GTA 6 Is Set to Introduce New Protagonists

Once GTA 6 is launched, it will undoubtedly bring a big overhaul compared to previous versions. There will be changes not only in the features and mission systems but also in the characters, known as protagonists.

Fans are speculating about the new protagonist on social media, so what is the truth behind this topic?

In this post, we’ll discuss the new characters in GTA 6.

Two New Characters In GTA 6

Until now, GTA 5 is the only version that allows you to control and switch between 3 characters: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

The ability to control these protagonists allows you to utilize their special abilities to complete missions, improves strategic approaches, and provides better immersion.

That said, in the next GTA version, it’s likely that Rockstar will continue to keep and expand on this aspect.

Recently, on Twitter, an account known as Rockstar Universe, which regularly shares GTA-related updates, posted interesting information.

They uploaded an image that predicts two potential characters in GTA 6 named Jason and Lucia.

GTA 6 New Characters
Image from Rockstar Universe

The news appears to be quite reliable since many fans had already speculated that GTA 6 would introduce female characters, and this concept takes those assumptions a step further.

The exact number of protagonists in GTA 6 and their special abilities remain uncertain. However, the presence of a female character is already creating a lot of excitement among the fans.

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