Speedster Disrupts Starfield Presentation to Ask About GTA 6

The release of GTA 6 is predicted to be an explosion for GTA lovers. Although the exact release date or any related information, such as new protagonists, remains unclear, fans guessed this information by looking at leaked sources.

GTA 6 Speedster During Starfield Presentation at Gamescom

Perhaps because Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive are keeping the official GTA 6 information very secret, fans recently showed how excited they are in a big way.

GTA 6 Speedster

At the recent Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 event, Geoff Keighley, the host of the show, excitedly talked about the release of Starfield. He showed how lucky he was to have played this game in advance and wasn’t allowed to unveil it.

Then suddenly, a man walked up to the stage and expressed his desire for GTA 6 with phrases like:

  • “‘Bill Clinton wants to play GTA 6!”
  • “Bill Clinton!”
  • “GTA 6!”

“Really, disappointed”, “This is a special night for many developers. It’s really disappointing to see someone act that way”, Keighley seemed disappointed by the man’s disruptive behavior, rather than GTA 6. After that, Todd Howard had his presentation about Starfield.

But Who is This Guy? Is It the First Time He Does This?

Quite interestingly, this strange behavior began 2 years ago. At that time, he also interrupted a TV show and asked about GTA 6, as shown in the video below:

Man running on stage asking about GTA 6

Previously, this man had suddenly disrupted a football talk show and asked, “When will GTA 6 come?” You can watch the video below to see it.

It can be seen that this isn’t the first time this person has disrupted shows, and some Reddit users believe it was planned beforehand.

Specifically, a Reddit user claimed to have been present at the Gamescom presentation and suggested that this man might have been paid $30 to cause a scene. That’s why the security team didn’t seem to stop him from going up on stage.

Until now, this man’s identity remains unknown, but what he did has drawn much attention on social media.

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