All 4 Locations Of The Lost MC In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

The Lost MC, short for the Lost Motorcycle Club, is one of the largest clubs in GTA 5 and is involved in several missions that impact the storyline.

If you’re curious about how they look and where to find them, then this post is the perfect one for you.

Join us to find out all 4 locations of The Lost MC in GTA 5.

Map Of All 4 Locations Of The Lost MC In GTA 5

First, let’s take a look at the distribution of The Lost MC in GTA 5.

All 4 Locations Of The Lost MC In GTA 5

The Lost MC is a group of bikers with a street-style look wearing jeans, jackets displaying the club’s name and logo, and riding motorcycles like the Daemon.

These members won’t bother you unless you pull out a gun or try to steal their bikes, so be careful.

In GTA 5, the Lost MC hideouts and members are located mostly in 4 locations, as shown below:

1. Stab City, Blaine County

The Lost Mc’s headquarters is located in Stab City, called “The Range”. Just set your foot on this city, and you’ll see the sign of this club at the entrance of the city.

2. R L Hunter & Sons, Grapeseed

The R L Hunter & Sons, occupied by the Lost MC, is situated on Seaview Road, right at the western end of the McKenzie Field airstrip.

It includes a big factory or warehouse building with the business name on the roof, an open barn, and a house.

3. Hookies, North Chumash

If you are driving along the Great Ocean Highway in North Chumash, make sure to check out Hookies. There, you’ll spot some members of The Lost MC casually having a conversation and smoking.

4. East Vinewood, Los Santos

There is a large hideout of the Lost MC in East Vinewood, located at the intersection of Tangerine Street and Mirror Park Boulevard.

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