GTA Online Weekly Event: Diamonds at the Casino, Bonus GTA$ and RP, Transform Races, Festivity Freebies & More! (February 8 – 14, 2024)

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day almost here, Rockstar has launched a new event that will surely capture your heart’s desires!

Join us as we explore everything you will get from this week’s event! From freebies, bonuses, new content, and more!

GTA Online Weekly Event: VAlentine’s Week

In this week’s GTA Online weekly event, you will get to experience diamonds spawning at the Diamond Casino Heist, Valentine’s Day gifts and freebies, GTA$ and RP bonuses, and more!

1. New Content for This Week

We’ve got exciting news for GTA Online fans! This week, Rockstar plans to reveal new freebies in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

New shirts and freebies for the Valentine's event

These are the freebies from last week’s event, although you can still get it until February 21, 2024. Just log in to get these freebies for free:

  • Wooden Dragon Mask
  • Red Lunar New Year Dress
  • Black Lunar New Year Tee

Just like above, you will need to log in to your GTA Online account to get all of these freebies. Do note that all of these things listed below are new:

  • GTA$188,888
  • Regal Dragon Mask
  • Midnight Dragon Mask
  • Carnival Sun Dress 
  • Carnival Bandana
  • Bigness Carnival Sports Tee
  • Bigness Carnival Bucket Hat

Lastly, these are all the freebies you will get for this week’s event, but there are some special tasks you need to do first before you can acquire them:

  • Dragon Tattoos – Go to your tattoo artists to get this freebie.
  • Free Drinks – Go to The Diamond Casino & Resort to get free drinks.
  • Red Heart Shades & Yellow Heart Shades – Play this week through Valentine’s Day to receive.
  • Purple Heart Shades – Be someone’s Bodyguard.

2. GTA Online Weekly Challenge

For this week’s challenge, you will get the chance to spawn diamonds while doing the Diamond Casino Heist:

  • Chance of spawning Diamonds – Diamond Casino Heist vault.

3. GTA$ and RP Multipliers This Week

Below are all the GTA$ and RP multipliers you will get for this week’s Valentine’s event:

  • Transform Races – x2 GTA$ and RP
  • Shotgun Wedding: Adversary Mode – x3 GTA$ and RP
  • Till Death Do Us Part: Adversary Mode – x3 GTA$ and RP

4. Salvage Yard Robberies

This week, Jamal and Yusuf Amir want you to keep an eye out for these cars in this week’s Salvage Yard Robberies:

  • Patriot Mil-Spec
  • Dewbauchee Champion
  • รœbermacht Sentinel Classic

5. GTA Online Weekly Discounts

Make sure you capitalize on all the discounts available this week before Rockstar removes them:

  • All other Tattoos – 50% Off
  • Ocelot Swinger – 30% Off
  • Lampadati Tigon – 30% Off
  • Albany Roosevelt – 30% Off
  • Dundreary Landstalker XL – 30% Off
  • Arcade Properties: Upgrades and Mods – 30% Off

6. Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Stop by Simeonโ€™s showroom to admire these incredible cars, which are only accessible for this weekโ€™s special event:

All 5 new vehicles of the premium deluxe motorsport showroom: Pegassi Zorrusso, Dundreary Landstalker XL, Albany Roosevelt, Dewbauchee JB 700, Pegassi Vacca
  • Pegassi Vacca – GTA$240,000
  • Dewbauchee JB 700 – GTA$350,000
  • Albany Roosevelt – GTA$750,000/ Discount: GTA$525,000
  • Dundreary Landstalker XL – GTA$1,220,000/ Discount: GTA$854,000
  • Pegassi Zorrusso – GTA$1,925,000

7. Luxury Autos Showroom

Also, don’t forget to visit Luxury Autos Showroom this week to view this amazing classic limousine and a 2-door hypercar:

Albany Roosevelt Valor and Pegassi Torero XO
  • Albany Roosevelt Valor – GTA$982,000
  • Pegassi Torero XO – GTA$2,890,000

8. Diamond Casino Podium Vehicle

Spin the wheel at Diamond Casino & Resort for a chance to win a 2-door hypercar that looks like a Bugatti:

Truffade Adder
  • Truffade Adder – GTA$1,000,000

9. Hao’s Time Trial Ride (next-Gen Consoles/ GTA+ members)

This week’s event features a 2-door sports car that is accessible by speaking with Hao on your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S:

  • Grotti Turismo Classic – GTA$705,000/ HSW Conversion: 1,602,000

10. LS Car Meet: Prize Ride Challenge

Get a chance to win this classic 2-door coupe by participating in this week’s LS Car Meet Challenge:

Vapid Hustler
  • Vapid Hustler – Win the LS Car Meet Series for three days consecutively.

11. Car Meet Test Rides

For this week, you will have the chance to test drive these amazing cars at the LS Car Meet before you decide to purchase them. Check it out:

Coil Brawler, Ocelot Swinger and Lampadati Tigon
  • Coil Brawler – GTA$715,000
  • Ocelot Swinger – GTA$909,000/ Discount: GTA$636,300
  • Lampadati Tigon – GTA$ 2,310,000/ Discount: GTA$1,617,000

12. Time Trials and PRemium Races

Here is the list of all the time trials and premium races you will get to experience this week:

  • Regular Time Trial: End to End
  • Sports Classics Premium Race: Crossing Paths
  • HSW Time Trial: Terminal to Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

13. Gun Van

Here is the list of weapons available in the Gun Van for this week’s GTA Online event. Some weapons are discounted to make your gaming experience more enjoyable! Check it out:

  • Armor
  • Pool Cue
  • Battle Rifle
  • Railgun
  • Heavy Revolver
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Machine Pistol
  • Grenades
  • Sticky Bombs
  • Pipe Bombs
  • Gusenberg Sweeper – 50% Off
  • Stun Gun – 40% Off but only for GTA+ member only.

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