How to Mod Cars in GTA 5?

Customizing your vehicle in GTA 5 can give it a unique and personalized touch, making it stand out from the cars around Los Santos.

In this article, we’ll show you some amazing ways to modify your cars in GTA 5, along with some helpful tips.

How to Mod Cars in GTA 5

To mod your cars in GTA 5, simply head to any Los Santos Customs branch and unleash your creativity.

Modding Controls

Before modding your car, you need to understand the controls first.

  • WASD or Arrow Keys to navigate.
  • Enter Key to confirm.
  • Backspace Key to cancel/exit.

1. Modding at Los Santos Customs

Los Santos Customs has 4 branches in GTA 5: 3 in Los Santos and 1 in Blaine County. It has a spray paint icon that’s easy to see on the map.

Once you pick the location nearest to you, go to the shop entrance, and the door will automatically open for your car.

When you go into the shop, you’ll need to repair any damage to your car before you can fully customize it.

Remember, going all out on customization can be expensive. That being said, here are some car customization options for you:

Aesthetic LooksPerformance
Licensed PlateWheels
Paint Job (Respray)Horn
RoofRoll Cage

Remember, cars come with different customization options. Some vehicles may have fewer options, especially rare or exotic ones.

How to Mod Cars in GTA 5

Just a tip: You can escape the cops or lose your wanted level by modifying your vehicle. Just be sure to lose the cops before entering the shop, or it won’t open.

2. Modding Using Menyoo Customs

You can use a mod menu to easily customize your cars without visiting Los Santos Customs. This means you can do it wherever you like, even in the middle of the road.

The mod is called Menyoo mod. Once it’s installed, open your game and hit “F8” to activate the menu, then select “Vehicle Option” => “Menyoo Customs”.

You will receive a menu that is typically seen in Los Santos Customs. Then, you can pick all the customization you want for free.

The benefit of this method is that it’s easy to use and won’t cost you anything. Everything is free.

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