GTA Online Weekly Event: Lunar New Year Celebrations, GTA$ and RP Bonuses, New Simeon Activities, Discounts, and More! (February 1 – 7, 2024)

Now that February is here, Rockstar has released another event to make this month more memorable, offering freebies for GTA fans in celebration of Lunar New Year!

Excited about this February event? Join us to learn all the details and make your GTA Online gaming more fun and productive!

GTA Online Weekly Event: Simeon’s Happy Week

In this week’s GTA Online weekly event, experience GTA$ and RP bonuses with Simeon’s Contact Missions and Repo Work. Plus, you get to celebrate Lunar New Year, new community series, enjoy numerous discounts, and more!

1. New Content This Week (Log in From February 1-21)

Exciting news for all you GTA fans out there! This week, Rockstar is set to unveil new freebies to celebrate Lunar New Year this February:

Wooden Dragon Mask, Red Lunar New Year Dress, Black Lunar New Year Tee
  • Wooden Dragon Mask – Login to GTA Online to get it for free.
  • Red Lunar New Year Dress – Login to GTA Online to get it for free.
  • Black Lunar New Year Tee – Login to GTA Online to get it for free.

Note: Although this event is only until February 7th, you can still get these freebies until February 21st, 2024.

2. GTA Online Weekly CHallenge

In this week’s event, you have a new weekly challenge to complete and earn GTA$ to add to your bank account:

  • GTA$100,000 – Deliver 2 Export Request vehicles to Simeon.

3. GTA$ and RP Multipliers This Week

Below are the GTA$ and RP multipliers you can benefit from during this week’s event:

  • Exotic Exports – x2 GTA$ and RP
  • Auto Shop Client Jobs – x2 GTA$ and RP
  • Vespucci Job Remix: Adversary Mode – x2 GTA$ and RP
  • Community Series – x3 GTA$ and RP
  • Simeon’s Export Requests – x3 GTA$ and RP
  • Simeon Contact Missions – x3 GTA$ and RP
  • Premium Deluxe Repo Work – x3 GTA$ and RP

4. Salvage Yard Robberies

Jamal and Yusuf Amir have provided you with a list of new vehicles to supervise at the Chop Shop this week:

  • Benefactor LM87
  • Coquette BlackFin
  • Bravado Greenwood

5. New Community Series

Experience the creative side of GTA Online’s community with an all-new Community Series featuring seven standout player creations that are perfect for the season.

Enjoy “3X GTA$ and RP Rewards” until February 7, 2024. Here is a list of all available creations:

Note: You need to sign in to your Rockstar Social Club account in order to view the description of the map. Don’t worry as all the links are provided by Rockstar.

6. GTA Online Weekly Discounts

Make sure you take advantage of the savings offered at this week’s event. Here’s the full list below:

  • Eclipse Blvd Garage – 30% off
  • Eclipse Blvd Garage Customizations – 30% off
  • Coil Raiden (Sports) – 30% off
  • Överflöd Imorgon (Sports) – 30% off
  • Vulcar Nebula Turbo (Sports Classic) – 30% off
  • Bravado Verlierer (Sports) – 30% off
  • Pegassi Infernus (Super) – 30% off

7. Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Please be sure to visit Simeon’s showroom this week to view an exclusive array of vehicles:

Pegassi Infernus, Bravado Verlierer, Vulcar Nebula Turbo, Coil Raiden, Överflöd Imorgon
  • Pegassi Infernus – GTA$440,000/ Discount: GTA$308,000
  • Bravado Verlierer – GTA$695,000/ Discount: GTA$486,500
  • Vulcar Nebula Turbo – GTA$797,000/ Discount: GTA$557,900
  • Coil Raiden – GTA$1,375,000/ Discount: GTA$ 962,500
  • Överflöd Imorgon – GTA$2,165,000/ Discount: GTA$1,515,500

Note: Following this week, all the vehicles listed above will no longer be available.

8. Luxury Autos Showroom

You’re invited to visit the Luxury Autos showroom this week to explore a 5-door hybrid minivan and a Ferrari-looking supercar:

Karin Vivanite, Grotti Turismo Omaggio 
  • Karin Vivanite – GTA$1,605,000
  • Grotti Turismo Omaggio – GTA$2,845,000

9. Diamond Casino Podium Vehicle

Spin the wheel at Diamond Casino & Resort for a chance to win a classic roadster that looks like from a james bond movie:

Declasse Mamba
  • Declasse Mamba – GTA$995,000

10. Hao’s Time Trial Ride (Next-Gen/ GTA+ Members)

This week’s event features a tuned 4-door sedan accessible by speaking with Hao on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series:

  • Übermacht Sentinel XS – GTA$60,000/HSW Conversion: 1,434,000

11. LS Car Meet: Prize Ride Challenge

Participate in this week’s LS Car Meet challenge for a chance to win a classic 2-door car:

Lampadati Michelli GT
  • Lampadati Michelli GT – Place Top 3 in the LS Car Meet Series 3 days in a row.

12. Car Meet Test Rides

The Ocelot Lynx, the Schyster Deviant and the Weeny Issi Sport 

This week, you have the chance to either test drive or purchase these cars at the LS Car Meet:

  • Ocelot Lynx – GTA$1,735,000
  • Schyster Deviant – GTA$512,000
  • Weeny Issi Sport – GTA$897,000

13. Time Trials and Premium Races

Here is a list of the time trials and premium races planned for this week:

  • Supers Premium Race: Cutting Coroners
  • Regular Time Trial: Mount Gordo
  • HSW Time Trial: Ron Alternates to Elysian Island

14. Gun Van

Here is the list of weapons available in Gun Van for this week’s GTA Online event. Some weapons are discounted:

  • Armor
  • Knuckle Dusters
  • Battle Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Combat Pistol
  • Advanced Rifle
  • Grenades
  • Molotovs
  • Proximity Mines
  • Unholy Hellbringer (30% off)
  • Heavy Rifle (35% off for GTA+ Members)

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