All 5 Baseball Bat Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

While guns and firearms possess greater power and the ability to hit multiple targets, melee weapons have their unique strengths, such as silent damage and the possibility of a one-hit kill.

Among these melee weapons, the baseball bat is widely regarded as one of the best in GTA 5.

In this post, we’ll show you all 5 locations where you can find a baseball bat in GTA 5.

Map of All 5 Baseball Bat Locations In GTA 5

Below is the image showing all baseball bat locations in GTA 5.

All 5 Baseball Bat Locations In GTA 5

Throughout the map of GTA 5, there are more places where you can obtain baseball bats. However, as they are spawned randomly, so there’s no guarantee that you can get them at all locations.

Therefore, we’ll only list places that 100% have baseball bats.

As an indestructible weapon, you can only obtain the baseball bat 1 time, so choose one of these places and pick on your own.

1. Broker Park, East Vinewood

There’s a baseball bat found behind a bleacher on the football pitch at Broker Park, Bridge Street, East Vinewood.

2. Hookies, Blaine County

gta 5 baseball bat location

A baseball bat can be found in the toilet room behind Hookies, which is located at Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash, Blaine County.

This is also one of the locations that The Lost Mc members often gather.

3. University of San Andreas, Los Santos

There is a discus cage near the University of San Andreas football pitch, located between Richman Street and Picture Perfect Drive in Richman. Set your foot here and you’ll find a baseball bat inside it.

4. LTD Gasoline, Blain County

You can acquire the baseball bat inside the back room in LTD Gasoline, which is located at Grapeseed Main Street, Grapeseed, Blaine County.

5. Altruist Camp, San Andreas

The baseball bat can be found on the rock at Altruist Camp, aka nudist colony, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, San Andreas.

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