GTA Online: 6 Tricks To Win The Podium Car Easily (2024 Update)

Rockstar always gives you the opportunity to spin the wheel and win different vehicles every week for their GTA Online weekly event. But what if we told you you could always win the Diamond Casino & Resort car prize?

Are you intrigued? Then, join us as we show you how to spin the wheel and provide some tips and tricks to give you an edge in winning the car every week.

How to Win Podium Car in GTA Online

To have a chance of winning the podium car in GTA Online, you need to head over to the Diamond Casino & Resort. Once there, you must spin the large wheel in the casino’s center.

The wheel offers various prizes, including RP, GTA$, clothing, discounts, and the coveted car.

The grand prize will be the car. However, if you are not that lucky, you might be able to walk away with a discount, money, RP, or clothing for your character.

The spining wheel inside the Diamond Casino & Resort

But don’t be sad. You can always spin the wheel every day in GTA Online. However, it is only once per day. So, if you already spun the wheel today, you won’t get a chance to spin it again until after 24 hours.

6 Steps on How to Spin the Wheel (Console and PC)

  1. First, open your map and locate “Casino“.
  2. Next, proceed to the front door and select “Casino” again if you have a penthouse.
  3. Now, head to the center of the casino where the wheel is located.
  4. Standing close to the wheel will prompt the “E” button for PC and the “Right D-pad” button for consoles to interact with the wheel.
  5. After that, your character will move to the side, and now you can spin the wheel using the “S” button for PC or by pushing the “Left analog stick” down for consoles.
  6. Finally, wait for the wheel to stop and see what prize you receive.

Note: The longer you hold down the “S” button or the “Left Analog Stick“, the harder the spin will be.

6 Podium Car Tips and Tricks

In this section, we will provide some tips and tricks to help you easily win the podium car, whether using your console or gaming PC.

1. Force Quit for Unlimited Spin

This trick will give you unlimited spins when you attempt to win the car at the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online.

All you have to do is force quit GTA Online before the wheel stops if you notice it will not land on the car. This method varies depending on the platform you are using.

For PC, force quit the game using “Task Manager“. On PlayStation or Xbox, press the “Home” button and then select “Options“, and choose “Quit/Exit Game“.

2. The 9 to 6 Joystick Trick (Console)

This trick, called “9 to 6 method“, is mostly used on consoles as it requires a joystick.

The left joystick should follow a counterclockwise movement pattern, starting from the 9 o’clock position and ending at the 6 o’clock position to perform the trick.

A YouTuber did it 12 days ago and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. You can follow his trick and the timing of his hand to make it more accurate.

Note: You can always connect a controller to your PC if you want this method to work with your PC as well.

3. Avoid Losing the Car

When you win a car from the podium in GTA Online, you have only 30 seconds to select the garage where you want it to be delivered.

If you fail to make a selection within this time, Rockstar will kick you out of the menu, and you won’t receive the car.

To keep it short: just choose the garage you have when you win the car. After that, get the car and transfer it to the garage where you want it to be.

This will save you the trouble of having to contact Rockstar’s customer support and show a screenshot to prove that you indeed won the car before they give it back to you.

4. Wait for 2 seconds (PC Only)

This trick is most effective for PC gamers. To activate the trick, hold down the spin button on your PC for 2 seconds before you release. A Redditor also mentioned this one but his trick is to count 1 and a half or release it before saying 2.

A YouTube video also demonstrates that if you wait 2 seconds before letting go of the “S” button to spin the wheel, it will magically land on the car prize.

However, this trick is not 100% effective, as the timing will always be off for first-timers or new gamers. What you can do is use the number 1 tip we gave you, so you will have unlimited tries until you finally get the car.

Here’s a helpful tip: use your phone’s stopwatch to monitor the 2-second rule when spinning the wheel.

5. Slow Pull Down Method (Console)

Another YouTuber demonstrated another cool method that allows you to acquire the car by slowly pulling down the left joystick.

Apparently, pulling down the left joystick very carefully will possibly secure the podium car with ease. However, it is still not guaranteed, so you might want to use the quit method before the wheel stops, allowing you to start again.

Note: Just like the note in tip number 2, you can always connect a controller to your PC if you want this method to work with your PC as well.

6. Spin with a Fresh Wheel

This one is very important for using the slow pull-down method or the 9 to 6 method using the controller’s joystick.

A fresh wheel means you will have a newly loaded wheel you have not yet moved. You must go to an “Invite Only” session in GTA Online to do this.

Just go to the “Options” menu while you are in single-player mode, then locate the “Online” tab, choose “Play GTA Online“, and finally, select “Invite Only Session“.

This will automatically load up a fresh wheel for you to use and increase your chances of winning the weekly event car.

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