform, so follow whatever’s indicated on your screen.

The Kosatka will be visible after a while. Descend the Kraken Avisa below 280 feet while approaching the Moon Pool.

The Kraken Avisa approaching the gigantic submarine owned by Tony McTony below the Pacific Ocean in GTA Online.

Once inside, eliminate the armed members, enter the engine room, and open the sealed door.

There are four navigation systems. Destroy the first three and leave one with a Sticky Bomb on it. Head back to the Moon Pool and stand near another hatch before detonating the final navigation system.

The navigation system screen inside McTony's rusty submarine.

While prying open the sealed door, Jamal will send a photo of the security head you must find. He holds the sub’s control codes and can appear in three locations. We advise taking cover as the security head can tank a lot of damage.

You can steal the control codes upon defeating the security head. Take control of the Kosatka and drive it to the beach.

The player battling Tony Mctony's security head inside the submarine during the McTony Robbery in GTA Online.

The target vehicle is at another submarine compartment, guarded by one of McTony’s security. Take him out, activate the landing pad, and escape with the car.

Head to the custom location marked earlier. It’ll take you to train tracks where cops won’t be able to chase you. Remember: Never fire your weapon, or they’ll spot you!

The target vehicle departing from the Kosatka submarine and inside the a decently-lit tunnel.

Upon losing the heat, head back to the Salvage Yard.

Bonus Challenges (Tips)

  • Over 15 Headshots ($10,000). McTony’s goons are spread inside the sub. Switch to first-person mode and aim for the head.
  • Find the Security Head within a minute ($10,000). Use the photo sent by Jamal to locate the Security Head. If you fail, we recommend restarting the McTony Robbery Finale.
  • No Lives Lost ($10,000). Take your time when doing the heist. Always check corners and use Snacks and Armor.
  • All Challenges ($20,000).
In-game screen of all completed challenges with the player standing inside the Salvage Yard.

Completing all challenges grants you $50,000

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