7 Incredible Features That Should Be Added In GTA 6

December is around the corner, and with it comes the long-awaited announcement: the first trailer of the next GTA game, possibly GTA 6, is arriving on December 5, 2023.

While the anticipation for GTA 6 grows, what if Rockstar Games asked for your input on new features? Which features would you want to see in GTA 6?

7 Features That Should Be Introduced In GTA 6

As GTA 6 gets closer, it’s sure to keep the spirit of its older versions like GTA 5 and GTA 4 but also bring in new stuff.

Yet, some things in GTA 5 didn’t sit well with players, and it’s important for Rockstar to learn from that for the new game.

Meanwhile, there is a variety of features players are eagerly hoping for in GTA 6. While the wishlist is endless, here are 7 top picks that fans are really hyped about.

1. Natural Hairs Growing

In GTA 5, the protagonists’ hairstyles remain fixed throughout the game, without any hair growth, unless you go to the barbershop.

Franklin with different hairs

Interestingly, you can even have unrealistic hair changes, like having short hair before visiting a salon and coming out with a completely different style.

Like Red Dead Redemption 2, where hair grows over time, GTA 6 should consider incorporating this feature for a more realistic gaming experience.

2. Gym or Workout Area To Increase Stats

It’s odd that in a vast city like Los Santos, there’s only one gym, the Muscle Sands Gym in Vespucci Beach, where you can’t even use the barbell to lift.

The outdoor Muscle Sands Gym in Vespucci Beach

In GTA 5, the protagonists need practice to improve their abilities, like driving, shooting, or running, but there aren’t any workout sessions to boost endurance or hand-to-hand combat skills over time.

For GTA 6, it would be logical for Rockstar to include workout sessions to enhance these aspects of the character’s abilities.

3. More Accessible Buildings

In GTA 5, Los Santos is this huge, bustling city with buildings and skyscrapers everywhere you look.

The thing is, a lot of them are just there for show—you can’t actually go inside. Fans feel let down because it’s like there’s a whole city they can’t fully check out.

An aerial view in Los Santos with most inaccessible skyscrapers

People have been reporting that if more of those buildings were open, it’d make the game even more addictive and immersive.

Since GTA 6 is rumored to take place in Vice City with a modern and vibrant theme, having a wide array of accessible buildings is a good idea. However, it undoubtedly increases the total storage of the game and requires more resources to run smoothly.

But for most folks, it seems like a trade-off they’d happily make for a richer gaming experience.

4. Destructible Objectives

In GTA 5, you are able to blow up a tank or a jet with just a couple of tries using a rocket launcher, but no matter what gun you use, trees stay sturdy.

Michael trying to use the RPG to shoot the building

It’s the same with houses and buildings—they aren’t damaged, even if you crash into them or use heavy weapons. GTA fans are saying that if buildings could break, it’d make GTA 6 so much cooler because they could really mess around with the city.

But some worry it might make the game crash or mess up the story missions. Others think maybe it could unlock after finishing the story—that way, everyone gets to have their fun without wrecking the game.

5. Difficulty Choice

In the current GTA game, GTA 5, there’s no way to pick how tough you want things to be. It’s the same level of tricky whether you’re a newbie or a veteran.

The different density of police when increasing the Wanted star level

Even though some missions, like Demolition Man in GTA Vice City or The Big Score in GTA 5, can be super challenging, the overall difficulty in GTA games isn’t as tough as in other similar games in the same genre. This means seasoned players might finish up faster than they’d like.

That’s why lots of folks are saying that GTA 6 should introduce the difficulty selection. That way, everyone can take on the challenge that suits them best, no matter their current levels.

6. Street Names on Map

GTA 5 boasts an exceptional in-game navigation system, seamlessly guiding players through missions with a distinct yellow-marked route.

An example of the map with road names on it

However, it’s pretty annoying that there are no road names on the map, leading to considerable confusion during explorations.

It’s clearly achievable to incorporate the name of each street on the map, as this fundamental feature allows players to navigate the game world more independently and effectively.

7. Building Customization

In GTA 5 and GTA Online, you’re allowed to purchase many properties as long as you can afford them. However, there’s a limitation to customizing these properties on your own.

In other words, the customized choices are limited and fixed. It’s like there’s a cap on how much you can change.

An example of a property in GTA 5

Some players wish they could customize and build their mansions in GTA 6 on their own, with more choices and freedom.

That way, each mansion or property becomes a true work of art, totally one-of-a-kind. This would make the whole experience feel more fulfilling and personal.

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