All 18 Jewelry Store Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

In the bustling city of GTA 5, luxury is everywhere, and jewelry stores are no exception.

While these stores might not directly impact the game’s storyline or heavily influence our experience, they are still worth exploring for a few good reasons.

Join us in this post to find out about all 18 jewelry stores in GTA 5.

Map Of All 18 Jewelry Store Locations In GTA 5

First, check the map below to find out which area in GTA 5 has the most jewelry stores.

jewelry store location gta 5

All 18 Jewelry Store Locations In GTA 5

In GTA 5, there are a total of 18 jewelry stores, including their branches. These stores are mainly concentrated in Los Santos, with a notable density on Atlee Street, where you can find a variety of different jewelry shops.

Most jewelry stores are inaccessible, except for the Ponsonbys (but this is actually clothing rather than a jewelry store), where you can come in and buy earrings as long as you choose Franklin as your protagonist.

On the other hand, some of jewelry stores are part of side missions. So, knowing where all 18 jewelry stores are in GTA 5 can provide a deeper understanding of the city of Los Santos.

Now, check out all 18 jewelry store locations in GTA 5.

1. Ponsonbys (Portola Drive Branch)

The first branch of the high-class clothing brand Ponsonbys is in Portola Drive, Rockford Hills. The store is located next to the Ushero and the Crog A Hoop.

2. Ponsonbys (Rockford Plaza Branch)

The second Ponsonbys branch is located next to Rockford Plaza, Las Lagunas Boulevard, Burton.

3. Ponsonbys (Cougar Avenue Branch)

The last Ponsonbys branch is located on Cougar Avenue, Morningwood. Basically, all Ponsonbys branches are marked with the black shirt icon on the map, so it’s pretty navigable.

4. Aiongold

The Aiongold can be found on Heritage Way in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. This jewelry store is inaccessible and plays no role in the story’s line.

5. Cougari

Cougari is a big, two-story store that is located at the intersection of Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, Eastbourne Way, and Dorset Drive, Rockford Hills.

The store is closed, and you can’t interact with it after all.

6. Robert Dazzler International Jewelry Exchange

Robert Dazzler International Jewelry Exchange is a jewelry exchange company that is located on the corner of San Andreas Avenue and Strawberry Avenue, Mission Row, next to the Elkridge Hotel.

7. Little Gems Jewelry (Mission Row Branch)

You can find this small store on Atlee Street, Mission Row. It’s located next to the Mission Row police station.

8. Ice Planet Jewelry (Atlee Street)

Atlee Street has several jewelry stores to look at. One of them is the Ice Planet Jewelry store, which is spotted right next to Gem’s Jewelry.

9. Ice Planet Jewelry (Clinton Avenue Branch)

The Ice Planet Jewelry branch on Clinton Avenue looks like a warehouse rather than a jewelry store. The only way to get access to this branch is to join the mission “Accepting The Truth”. After that, the store is closed permanently.

10. Hot Rocks

Hot Rocks Jewelry store is located next to Gem’s Jewelry on Atlee Street. The store is inaccessible and has no impact on your story.

11. Gem’s Jewelry (Mission Row Branch)

There are 2 Gem’s Jewelry stores on Atlee Street, Mission Row. Both are placed near each other and are closed permanently.

12. Gem’s Jewelry (Clinton Avenue Branch)

If you already saw Ice Planet Jewelry on Clinton Avenue in Downtown Vinewood, then you can spot Gem’s Jewelry right next to it.

13. Jilguero Jewelers

Jilguero is a jewelry company that owns a store in the Mission Row neighborhood, on Atlee Street, between Strawberry Avenue and Sinner Street, an area where many jewelry stores are located.

14. Pawn & Jewelry (Del Perro Branch)

As its name implies, Pawn & Jewelry is a pawn store that has 2 branches in Los Santos. The first one is located at the intersection of Boulevard Del Perro and Prosperity Street, Del Perro.

15. Pawn & Jewelry (Strawberry Branch)

The other Pawn & Jewelry store can be found on Strawberry Avenue, Strawberry.

16. Vangelico (Portola Drive Branch)

Vangelico is a luxury jewelry store that is located on Portola Drive. The store is open and accessible until you complete the mission “The Jewel Store”.

Besides, you can buy stock of this brand.

17. Vankhov (Morningwood Branch)

Vankhov is a jewelry company that owns 2 stores in GTA 5. The first one is located in Morningwood, Los Santos. Both stores are inaccessible, although you can buy their earrings at any Ponsonbys store.

18. Vankhov (Legion Square Branch)

The other branch of Vankhov can be found in Legion Square, Downtown Los Santos, next to Kronos.

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