All 15 Knife Flight Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

In GTA 5, the knife flight challenge requires skillfully using an aircraft. Successfully completing 15 knife flight challenges will reward you with the “Close Shave” trophy.

Even though the game will give you specific locations to perform each knife flight challenge, learning all 15 locations in advance will give you better preparation and strategy to complete.

In this guide, we’ll show you all 15 knife flight locations in GTA 5.

Map of All 15 Knife Flight Locations In GTA 5

Below is the map showing all 15 knife flight locations you need to complete in GTA 5.

All 15 Knife Flight Locations In GTA 5

To complete the knife flight challenge, you need a fixed-win aircraft. While the helicopter is inappropriate, the ideal vehicle to obtain is the P996 Lazer, which you can get from Fort Zancudo.

Now, read on to know where all 15 Knife Flight locations are in GTA 5!

1. Pacific Bluffs

You need to fly through the gap between the two towers of the Von Crastenburg branch on Playa Vista Street.

2. Del Perro 1

We have two knife flights at the same spot in Del Perro. The first one is between Von Crastenburg Hotel and Lombank West, which is located at the intersection of Boulevard Del Perro and Bay City Avenue.

3. Del Perro 2

Also, next to the above, there’s a knife flight between the Bluff Tower and the Dell Perro Heights.

4. Rockford Hills 1

In Rockford Hills, a knife flight is through the street, which intersects between Richard Majestic and Boulevard Del Perro, near the Fleeca bank.

5. West Vinewood 1

There are 2 knife flights next to each other, located at the Schlongberg Sachs building. The first one is on West Eclipse Boulevard, between the Schlongberg Sachs building and the under-constructed building.

6. West Vinewood 2

The other knife flight in West Vinewood is on South Mo Milton Drive, between the Schlongberg Sachs building and the Eclipse Towers.

7. Downtown Vinewood

There’s a knife flight between the Vinewood Video store and Whirligig Theater. Both are located on Vinewood Boulevard.

8. Little Seoul

Due to the small gap between the two Lombank buildings on San Andreas Avenue, the knife flight here is considered the most difficult one.

9. Rockford Hills 2

The knife flight in Rockford Hill is done on the street between the Richard Majestic and Weazel Plaza.

10. Hawick

Set your foot to the Galileo House at the intersection of Spanish Avenue and Meteor Street, Hawick. The Vinewood Gardens Hotel is located next to the Galileo House, and what you need to do is to complete the knife flight between the two buildings.

11. Pillbox Hill 1

There are 5 knife flights to complete in Pillbox Hill. The first one is between the IAA and the FIB Headquarters, at the corner of Power Street and Swiss Street.

12. Pillbox Hill 2

The next knife flight in Pillbox Hill is completed at the gap between the Quick House, which is located at the intersection of Vespucci Boulevard and Peaceful Street, and the adjacent building to the east.

13. Pillbox Hill 3

Go back to San Andreas Avenue, you’ll see the Schlongberg Sachs Center and the Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter office, the small street between them is where you do the knife flight.

14. Pillbox Hill 4

On Alta Street, you can see the Quik House and the Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter offices, you have to fly between these two to complete the knife flight.

15. Pillbox Hill 5

gta 5 knife flight location

The last knife flight is located between the Schlongberg Sachs Center and the adjacent tower to the south.

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